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Do you live by the beach? Or just dream about an ocean breeze? Enhance the natural beauty of your home with coastal decor, crisp whites, and splashes of bold color. Keep reading for coastal decor tips.


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Coastal Decor

One of the most popular decorating styles. There are different coastal styles. All of these styles have similarities. With attention to the love of ocean hues, sun-bleached white, an incorporation of natural fabrics and materials, and natural light.


Defined by clean lines and natural textures. Create a neutral backdrop with smooth steel, timber, and woven materials. Sounds great, right?


Additionally, add interest with statement art and furniture. But keep the look uncluttered. Use deep shades of turquoise, coral, orange, and blue for bright accents. Scale up your print sizes. make your stripes bold. 



Coastal Decor by Romero
Fish Deconstruction

American Coastal Decor

Of course, defined by relaxation and comfort, but this style has become one of the most popular decorating styles in the U.S. On the other hand, American Coastal Decor is quickly growing and branching into sub-styles like the Cottage Coastal style, the Contemporary Coastal style, and more. However, the sub-styles still contain the same basic elements. Lots of natural light, warm whites and ocean hues, reflective surfaces, soft furnishings, and nautical decor.


Moreover, light is vital in the contemporary coastal look. Keep things bright and airy, like an art gallery.


Tropical Island Coastal Decor

Tropical Coastal Style or Island style is influenced by the islands of Hawaii, Polynesia, and many other islands in the Pacific. As a result, it reflects the beliefs, colors, and customs of its native people. 


Known for bright, tropical patterns, natural elements, and cultural and nautical decor.


Mediterranean Coastal Decor

This style has been used and adapted for centuries. Of course, the most common style that may come to mind is Greece. In fact, the coastal towns of Spain and Italy have helped launch this coastal style. 


Imagine lots of natural light with bright, sun-baked colors, terra cotta, heavy woods, black iron or metals, and carved detailing.


In conclusion, coastal decor is comfortable and relaxing. Interiors that use this style reflect that mood. By all means, they’re loosely arranged and casually staged. Bright and breezy, coastal style transports you straight to the beach no matter where you call home. 


Which coastal style was your favorite? Share with me in the comments.

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November 1, 2017

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This is literately the theme I’ve been going for with my apartment lately. Thanks for the tips!

That’s awesome, Giselle! And you’re welcome. I had a few people comment on a post saying that Coastal Decor is one of their areas of interest.

These are great tips! I’m looking to change up my space so this definitely helps!

Thanks, Shauna! Glad these tips helped. Happy decorating ☺️


Love these tips! Thank you! My fav is Mediterranean style! I love natural light and heavy woods! That is exactly how my bedroom is!

No problem, Shae! Your bedroom decor sounds lovely.

I love the color schemes, I love to decorate and these are some really good tips.

Thanks, Carolyn. Happy decorating!

My favorite is Tropical Island Coastal. You gave out some great time! You got me wanting to decor my room tomorrow. #inspired

I’m thrilled you are inspired, Sjay! Tropical decor would be lovely to cool off your space. Happy decorating! ☺️


I’m obsessed with home decor. I’m currently going to school for it. Great tips!!

That’s amazing Steph! Maybe one day we can collaborate.

So in love with this! In keeping this article in mind when summer rolls around!!

I’m so glad to hear that, Taylor! Coastal decor would be perfect for the summer to create a cooling effect in your home.