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You might not consider yourself an “art collector” in the traditional sense, but you do consider yourself an art lover. You believe in art’s aesthetic value, and that updating your space enhances your daily life. 

And while you appreciate all kinds of creative expression, the art you’re most drawn to is cutting-edge, pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, and offers a new way of looking at the mundane. 

Hi, I’m Romero, and that’s the kind of art I create to stimulate your thought process. I work digitally with a Wacom pen tablet, and I love working with layering techniques. My preferred subjects are abstractions and forms. 

Welcome to my online home. I invite you to come in, learn more about me and my work. Stop to admire the aesthetically pleasing Avant-Garde art. Feel free to explore my website through the navigation above, or sign up for my newsletter

Contact the artist – romero@iko.haus