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We can find that art is truly a perception of what the brain sees, by the reflection of light bouncing off the object and back to the receptors. The brain I believe is already predisposed I believe to perceive what is interesting and stimulating to the electrical impulses which produce a feeling of pleasure or dislike. Similar to the tasting of food.

Man (critics, galleries and reviewers) is the one that sets value on a piece of art. However this is false, as realistically all that is being done is labeling the work or the artist as salable by a taught knowledge system that is outside of the brains preceptor’s.

To experiment in this realm with art I’ve place my work on Art and also FaceBook. In doing so I have found an overwhelming reception for my type of art that flows directly from the brains natural creative process. Surely my life experiences that the eye has seen along with my art training at Brooklyn Technical and Pratt Institute have some bearing, but I believe properly controlled (giving control to the brain) become components of the whole.

With this said the only remaining element is how to sell my work in the realm that it sells fictitiously on FaceBook? My work is on Amazon, but know with the Amazon Prime program we will see the outcome as it is moved up the chain to the everyday buyer.

August 26, 2008

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