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Artist known as “Romero”

Death the final punctuation of a being, that lived in a social context we call, reality. I started on my journey as an artist many years ago, at a very young age when still sitting in high chair prior to even starting school. So if 62 now, and born in 1952, you do the numericals, just to bring your own visuals and thought processes into play.

I would sometimes sit daydreaming in class about what lucky artists like Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock, might be doing while I sat figuring math, science, music and reading our Weekly Reader.

But those times did not have the technological advancements we have today, so there was no way for artists to be as socially engaged as they are today. Yet many of the artists remained aloof, and I believe I have discovered why. We all know about: “Moore’s law” it is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years.

Where my discovery of the theory of “Romero’s Law” is the observation that a particular breakthrough artist arrives every 50 years, and the creative process of that individual spans the oneness of the dense superior, brains thoughts of the artists predecessors in an unquantifiable manner.

The brain is a much more powerful computational device, than any CPU is at this time. For further reading I suggest my old Pratt college book Gregory

Issac’s “The Eye and The Brain” or any more updated material on the subject. This I theorize is the explanation why Van Gogh’s, Picasso or Da Vinci’s work could not be understood in it’s particular time period. Unlike Moore’s Law, Romero’s Law violates the laws of space and time. Being that they can occur in a particular space and time, but are not necessarily of that time because of the brains higher cognitive functions they can be days, to 5 to 20 years ahead of time if not more.

That is the unquantifiable factor that is in highly efficient creatives. The spigot can open with an uncontrollable torrent of creativity which gives the appearance of the creator flitting from one thing to another, but is actually a form of personalized, brainstorming actualization. It is in the midst of this activity that the breakthrough can occur, or can as many times as has happened with me tossed aside and discarded due to unrealized potential.

Now I find like Calder I can no longer do the labor of most normal employment jobs at 62 due to physical issues of HPB, edema causing swelling of the legs. Neither are my computer skills, social media expertise, art and music of any value to the current schlock of the corporate product environment. So I move full ahead in to the direct to form of artist to patron format. Watch for our new art auction platform to keep our works going.

Given all of that I have always been an avid enthusiast of componentization, the process of using ready made off the shelf components as they are the easiest to break down, refashion like lego blocks in something radically different to stay ahead of non-creatives and the Avant-garde of innovation.

What else are engineers for if not to create the as of yet unrealized canvas platform?

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