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Democratizing Art: Let’s Get Digital

Democratizing Art? What is going on in the art world today? Some critics are claiming that Avantgarde art is dead and people are too stupid to appreciate good art.  …
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Black Artwork: Why it’s Important to Use Black in Home Decor

Want to learn how to decorate with black artwork? Depending on how you style it, black artwork is bold and revitalizing. In addition, it has the power to shift our…
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Orange Artwork: How to Infuse Orange into Your Home Decor

Searching for orange artwork for your space? In addition, orange helps restore balance to our physical changes.   Today, let's focus on how the happy color, orange can be introduced…
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What Everybody Ought to Know About Avant-Garde Artists

How much do you know about avant-garde artists? These artists are pushing today into tomorrow. It's like they live in the future instead of the present with the rest of us.…
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What’s the Difference Between an Original Artwork vs. Digital?

Today, people are unclear about the difference between an original artwork and a digital work. So, how do you tell the difference? Learn the difference between and original artwork and…
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Hip Hop Is An Art Form – Under Avant-Garde Art

Hip Hop Is An Art Form? Under Avant-garde art is where Hip Hop rightfully belongs. How can one justify such a statement? Happening to be a young artist growing up…
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