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Digital View Art On The Blockchain

Why would you want to put digitally viewed art on the blockchain? For one thing distribution of digitally viewed work is similar to digital music distribution meaning it is more secure and the carbon footprint compared to physical works is not as detrimental to the environment.


Proving the authentication of the creator of a work of art has always been a huge problem in Fine Arts and Collectibles assets. Forgery and un-traceable documentation is abundant.

Now an innovative company Codex Protocol is using the blockchain and is in adoption by the likes of Sotheby’s Christie’s and a handful of forward looking artists, including myself “Romero” a 2018/19 recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Who’s Who In America for innovation in Avant-garde art and telecommunications

What I have created is simply this a means by where a creative artist can register their created asset on the blockchain using Codex Protocol from the very outset assuring the patron of the authenticity of the created work.

The first step in the process I developed is where the patron can examine the digital images try it out on a display screen device of most any type, and then acquire the work for now through PayPal, CashMe or any flavor of cryptocurrency through our Coinbase Commerce app.

At this point in our IP concept you must have a Google Gmail account for authentication of the viewer. Then if the patron wishes the record of ownership to have provenance on the blockchain, a creators record of authenticity would be transferred using Ethereum and Codex Protocol to the patrons collection.

Click the picture to see the Ethereum Etherscan record of authenticity

Below you should find the corroborating image available to view on any device as it is in public view mode. Of course when you acquire your work it would be private view only to prevent fraud, download copying and counterfitting.

Interesting Thoughts?

If you would like to find out more information, view the available catalog, or just tell us your interesting thoughts and comments feel free to email me “Romero” at romero@iko.haus

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