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The spirit of Elvis has been very instrumental in pulling together all of the elements in the ongoing project of putting the power of making events into the hands of at first The Ranger fans. Yesterday on July 4th Independence Day for the US the social media world of twitter was abuzz with the upcoming birthdays of Ranger idols Dayday and Langston Higgins.

Of course Black Caesar the Pirate was in the middle of the celebratory brouhaha. To be discreet certain information was discussed about upcoming plans to have the Rangers come out to Philly and how the fans would support their own shows in a brand new format and concept developed right here at The !kohaus Music Group. Then all of a sudden Langstons Mom came on twitter and we discussed what we were doing for her son’s fans and she said “GO FOR IT”!!!!

Well through the help of our young 20 year old Director of Operations Ernest McLam we are launching and putting ATL on the Tour Map August 24th

{{{(((NEWS FLASH)))}}} Just added NYC up and coming recording artist CASHMERE 

We’re calling out all the crews (especially Qooley Inc we comin for you Son) and Ranger fans in the ATL area we’ll have enough room for 1,000 fans and tickets are already out. We need you to buy them now as it is totally Ranger fan supported. We do all the back end work and logistics to get the Rangers to where you want them. Don’t buy No Show, You Buy you’re gonna go.

Back to you Nelly!  buy tickets for ATL here

July 5, 2012

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