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It’s one thing to write about art, especially Avante-garde art. But when you’re away from the major markets of NY, LA and Paris buzz can be hard to come by unless you can afford to have a publicist.

Popular right now is discovering the new African art of Kenya and Nigeria, along with interest in the emerging Islamic art which long lay dormant as images were forbidden and viewing things only consisted of text and geometrical patterns.

How then on a shoestring artists budget, do you get your work seen and purchased by the masses? What if we were to tag a page from the Graffiti artists of yesteryear and start tagging posts on twitter, facebook and Google+, regarding art? We have already applied for Google’s Helpout to teach the Giclee style digital format concept that we’ve inherently been promoting since 1996.  

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-VFC9AQM1k] An art form should be taught as wide as possible for it to gain acceptance and for people to value it’s creativity.

Back to the tagging, as a beta tester for RiteTag we had been afforded inside professional training on the many aspects of tagging and analyzing the results on effective construction of tweets. What we are looking to construct is an equivalent outcome by search of hastags and discovery that a publicist would give us in getting our work in front of the right people. I am not sure but this may be the first test of it’s kind to use an algorithm based application, very appropriately for smart-tagging in the revelation of digital art.

To further give the project some ooomppphhhh during the upcoming Holiday season of searches for gifts, our works on Amazon will be radically discounted and RiteTag tweets will have the hashtags tied to work names, genres and associated tags.

For about the next 30 days the push will be heavy to coincide with a position that RiteTag is taking with us and after we hope the results will be prove into the positive so as to make the full blown application something we can realize an R.O.I..

So look for us on twitter as @BlackCaesarX our aka from the music field that we are rapidly thinking of using in signing of art as it lends a little more modern cache then “Romero” signifying a radical shift in our perspective into being a truly social modern digital artist. You will also find us out on facebook and Google+.

Now take a look at what we’re doing with our pricing of art on Amazon starting soon.
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