@Amazon W.O.A. Work of Art – Ikohaus
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Woa (work of art) can you believe what the BIG GORILLA does to this indie artists work on Amazon like clockwork each year around the time of internet selling season?

It’s not enough for Amazon to want a chunk of the work I sell there, with any clue to ranking algorithms or keywords. But because I guess I’m a small still alive artist that has to buy my unique product codes (upc) to sell my work on Amazon they figure how we can we chop his legs off from giving any competition to our paid sellers?

So every year at this time they bollocks up my account and disappear all my art works, tell me to make a new password, then duplicate an account and accuse me of sellers account duplication, meaning I’ll be forbidden from selling unless it’s corrected and then take until February after selling for Christmas Holidays to straighten it out. WOA!! Talk about unethical.

Well this artist has got a surprise for you Amazon. Are you listening Bozo, er uhhh I mean Jeff Bezos? Luckily PayPal has no qualms how big the player is that they serve. So while we wait for Amazon to go the way of the Enron (I mean dinosaur), we’re going to crank back up our art auction concept A.R.T. which stands for Adaptive Resource Technology and power it with PayPal and wish you a Merry Kindle Christmas after making us by all those UPC’s for naught.

November 30, 2014

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