4 Ways Artwork Can Improve Your Wellbeing
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Have you ever pinned an artwork for home decor inspiration? Found yourself jealous because the space is cozy? Maybe it’s time to add personality to your space.


Finding the perfect work for your home doesn’t have to be a mystery. Do you chase the question whether you are an art lover or art collector? Most of us are deeply concerned with enhancing our life, yet we spend a lot of energy trying to figure out if we are.


This article is meant to help answer the question, “what is the benefit of art for my life?” Discover how art can improve your health and wellbeing. 


Imagine the world without artwork, no ads. 


Can you imagine what life would be like if art didn’t exist? In the words of Albert Einstein, “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”



Experiencing artwork relieves stress

Nature-themed pieces aid in recovery and reduce stress. Studies of apartment residences, hospitals, prisons, and workplaces have shown the impact of experiencing nature-themed works. For example, hospital patients with views of nature led to a faster recovery time from gall bladder surgery than those with views of urban scenes. Likewise, workers with views of nature were shown to be less stressed, reported fewer ailments and more satisfied with their jobs than those with urban views.   


Inspirational art, such as posters are often found in offices to enhance productivity. Businesses use art in their offices, as well as play background music to create a relaxed atmosphere. 


Art is everywhere, influencing us on a daily basis. Whether we realize it our not. Consequently, the art that surrounds us has a huge impact on our emotions and mood. Research has found that listening to music distracts athletes from their “bodily awareness.” 


Find peace through artwork. 

14th Street Log Bridge by Romero, available from Ikohaus
“14th Street Log Bridge”


Learn about yourself

Explore yourself through artwork. Discover the styles of work you feel most connected to. Take a moment to listen to the emotions about how different styles of art make you feel. However, as art provokes emotion, much more time is needed to identify the styles you love.


You may be wondering why art is important to our daily lives and that you could survive fine without it. Hence the reason why art is valuable. While paintings may not be vital to our basic needs, it does make it blissful. When you look at a painting you’ve chosen to display on your living room wall, you feel joy.


Not to mention, even the sculptures in your yard create a sense of joy. These various forms of art that we’re surrounded by come together to enhance the atmosphere we live in adding a touch of personality.


Artwork encourages creative thinking

Artwork offers you a new perspective. In the same way, creativity inspires art, artwork provokes thoughts. Engagement in art leads you to ask questions such as “why the artist named their piece what they did?” “what influenced the painting?” “what different colors or works may represent?”


Forget for the moment that artwork is only pretty colors and pictures. Although this may be true, art is not about being decorative; art is about the expression of the artist’s imagination and skill. Creating art is about using a visual language of color, form, line and form to create a composition. Let’s protect that idea, not some rigid view of decoration or schlock artists.


Keep art out of your home if you like, but if you value creative thinking as I do, give me an alternative that doesn’t involve empty walls or a cluttered home. Many artists yearn for recognition of their artwork. Unless you enjoy empty walls and are ready to dwell in a space with blank walls – where art impacts your wellbeing then consider enhancing your space with art.


Artwork boosts self-esteem

Are you a parent or teacher? Turn to the arts to boost self-esteem. Using creativity helps you build self-esteem, improve your mental health and boost your wellbeing. Who wouldn’t want to boost their confidence?


Art is a way of self-expression. Unexpressed feelings and thoughts can be damaging. Not only does art allow you to learn about yourself but also allows you to express your imagination. Art can help you put things in perspective and make sense of your feelings and thoughts.


Creativity gives you something to focus on. Art provides a moment of distraction and injects peace and tranquility into your life. A healthy way of channeling negative energy into positive energy.  Accomplishment can come from the process of doing or learning. For example, learning what styles you feel most connected to.


In the end, art is therapeutic. You must always keep in mind the main reason art has become big for designers and interior decorators are because they create a sense of joy. Don’t panic for fear that you don’t have art adorning your walls. You’d be surprised at how much art is already in your space when you look around. Everything from your bedding, computer or phone case can be considered a form of art.


Ready to make your space a blissed out haven? Select artworks tailored to your needs, space, and style. Make a statement with wall decor from Ikohaus. Our original artwork offers you eclectic options to complete your look and personalize your space.

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2 years ago

I definitely agree with the point that artwork increases creativity. My family recently moved house and we have artwork everywhere, I was in a much better space mentally than I had been in past years, but returning to university accommodation where there are a lot of restrictions on what you can have, I definitely feel a lot less creative bc I’m limited in how I can display artwork. Another great post!

2 years ago
Reply to  Tisha

Thanks, Tisha! I understand a lot of universities and student housing won’t allow you to hang decor on the walls. A friend of mine found a work around. She used command strips to hang curtains and other decor around her apartment. Hope this helps!

Autum Love
2 years ago

We have been living in our apartment for a year and have not artwork up! Mainly because we know that we won’t live here another year. I can’t wait to decorate our next apartment in some cute art pieces because I agree it increases your creativity! and just makes a home feel home!!

Great Post!

2 years ago
Reply to  Autum Love

Thanks, Autum! I agree art makes your home cozy.

2 years ago

I never just studied a piece of art before. I did not know that it could give you a self esteem boost or help with stress. That’s definitely something I’m going to have to look into

2 years ago
Reply to  Aleah

Yes indeed, Aleah. It also tells a story in your space or reminds you of a memory

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