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I just can not care any more. We don’t need the pretty pictures and the slicked up America’s Got Talent Pitch Competition. We are in the middle of a full blow epidemic no matter how it got started.

All mass media is drawing your attention to out of Restaurants, stores and now even Musicians and DJ’s. What about the starving artist that cannot do exhibition public shows, or like the thousands of struggling fine artist and crypto artists that were marginalized before and make their living from their talent.

I say I don’t care because I have finally come to the realization when my public installation was put on hold due to the crisis, but another restaurants mural went ahead even though the call for RFP was after the installations I have been involved with that this same gimmick sad to say has been used since 1967 just in my lifetime.

Minority and marginalized artists have always been held back and now that we’re in a full blown crisis among all the other setbacks like heroin, crack, H1N1, Zica and even Vietnam 50 years have all but been wiped out.

How can I say this? I have studied fine art and practiced it since 1970 first at Pratt then on my own. After refusing a Soho consignment deal in 1980, because I need money for rent and food I decided to work and get back to art later in life towards my retirement.

2006 until now I came back with a vengeance and garnered a Who’s Who IN America award for fine art impacting the world. But now at 67 and set back of Covid-19 I will forego the pitch competitions with MIT’s Solve project and the National Science Foundation’s I-Corp project. Make no mistake the projects are great ideas but people and humanity need solutions now not in the fall of 2020.

With that in mind Ikohaus will focus now solely on environmentally friendly digitally viewed art. You see we can always rely on renewable energy sources for electricity with fossil fuel being able to be quickly phased out.

Good news to spur adoption during these times and perhaps to get other artist to work with us as we manually build out the system most works have been lowered to a value of just $35 to be affordable to most but allow enough for artists to eat and our gallery that would only require a $5USD blockchain database transfer, media construction and hosting fee.

Take a look let us know what you think https://iko.haus

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