Art We Still Afraid? – Ikohaus
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There…now I’ve gone and done it!

I have incensed the art community and community at large with an Avante~Garde video from CPirateTV which will go unnamed.

   Have we come so far in human development that all our thought processes and expressions must be checked by some indiscriminate body of humanoids to tell us what pablum we can, or can not have?

   Let us look at the underpinnings of this controversial work of art. When we have actors in theater, Afro-American ones at that, saying the N* word, is that so intolerable from what we have created in society? After all, where did this “word” come from. So if Afro-American actors are using this word in jest and fooling with the responsibility of the word, why  is it not as reprehensive when vitriolic attacks are made in real life against our very own African-American President? Hmmmmmm (Life imitating art or vice versa)

   Now we move on to the sexual acts and connotations in the piece. What I did here was pull specific scenes from my boys PeanutLive215 videos and soften it with chosen songs. The idea here is what fascinated me about they were walking on the edge of erotica in a new fashion.

   After all by use of a puppet they very skillfully took the work away from porn to erotica. We must learn to use our brains again to appreciate the new forms of art on the web and not allow censors to decide what is Lenny Bruce and what is Leonardo DaVinci.

Here is the link to the referenced video, but it is for adults only! 

March 5, 2012

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