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Event Details

Yaaaw got about 30 days left til the big Pre-Labor Day Jammie!!!

Video shoot tickets are going….I still have about 10 video shoot tickets out in 

Raleigh with Devonte HeavyHitter Watkins, 8 video shoot tickets in 

Greensboro with Morgan and about 20 out here on the  ship with me

LittleCaesar get yours now before they’re gone if you want to be in the 


The Event

a Little Caesar pr☮ducti☮n:
G’Ville, NC U JAM Wes Nyle, Jerk Movement Fundraiser 
Sat Sept 3rd
d☮☮rs pen 5pm
til 7pm
Thmas Freman Park/Eppes Recreation Center 
400 Nash Street 
Greenville, NC 27834                      

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2PdoHNEqE0]

Starring: Wes Nyle   Shw feat: SnicHeres, Hit Squad Band Little Caesar Bass 8yr ld drummer Lil Cris, 
first 150 “Video Sht” tickets bught will be in Wes Nyles vide-50-75 peple will be chsen fr came appearances in the vide  
Ayyeeee remember this is a fund raiser to keep your jerk movement alive. We’re not trying to profit from your God given talents but show case them. The proceeds will be used to form a non-profit and start a tour headlining Wes Nyle and sponsoring some of you.

So #1 remember to tell all your freinds to come out and support you and give them the links: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=233865606637423 https://www.facebook.com/pages/CPirateTVkohaus-Avant-Garde-Artsts/182184938496203

#2 If you have a jerk crew you would like to get on stage to compete in “D Battle 4 D Atlantic” the entry fee is $10 for the entire crew. (email CPirateTV@gmail.com)

#3 If you want to be a featured performer and can do a 15-20 minute set the entry fee is $50 (email CPirateTV@gmail.com)

It’s really simple if you invest in yourself to perform you’ll really have some value for what we’re trying to do for you and will be interested in having your friends coming to see your performance with a top name Jerk artist, Wes Nyle who will also be looking at the talent.

The earlier you enter as a featured performer or jerk battle crew the more your assured that you would have a spot on the show. It’s first come first serve.

All styles jerk, tuttin, pppin, b by etc.

NC Style Jerk Starz Battle: $65 per crew “Battle 4 D Atlantic, The Lst City of Kush”. 

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