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The opportunity to sit down with one of the founders of arguably the most controversial and

litigated group in the history of Hip Hop if not music entirely could not be missed. This groups members had their shows shut down, they were arrested and their music banned all for exercising their first amendment rights of free speech and self expression. Many politicians and “family values” activists made their names and careers during this period by grandstanding and and using the opportunity to gain media attention and notoriety. Please enjoy as we chop it up with Fresh Kid Ice of the legendary and the infamous 2Live Crew.

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yo what’s up Fresh Kid Ice from

the 2Live Crew .” “Oh, well we want to give you some love, how you doing?” Fresh Kid Ice: “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. “It is the china man.” 

“Well alright baby!” 

Fresh Kid Ice: “Fo sure.”

“So I’ve researched your history and you guys and I did not know this, you are a very controversial crew. You were like in and out of court and you had a lot of drama going on with you right?” Fresh 

Kid Ice: “For sure. We had a few little things going on.”

“Yes. So we’re going to talk about that. Because you are one of the original members of the group.” 

Fresh Kid Ice: “Right. I am one of the guys who started it.

“That’s right. Ok so let me ask you this. Back in the days your album “As Nasty As They Want 2 B was banned! Their album was banned and it was banned for lack of clean lyrics. It was banned from the radio, people couldn’t sell it and later the judges overturned this. So during this period it was illegal because you couldn’t buy or you couldn’t sell anything that was the 2 Live Crew . Is that correct?” 

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea, In some areas. Yea people would go jail over it for selling it and so forth and we got arrested for performing some of the lyrics in Broward County also.”

“Ok so now after going through all that you went through, just to have your voice be heard do you think that what you have done in these proceedings helped opened other doors for other artists to exercise their freedom of speech?

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea well we did a lot because if nobody stood up at that time, a lot of these act today wouldn’t be able to record and so forth and

they’d be rapping PG lyrics all the way. So you know they’ll be nickelodeon down.”

“Exactly. So now I’m asking you, I want you to take me back to during that period of time when you were going in and out of court when there was this big controversy over you just saying we want some p**** or something like that as an example as that’s the name of one of their songs in case you didn’t know. I want you to take me back to that period of time. What was it like, did you feel like quitting or did you feel like we can’t quit because we’ve got to fight this battle. How did you feel during that period of time?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Well, we felt that we had to stand up for what we believe in because the music was our form of expression and to us at that time our music was something like what Redd Foxx or Richard Pryor would be saying on records. Also locker room talk like what guys would say in their locker room or what a female would say to her friends. Like the female may come around and say that guy got a big d*** or whatever, you know what I’m saying? And we were just saying what we’d say behind closed doors.”

“You were just keeping it real.”

Fresh Kid Ice: “That’s right.”

“Ya’ll say that we want some and that’s it.”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Exactly because when you go to a party that’s your ultimate goal right?” “No but I can understand what you might think.

Ok so let me ask you this question right now. I know you must have heard some of the music that is out right now, do you ever listen to some of the music that’s out right now? And have you ever thought to yourself oh man, these guys are copying our style!. Have you ever had that thought about a song or group that came out?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Hmmm… Not really you know. A lot of it is some sort of flattery or whatever you know because they are expressing themselves the way they should because sometimes the clean version can’t do it all so you got to put a curse word here or there to bring your point across.”
Fresh Kid Ice: “You know and it’s a good thing because it leaves room for us to come back and do what we are doing now you know? Like we understand that we’ve got a new single that’s out right now called ‘Take it Off’ and we’ve got the album coming later this summer so its all good.”
“Ok so we’re going to find out all of that because you are going to give me all that information before you get out of here

Fresh Kid Ice: “Fo sure.”

“Considering that you guys were pretty much in my opinion one of the pioneers in this music where you did curse and where you did talk about sex and where you did talk about women and you did put it out there. Do you think that you guys were a little bit ahead of your time?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “I think we were right on time for our era due to the fact that if we didn’t do it, if we didn’t do what we were doing then, the progression of music would have not moved on to this level now because we did a lot of things. When we started we created our own label and all that stuff back then. We were independent and so forth and now these young independent artist are getting good deals and so forth and hip hop is growing up to be what it’s supposed to be and making a lot more young millionaires. And creating jobs.”

“That’s right and I know you are trying to get yourself a piece of that green baby!”

Fresh Kid Ice: “You know what I’m saying I think its owed to us.”

“Are you still making this fun music, what is your style like now?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Well we’re still doing 2 Live Crew style music but what we have done is we’ve got some young cats around us and stuff like that so we’re trying to stay relevant so we’re trying to upgrade the tracks and so forth so we can be in the same lane of what’s going on but still be 2 Live Crew . We don’t want to lose our essence.”

“So are you guys still touring, what’s been going on in the last year or so?” Fresh Kid Ice: “We’re always touring and getting ready to shoot the next video next month and so forth. We’ve got a record heading towards the radio right now and everything because we’ve got to be us and when music isn’t fun anymore then I’d give it up but right now its still fun.”
” I’ve heard that when you travel to other countries, when you leave the United States you get a lot more support. Do you find that that’s the case with the 2 Live Crew?

Fresh Kid Ice: “We get the most love everywhere. In every state, every city, every country and so forth because that’s one thing that we never did too much with which is over expose ourselves out there in different markets so we have a lot of countries of where people are saying when are you coming over here, when your coming over here, when are you going to do this and so forth, you know? And that’s one of the things that keep 2 Live Crew kind of fresh.”

“So there’s still a demand to see you? People still want to hear you and see you perform live?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea and especially when we’re performing live at the strip clubs and stuff like that. You know? It’s a good thing.”

“Woooooo!!! Have you performed at the King of Diamonds yet?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “I don’t like performing at the King of Diamonds because it’s so big and basically when you got to the King of Diamonds I’m hanging with all my friends so everybody would know so it’s all good.”

“So keep it real. Keep it real. You don’t like performing there because you’d rather be sitting there getting you some lap dances from them naked b******. ”

Fresh Kid Ice: “No because I’m always hanging out at the DJ booth with my dogs and them.”


Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea you know when you’re looking at 200 butt naked girls it’s a good thing.”

“Well listen now, I don’t need to be looking at 200 butt naked girls but I would love to come hang out with ya’ll one day at the King of Diamonds.”

Fresh Kid Ice: “It’s all good. There’s some of everything everywhere. Its Miami and you can find anything.

I know that you guys have been interchangeable meaning you’ve had this artist here, added, you’ve subtracted etc. Who is in this group right now and is this it, is this the final group?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Right now it is myself and brother Marquis. I guess we’re the two (2) rappers that everybody knows our voices that have been on all the hits. So basically that’s it. “We try to do other things and so forth but other members are doing other things at this time so we’re doing our thing.”

“Ok so you’ve worked with Luke before, are you still working with Luke?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Not right now you know. We were trying to do a reunion tour for the fans but it’s not working out right now. We’ll probably revisit it at a different time.”

“So right now you’re just basically doing you?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea we’re doing us, myself and Brother Marquis.”

“Ok and you say you have a new song coming out ‘Take it Off’, what’s up with that?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “The song is called ‘Take it Off’ and its available now on ITunes and so forth.

“And I want all you guys to check it out on ITunes. Go ahead.”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea its on ITunes and stuff like that. We’ll be shooting the video next month.
“Where you at? Where you live at?”

“I live in Brooklyn baby!”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Ok I got plenty of family up there. I’m from Brooklyn too.”

“Are you!?! Nooooo!!!!!!”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Uh huh. I ain’t going to tell you where I graduated from but I’m from Brooklyn, write it up.”

“You better not tell them. You know I find that amazing because tonight we’re taking about the topic of the day which is ‘Notorious BIG’ and we’re talking bout him because his birthday was yesterday and so we’re talking about him”

Fresh Kid Ice: “My birthday is next week.”

“Really? Have you ever met Notorious BIG?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “No I never met him, I met Pac.”

“Really? And what was your experience like when you met him?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “With Pac? He was cool, we were straight. And you know I met him when he was with Digital Underground and then when he went solo and came down to do I think it was ‘splash down on the beach’ and stuff you know. We hung out for a little bit and gave him a couple beers and stuff you know? Hes cool you know?”

“What did you say you gave him a couple of beers like he was charity (laughs)?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Nah, nah. We were hanging out drinking some beers you know? It was…. you don’t know how we do the splash down down here in summer time in the heat when it’s hot as hell out there. You know you get the beers out there, the cooler and you know we were there drinking some beers and talking.

“Oh ok. So it’s like tailgating?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea we were just out there hanging before he performed for the people out there you know?”


Fresh Kid Ice: “You don’t know that.”

“No I don’t know that I’m from BK”

Fresh Kid Ice: “I’m an old West Indian here so it’s all good.”

“I thought you were Chinese!

”Fresh Kid Ice: “I was born in Trinidad.”

“Oh so your one of those Trinidadian Chinese?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “That right.”

“Ohhhh!!!!!!! So your like the chicken with the lo mein?”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Naah I like my roti.”

“Oh lord….. He’s from Brooklyn alright.”

Fresh Kid Ice: “Yea right by the junction, not too far…. all my cousins used to live on North Street. It’s a whole bunch of us from Trinidad.”

CM: “Oh alright. You know something? You have been a pleasure to talk to. I want to say thank you so much, If I’m ever in Miami I’m going to hit you up because I will need to hang out with somebody from the 2Live Crew because I’m 2 live!!”

Fresh Kid Ice: “That’s right and everybody’s got a little 2 live in them.”

written by DJ Sincere
Interview conducted by Flawless daRapChick for DRTYBSMNT MULTIMEDIA


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