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Being a top influencer of the new music, #Mizuka on twitter and the internet I found this article very interesting:

Afrobeats: The new sound of West Africa that’s going global

By Vladimir Duthiers and Teo Kermeliotis, CNN
updated 6:39 AM EST, Wed December 19, 2012

(CNN) — Step into any of the countless nightclubs in Lagos and you’re bound to find yourself immersed in a sonic journey of pulsating beats, groovy samples and hip-hop kicks.
In a megacity where everybody loves to dance, the tone is set by the infectious sounds of Afrobeats — a growing music movement that’s struck a chord with youth in West Africa and outside the continent.
Although its name sounds similar to Afrobeat — the eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary sounds pioneered by firebrand multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti — Afrobeats is a new genre on the Anglophone West African music scene.
Back in late 1960s, Kuti, one of Africa’s biggest music stars…

However as an Avante-garde artist/musician/promoter/film maker myself I feel that #AfroBeats is not really breaking any new ground, instead it rehashes what’s already been done by Beyonce, Rhianna and Jay Z to a club style African tempo. The glitz and pop are all there, but lack real inventiveness to embrace something authentically African.

There is where my efforts to promote new music, so called #AfroBeats actually comes from the East Coast from Nairobi Kenya and is being overlooked, from who I feel is a true originator “Bamzigi” with his creation #Mizuka music.

This is a new day and age and in the East Africa region of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and DR Congo a transformative new type of music is emerging, Mizuka music.

Here now is the story as told by Bamzigi and edited by the infamous Pirate, second in command to Black Beard, BlackCaesarX ( “We’re Pirates [good ones] broadcasting the music videos people want to hear, from a Pirate Ship 200 miles off of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina USA. We’ve broken into the Livestream.com Online Broadcaster’s system and relay our video stream in HD World Wide from an undisclosed satellite transponder. As we are in International waters no one can stop us. so we continue to broadcast, streaming videos 24/7 with the future talent you won’t see on MTV, BET, WorldStar Hip Hop or any other commercial Network. You could say we’re Underground, but we prefer if you would consider us an “OffShore Rebel Avante-garde Music Video Network”):

By @Bamzigi and @BlackCaesarX #3050 Music on Ikohaus Music Group a Joint Kenya/US Project
6:40am EDT, Wed December 19, 2012

Harrison Munio, aka Bamzigi is a Kenyan artist, personality and visionary.
Introduction: “MIZUKA”-African/Hip Hop/Electro house/ReggaeDancehall/R&B/Jazz/Rock etc
Bragging rights BAMZIGI BIO: Born Harrison Munio, Bamzigi is a Kenyan artist, personality and visionary. Bamzigi’s music career began free-styling for kicks in clubs and making mix tapes with DJ’s from his hood, credited for making the urban sound mainstream his regarded as one of the best musical treasures in Kenya. Currently he is paving the way of a new musical-fusion movement that he Created and dubbed “Mizuka Style” (Electronic/Dance/Kapuka/Afro/Urban/Rock).

He is a founding member of the popular group Necessary Noize that also included female MC/singer Nazizi Hirji and singer Kevin Wyre. The group was formed in October 2000 and released their self-titled debut album in 2000. This contained the hits “Clang Clang”, “La Di Da”, “Lovers rock” and “Nataka toa”. They steadily grew in popularity and were later to release a second album Necessary Noize II: Kenyan Gal, Kenyan Boy in 2004 which included popular regional hits such as “Kenyan Gal, Kenyan Boy” and “Bless My Room”. Although mainly hip-hop based, the group has also done reggae and R&B tracks. They are appreciated for their socially conscious lyrics that deal with issues affecting youth such as AIDS, drugs and politics. Among the solo-projects created are “The Bounce is back” album that included hits like “The Bounce”, “Rusha”, “Songa”.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoyUNLfaONM?list=PLEE793089BD03CFDA&hl=en_US]

Just Google Bamzigi on iTunes or Amazon for his music

In the past experience the multi-talented Bamzigi has also hosted and produced for large Radio networks such as KBC and RADIO Africa. In 2010 and after a long struggle with a drug addiction he became clean and started a fresh. 2 singles were released, “Mizuka” & “254”. He is currently recording a full-length album with 3050 Entertainment and producer Wawesh, Bamzigi himself, Babz on the track and Provoke just to name a few. The first single is called “Bachette”. He also recently signed with Mtech communications to promote and sell his music. Achievements: Won: 2004 Kisima Music Awards – Best Group & Best Music Video (“Kenyan Gal/Boy”) and Best Ragga Group. 2004 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards 2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) – Best Group (Kenya) Nominations: 2005 Tanzania Music Awards – Best East African Album (“Necessary Noize II”) 2006 Channel O Music Video Awards – Best reggae video (“Kenyan Gal/Boy”) 2007 Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best Kenyan Group

Occupation Entertainer, composer, performer actor and produce music ranging from Electro funky house/reggea/hip hop/afro fusion/pop/, music is my life.

3050Muzik ( Independent label )

Carlos L Romero aka “Romero”, “Los”, “Sky”, “Ikohaus” and “Black CaesarX” founder of the Ikohaus Avante-garde movement circa 2007 is an eclectic artist whose similarity to Leonardo da Vinci is uncanny and seems to have been around forever. He first came to public attention at the age of 10 in 1962 as matter of Russian Consulate record, signing in there in NYC during the height of the “Cold War” to do an elementary school project on the US/Russian Space Race. Word has it a NYC Cop stationed outside looked the other way, while the young Afro-American Carlos was whisked inside after a 10 minute wait:

Carlos L Romero is a conceptual artist in an Avant-garde format with music and digital painting done on computers.

Raised in The Bronx, New York, Carlos grew up during the civil rights era of the 60’s and strangely enough, the gangs in his native “Edenwald” projects were interracial. Education took him from The Bronx, through Brooklyn, where he attended the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. He traveled through the South Bronx during the tumultuous late 70’s, when the South Bronx was burning and where Hip Hop was being born.

These elements are what have come to define his explosive chameleon like style. Music is his talent also, playing the electric bass guitar; Carlos was Avant Garde in that respect too. As a concept he auditioned to play bass on live sets with rappers and DJ’s, to add a heavy low frequency bass, that is now popular to live sessions around 1982 for Afrika Bambaataa, but was not realized as Bambaataa believed the studio bass was enough and was going more technical.

Carlos now lives with his two children in Greenville, North Carolina. Carlos studied art at Pratt Institute in NYC. He has created everything from book covers for the Ikologiks organization, to designing a trophy case for a WPA Art Deco, Hansborough Recreation Center Bathhouse in Harlem to mounting art shows at The Studio Museum of Harlem. The prestigious Italian A.D.A. Silver Award was given to the artist for creating a peculiar ability to display his art on the Carlos L Romero.com, at the same time teaching the general public about art with smooth composition and good taste. Catalina Lassi Team Leader of the A.D.A. describes the potential of introducing Carlos’ peculiar shapes of his work in the sumptuous world of art. His focus is producing collaborative works of music and art.
A.D.A. (Advertising – Design – Art) AWARD

With a score of 82 points, we will assign the A.D.A SILVER AWARD!

Carlos L Romero brought to us his Web site in a very ingenious way.

This Web site is a personal one, however the author had the ability to create a peculiar way to shows his work and, at the same time, to teach general public something more about Art.

With a smooth composition, an original structure and a great portion of good taste Carlos L Romero introduces the observer in the peculiar shapes of his works and in the sumptuous world of the Art.

A excellent Web site to be seen carefully.
Catarina Lassi

Team Manager
for A.D.A. (Advertising – Design – Art) AWARD

W.A.R.I. 1.0
F.R.I. 2.0
A.B.A.M. 2.5
A.W.A.R.D. 3.0
Carlos currently operates an art website at ikohaus.blogspot.com and a music site at ikohausmusicgroup.blogspot.com along with a World Wide net video stream at ikohausmusicgroup.blogspot.com/p/cpiratetv-get-live.html

In Conclusion:

This article goes out to all the artists I’ve worked with in the past and currently, my original group, Group Power; Ritchie Morlaes Spryro Gyra, Afrika Bambaataa, The Revealers Band, Zion Baptist Church NYC, Bread of Life Church Ayedn Grifton, NC, Above Water, Meat Da Drummer, The Rangers, Wes Nyle, The Junkies, 8 yr old Church Boy Drummer Sherrod, Young Ace, Comedian Adam Phillips, Fe Raw, Carmen Amare, Tycun of 30 Rock, Bamzigi and many more.

Google these individuals for yourself, and all the information contained here within I’m not in that mood right now in this autobiographical Avante-garde session, because I’m focused on my prayers going up to my Father on the thoughts of Newtown Connecticut.

 Prayers going up to my Father on the thoughts of Newtown Connecticut.

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