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Collecting Digital Art

Collecting Digital Art

Since 1994 we have been pioneering digital art, but the aspect of getting the digital art into the collectors hand has been a long developing process. In the beginning as you can see in the following articles we fought to be included on Amazon as a living artist. That battle alone for inclusivity was from […]
Open Call For Artists

Open Call For Artists

đŸ–ŒđŸŽšđŸŽ¶đŸ„ż OPEN CALL For ARTISTS: Are you a fine artist? Filmmaker? Sculptor, Poet, Composer, Dancer or Choreographer? Just message us at Ikohaus below​ to join our movement, or email Ikohaus is opening it’s ranks in the new ‘Gig’ economy because we know artists are looking for a means for subsistence and maybe locked out […]
Mining vs Bounties In Digital Assets

Mining vs Bounties In Digital Assets

The asset that we are talking about here is Digital Art work on the blockchain. Specifically the IkoVuXℱ system that allows one to collect, trade, sell and view from an authenticated digital asset record on the CodexProtocol platform along with the trading and purchasing platform created by OpenSea. Here is a link to the concept […]
The Liberation Of Fine Art: The IkoVuX @CodexProtocol Project

The Liberation Of Fine Art: The IkoVuX @CodexProtocol Project

The societal value system for fine art in the 21st Century has fallen to stagnation, corruption, monopolization and inequality. Tons of work are created that never see the light of day. Favorite sons and daughters bask in the elitist limelight for a brief period of time, while prices soar and works are shredded at auction […]
Why the avantgarde art movement should resurface now

Why the avantgarde art movement should resurface now

Technology is moving at a very rapid pace as it weaves it’s way with 5G into loads of devices. Your refrigerator, your watch, car are all a part of the devices that communicate with each other, smart apps and you. But where does the artist fit into this equation? Artists for centuries have communicated with […]


No not – Make America Great Again. Yes we Avantgarde Artists co-opted the Hashtag #MAGA and transformed it into art – #MakeAvantgardeArtGreatAgain. 10 long years ago, in January of 2009 almost 3 years after arriving in Greenville, NC from NYC I wrote an article called ‘Advancing The Garde‘. I had come to the realization that […]
Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

lifestyle – the way in which a person or group lives upgrading your lifestyle; how is that done in today’s fast paced, rapidly changing and evolving world? we espouse communicating in the modern method of electronic distribution. constantly people are peering into mobile phones, computer display screens and tv display monitors. what if you/we use […]


IkoVuX has long been a visionary concept of digital art, traveling from the initial inception of paper, to conceived in the digital and transformed to digital to finally remaining in a digital format from end to end. Now the process has been refined from creation to authenticity and provenance on the blockchain when being launched […]
Pivot To Fiat – Plus Crypto

Pivot To Fiat – Plus Crypto

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can present a steep learning curve let alone introducing a new paradigm in cultural art collecting, display and trading. The issue is how to combine best use cases with a process that can be easily understood and is readily adoptable. I have been missing from this website for quite sometime while […]
Art!s 0’s & 1’s On The Blockchain

Art!s 0’s & 1’s On The Blockchain

Digital View Art On The Blockchain Why would you want to put digitally viewed art on the blockchain? For one thing distribution of digitally viewed work is similar to digital music distribution meaning it is more secure and the carbon footprint compared to physical works is not as detrimental to the environment. Authentication  Proving the […]


Everyone is talking about Dapps But we artists at Ikohaus want to talk about something else more open source and easier to develop that we’ve discovered and have used in different fashions for sometime now.  Did you know that this secure website can be seen in a Dapp [ Decentralized Application] like Coinbase Wallet (formerly […]
Blockchain Technology Meets the Art World

Blockchain Technology Meets the Art World

You might be asking if Blockchain Technology is the new Internet? According to Investopedia, a blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain technology allows digital data to be distributed but not copied. Thus, creating the backbone of a new type of internet. Originally, it was developed as the accounting method […]
If You Love Digital Art, You’ll Love Concrete Headrest

If You Love Digital Art, You’ll Love Concrete Headrest

Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology such as the computer, internet, or television. Because Romero’s Concrete Headrest the artwork is in a digital form, it’s not so easy to destroy it. Once you have a digital copy, you don’t need to worry about it being damaged […]
New CPN Logo – Phase III

New CPN Logo – Phase III

  Phase III   Network CPN​ Logo Icon “Phase III” by founder/CTO Carlos Romero​ – An honest word here: Many people have wondered what is CPN doing? Telecommunications Well do not be amazed hence I will try explain in a blog style right here. I have been in the Telecommunications Industry since 1991. Studying at […]
Black White and Blues Affair

Black White and Blues Affair

  4/14/2018 – We travel to the Turnage Theater Box Office for The Black White and Blues Affair feat Jazz Guitarist Steve Creech, Mr King on Sax, Flute, and Starring DieDra and The Ruff Pro Band Hall of Fame Blues Artist for 2018 ========================================================= Finacial producers of this event: Carlos Romero Tech Engr/ CTO founder […]
In Search of Patron #One

In Search of Patron #One

We already pioneered our BitArt concept using simple blockchain technology just about a year ago with a work of art and Patron “0” Patron “0” was Dr Yoriko Todd that purchased the Alpha work “Mist” on February 8th 2017 using our blockchain business app Coinbase for a test price of $10USD. That was the bitcoin equivalent […]
Did You Know?

Did You Know?

DID YOU KNOW – That CPirateNetwork, CPN was originally an offshoot of our parent site Ikohaus in 2006? It was meant to elevate and spur the adoption of the contemporary Urban music forms of Blues, Hip Hop, Reggae and now Southern Soul to that of an Art Form. Many have misunderstood what we are doing […]
Fleur D’Extase 9 Piece Soap Gift Set Review

Fleur D’Extase 9 Piece Soap Gift Set Review

Are you actively trying to minimize the number of toxins that enter your body? For example, you may eat healthy foods, drink purified water, breathe purified air.  And you may even take added measures to detoxify their body. However, what many people don’t realize is that toxins can be absorbed through their skin. Given the manufacturing […]
L’OrĂ©al Pure-Sugar Scrub Nourish & Soften Review

L’OrĂ©al Pure-Sugar Scrub Nourish & Soften Review

Have you tried the L’OrĂ©al Pure-Sugar Scrub? We’ve all heard that the key to clear skin is taking proper care of your skin. In fact, regular exfoliation is the way to achieve radiant skin.    Tip – Exfoliate in the morning.   Your skin renews itself overnight, try exfoliating your skin in the morning to […]
How Much Do You Know about Social Media Optimization Services?

How Much Do You Know about Social Media Optimization Services?

CPirateNetwork uses social media optimization services to help artists and businesses create better visibility on social platforms.   Did you know that over 1 billion people log into Facebook daily (LSEO)? In the online world that we live in, “content is king.” But it’s not enough to have people visit your website. When you have […]
Maryborough Central Victoria is Now Available as a Giclée Print

Maryborough Central Victoria is Now Available as a Giclée Print

Maryborough Central Victoria by Romero is one of our most liked works. Many have expressed their admiration for the original art. Learn more about the new addition.   Maryborough Central Victoria Bring new life and energy to your space. Maryborough Central Victoria is inspired by the Phillips Botanical Garden located in Victoria, Australia. In addition, Romero wanted to […]

Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm

Have you tried the Elvive Color Mask? As a matter of fact, nearly 80% of women in America experience some level of damaged hair. Learn more about this mask that repairs damage from colored hair.   Our hair takes a toll. For example, with cold, dry weather, heat damage, air pollution, and color treatments. The end […]
Why You Should Try pHenOH 7.4 for Better Hydration

Why You Should Try pHenOH 7.4 for Better Hydration

Want better hydration? Try pHenOH 7.4 and feel the difference! Who is pHenOH? pHenOH7.4 is a beverage innovation company on a mission to make healthier, more effective hydration beverages available to everyone, and spread goodness along the way.   pHenOH Fitness Challenge What is the Challenge? First, you pick a measurable fitness challenge that is familiar […]
Commissioned Artwork Social Assembly is Leaving the Studio

Commissioned Artwork Social Assembly is Leaving the Studio

Invest in commissioned artwork and create a cozy home. Learn more about Romero’s work entitled “Social Assembly.”   Commissioned Artwork: Inspiration behind “Social Assembly” Romero, the artist behind “Social Assembly” was trying to do something similar to hieroglyphics, but on a different scale. Inspired by Keith Herring, whose works he used to see on the […]
Wearables: Mose Stovall Merch Just Launched on CPN

Wearables: Mose Stovall Merch Just Launched on CPN

Here is one of the easiest ways to show your love for Mose Stovall. Wherever you go, Mose can go too. Shop for Wearables on CPN.   CPirateNetwork announced on Black Friday that their limited edition “Mose Stovall” merchandise will be available online in their Facebook shop.   The collection is designed by classically trained artist, Romero […]
Exclusive Gifts for the Art Lover Starting at Just $10

Exclusive Gifts for the Art Lover Starting at Just $10

Looking for gifts for art lovers? Surprise the art lover in your life with works from Ikohaus. We’ve got gifts for everyone on your list. Discover now!   Tis the Season. You’ve got a list and we’ve got art gifts.    Life is difficult enough. And you don’t need a repeat of last year’s shopping […]
3 Coastal Decor Styles That Will Immediately Enhance Your Home

3 Coastal Decor Styles That Will Immediately Enhance Your Home

Do you live by the beach? Or just dream about an ocean breeze? Enhance the natural beauty of your home with coastal decor, crisp whites, and splashes of bold color. Keep reading for coastal decor tips.   Use the social share buttons to share these beautiful beach house decor ideas with your friends.   Coastal […]
A Detailed Look Into Influenster’s Sparkle Voxbox

A Detailed Look Into Influenster’s Sparkle Voxbox

Do you want to know all about the goodies in the Sparkle VoxBox? Learn more now about the products included in the Sparkle VoxBox   Thanks to Influenster for the complimentary products to test and review. Here is the box of goodies that I received in the mail.   I received these products complimentary from […]
How to Buy Your First Piece of Art from Ikohaus

How to Buy Your First Piece of Art from Ikohaus

The art world can be intimidating for some people. Art is not that difficult. Learn more about buying your first piece.   Purchasing your first piece If you educate yourself, settle, and stick to your budget then you’ll have an easy time finding works. How do you educate yourself? Visit museums, galleries, or even browse […]

How to Buy Works for Your Art Collection

Michelle has an art collection. But she’s gotten into a collecting rut. She hasn’t unboxed or hung any of her works in her art collection.   But man…collecting art makes her feel empowered. She buys local art. And she’s supporting living artists. Even builds a relationship with the artists whose works she collects. Where has the […]
Southern Soul Artists Chosen for Live Concert in Greenville, NC

Southern Soul Artists Chosen for Live Concert in Greenville, NC

CPirateNetwork is officially back and looking to hit the stage with a live Southern Soul and Blues concert to promote Southern Soul. Keep reading to learn more about one of many concerts in the works.   James lives in Greenville, NC and complains that there’s nothing to do in the city. He’s still traveling out of […]
How to Lose Weight Without a Gym Membership

How to Lose Weight Without a Gym Membership

There are some simple lifestyle habits that can help you lose weight without a gym membership. Keep reading to learn more.   Sticking to an exercise plan can be difficult. However, there are several ways to eat fewer calories. To demonstrate, here are 11 ways to lose weight without exercise.     Food tips for […]
Why You Should Try L.A. COLORS High Shine Lipgloss

Why You Should Try L.A. COLORS High Shine Lipgloss

Have you tried L.A. COLORS’ (L.A.C) High Shine Shea Butter Lipgloss? Continue reading to learn more about this gloss.   L.A. COLORS High Shine Butter Lipgloss Today, I went to Family Dollar to check out the lipglosses from L.A.C. I went into the store looking for a specific shade ‘Fresh.’ However, to my surprise, it […]
How to Display Works and Group Art Together

How to Display Works and Group Art Together

By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to display and group works together for the greatest impact in your space.   Visual balance is important when you display multiple works in a group. Keep heavy paintings to the bottom and left of your gallery wall. Because it balances the weight of your works […]
Floral Art that Radiates a Natural Beauty in Your Home

Floral Art that Radiates a Natural Beauty in Your Home

Floral art radiates a natural beauty that your guests will easily recognize. You may be a member of the small space squad. Or you may be moving into your new space. As a result, these floral decorating ideas will add to your room’s budding style.   Floral art In fact, fresh floral works bring new life […]
Red Abstract Art for Your Living Room Decor

Red Abstract Art for Your Living Room Decor

For a bold statement, you may want to look at red abstract art.   Red abstract art Particularly, you’ll discover dramatic and bold shades of reds that blend in with other colors on the canvas. Red abstract pieces of art draw attention to other things you might not even notice in your space. Because the […]
Limited Edition Prints Have Arrived at Ikohaus!

Limited Edition Prints Have Arrived at Ikohaus!

Discover a new way to buy limited edition prints by Romero from Ikohaus. Limited Edition Prints Basically, this type of print is worth more than unofficial copies. The lower numbered prints in a set are also worth more.   First, “Greenville Farm” – Fine Art GiclĂ©e Print is available, limited to one print. Thus, liven up […]
Democratizing Art: Pioneering Digital Display Art Valuation Tied To Bitcoin

Democratizing Art: Pioneering Digital Display Art Valuation Tied To Bitcoin

Democratizing Art Pioneering democratizing fine art, by using digital construction and display technology has been a daunting task for mass adoption. Since 2006, our work is evolving in a rarely addressed niche. The biggest problem that I face as an avant-garde artist is promotion. Most people just like my artwork on social media. Others comment on […]
Flat Brim Hats: 8 Ways to Accessorize Your Hat

Flat Brim Hats: 8 Ways to Accessorize Your Hat

Shop flat brim hats from Ikohaus. The brim points forward to shield your eyes from the sun and features an adjustable nylon strap for sizing. Learn more now!   The Brilliant Blue Baseball Hat with the brim pointing forward shields your eyes from the sun. Of course, this hat is inspired by Romero’s painting “Mountain in Blue.” […]
1 Creative Way to Make Home More Cozy

1 Creative Way to Make Home More Cozy

Rev up the cozy factor in your home.   What if I told you that arts spark creativity and innovation?    On the web, there are numerous places to find art. That’s because people are highly visual. People tend to gravitate toward aesthetically pleasing works. We admire art that captures and keeps our attention. Sounds like […]

Save The Art Form: Let The Games Begin

Save the art form, is the cry we hear from various corners of the art world. From dance to music, to art, to Hip Hop the world of art seems to be heading into one large Cirque du Soleil.   Many of the ideas and concepts that we talked about over the years from 2006, […]

Cast Your “V” Series: A Quick Start Guide

The “V” Series, digital series enables you to cast your Ikohaus collection and view them on your TV. Learn more now!   Can’t wait to display your “V” Series art? I know, the pieces are swoon-worthy. Get started on any device with these simple steps:   Cast Your “V” Series from Chromecast Google Chromecast is […]
How the V Series Can Brighten Up Your Room

How the V Series Can Brighten Up Your Room

Introducing the V Series from Ikohaus. The new collection enables you to cast your Ikohaus collection from your phone to your TV. Learn more now!   Here are three ways you can benefit from the V Series. Looks more attractive Looks more professional Allows you to take it anywhere   If you’ve struggled with collecting […]
Democratizing Art: Let’s Get Digital

Democratizing Art: Let’s Get Digital

Democratizing Art? What is going on in the art world today? Some critics are claiming that Avantgarde art is dead and people are too stupid to appreciate good art.   You don’t have to be reluctant to understand that modern art is in trouble. In the least a good dose of the people seem to […]
Black Artwork: Why it’s Important to Use Black in Home Decor

Black Artwork: Why it’s Important to Use Black in Home Decor

Want to learn how to decorate with black artwork? Depending on how you style it, black artwork is bold and revitalizing. In addition, it has the power to shift our focus. Furthermore, it can add a sense of elegance.   You don’t have to be reluctant of going dark with your decor and interior design. […]
Orange Artwork: How to Infuse Orange into Your Home Decor

Orange Artwork: How to Infuse Orange into Your Home Decor

Searching for orange artwork for your space? In addition, orange helps restore balance to our physical changes.   Today, let’s focus on how the happy color, orange can be introduced into your home decor. And how it can bring energy and warmth into your space.    How to incorporate orange artwork into your space Are […]
What Everybody Ought to Know About Avant-Garde Artists

What Everybody Ought to Know About Avant-Garde Artists

How much do you know about avant-garde artists? These artists are pushing today into tomorrow. It’s like they live in the future instead of the present with the rest of us.   Avant-garde In fine art, the term “avant-garde” derives from the French for ‘Vanguard.’ The term describes any artist, group or style that’s considered to […]
What’s the Difference Between an Original Artwork vs. Digital?

What’s the Difference Between an Original Artwork vs. Digital?

Today, people are unclear about the difference between an original artwork and a digital work. So, how do you tell the difference? Learn the difference between and original artwork and digital art.   Share this article using the social share buttons.   What is an original artwork? When an artist creates a unique work of […]
Collecting Art Like a Collector – A Beginner’s Guide

Collecting Art Like a Collector – A Beginner’s Guide

Want to start collecting art? But you don’t know where or how to start collecting art? By the end of this article, you’ll learn 4 tips to collecting art as a new collector. And how to collect art with Ikohaus.   Do your research when collecting art Explore your tastes and what genre of art you’re […]
Project G: What You Should Know

Project G: What You Should Know

Project G enables creativity to be the new economy. Learn more!   Project G Project G is set to be a far-reaching arts and entertainment exhibit for the average artist. What I have come to realize as an artist and a musician is that if you do not have access to the commercial backing, no […]
Chic, Flattering One-Piece Swimsuit from Ikohaus

Chic, Flattering One-Piece Swimsuit from Ikohaus

How gorgeous is this one-piece swimsuit from Ikohaus? 😍 Say hello to the Rage 1 Swimsuit. A lightweight, wearable art on a swimsuit. Stop sacrificing fit for style. Achieve both.   Ladies, check out the Rage 1 Swimsuit, available in sizes XS to 4XL. Ikohaus “Rage 1 Swimsuit,” available by email request.   Tired of […]
Hip Hop Is An Art Form – Under Avant-Garde Art

Hip Hop Is An Art Form – Under Avant-Garde Art

Hip Hop Is An Art Form? Under Avant-garde art is where Hip Hop rightfully belongs. How can one justify such a statement? Happening to be a young artist growing up in the Bronx during the emergence of Rap, Hip-Hop, break dancing and graffiti is just part of the qualifiers to make that judgement. First, we […]
5 Artist Stereotypes That Are Just Dead Wrong

5 Artist Stereotypes That Are Just Dead Wrong

What are we going to do about artist stereotypes?   Have you ever felt like your career as an artist or works are often misunderstood? How did you react? You could do one of two things: with good intentions, you could try everything in your power to fulfill your calling. Or you could give up […]
Reassessing The Rarity of Digital Art Works

Reassessing The Rarity of Digital Art Works

Ikohaus, particularly myself as founder has been constantly reassessing the value, scarcity, rarity and adoption of works in a digital nature. First I took a look at the GiclĂ©e method of printing works. Similar to silk screening. The complaint I got from from artist organizations I belonged to, were that thousands could be printed there […]

April 2017 Calendar

Can you believe April is tomorrow? Not only does April bring warm spring weather, but blooming flowers, concerts, Earth Day, fresh air and green grass, and National Poetry Month. I teamed up with our artist, Romero, to create a printable April Calendar just for you.     Use our April Calendar as a base and add […]
Project Travalaunch – Streaming Media

Project Travalaunch – Streaming Media

Streaming Project Travalaunch is one of our first concerted efforts in live media on the Stagehound platform. Since 1994 I have been involved with experimental streaming with cellular technology companies. First with an AT&T project in NYC using 5GigHz band allocated to us for testing OTA (over the air) TV broadcasts from a Cellular Headend […]
The Wave Of The Future: Where Is It

The Wave Of The Future: Where Is It

The future. Where is it and why do only a handful of early adopters have the foresight to glean the direction that is happening in modern fine art. Every other medium has become well digitized except for art. Music in the 80’s, along with the telephony industry. Banking, finance and commerce in the 90’s. In […]
4 Ways Artwork Can Improve Your Wellbeing

4 Ways Artwork Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Have you ever pinned an artwork for home decor inspiration? Found yourself jealous because the space is cozy? Maybe it’s time to add personality to your space.   Finding the perfect work for your home doesn’t have to be a mystery. Do you chase the question whether you are an art lover or art collector? […]
Avant-garde Fine Art – Let It Roll

Avant-garde Fine Art – Let It Roll

Avant-garde fine art, Let It Roll, can give a very disorientating feeling as to it’s meaning, but then again so is much of our eclectic avant-garde art. Which brings us to what we have been doing. Perhaps you may not know but we have been involved in livestreaming since 1994, while working on an experimental project […]
Beta BitArt – Patron 0 A Historic Occasion

Beta BitArt – Patron 0 A Historic Occasion

Patron 0 A ground breaking historic occasion maybe about to occur. Early on this morning, this artist received notification of a pending Bitcoin payment to our Coinbase account for the purchase of “Mist 12-5-2013”. What we did not account for was the absolute security of the Block Chain system on not being able to pass […]

Beta BitArt – Early Adopters May See The Largest Gains

Lately across social media I have noticed an uptick in crypto currency accounts following us and sharing the BitArt posts that we are making across social media especially Twitter. However it calls for more than the sharing of content, it calls for adopters to actually join in and see the benefits of collecting digital display […]
State of Art

State of Art

By now most of our regular followers over the years have figured out I am not your typical commercial promoted fine artist, but rather a dyed in the wool old school, more of a Leonardo da Vinci experiment in the arts type of artist. As such what my style really calls for is a patron. […]
Struggling Artists: 3 Things You Need to Know

Struggling Artists: 3 Things You Need to Know

When struggling artists have a hardship he or she can find it difficult to create. Considering this insurmountable difficulty struggling artists feel like they’ve hit a brick wall. Maybe you or someone you know is a struggling artist.   My father is an artist. For most of my childhood into my adult life, my father […]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr Martin Luther King

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr Martin Luther King

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Hey we have waited and prepared a long time for this (since 1969?đŸ€”). We have two verified pages on Facebook, CPirateNetwork [entertainment] and [the arts] We are rolling out the networks, CPirate and are looking for news, Sports, music artists, movies, videos and music reporters and more. On Ikohaus […]
The Creative Inspiration Behind Romero’s Digital Paintings

The Creative Inspiration Behind Romero’s Digital Paintings

Do you wonder where the creative inspiration comes from in Romero’s digital paintings? Digital paintings use computer technology in its creation. Digital paintings are art and digital artists are artists.   In fact, you’ll find digital paintings hanging in galleries and homes. Digital art has become one of the most widely used mediums by artists. […]

BitCoin + Art = BitArt

Back on November 18th, 2015 I invested $5USD in bitcoin opening a business account on Earlier in the year, from June I had started learning how the bitcoin system worked from a friend on the then experimental video chat engagement platform.   All during this same time I had been pushing for adoption […]

Commission New Work by Romero

Want to commission new work? When you commission new work it’s a rewarding experience. I’ve outlined some details on how to commission new work. Now all of my work will be limited to single editions. Just review the available images, then you can commission the work in the format that you desire. Whether GiclĂ©e stretched […]

SAP: Social Art Project

by Romero Finally as an artist I feel Ikohaus has moved to a new era in art as a social media, medium to create works of avant-garde art. From the article, “The alchemy of the avant-garde, we find – “The political philosopher Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825) originally coined “avant-garde” as a rallying cry for art […]

Go Tell It To The Rock – Chap 1

[show_wp_shopping_cart] By Romero continued from the foreword. Artists proof – in a signed limited single edition Limited  single edition signed/thumbprinted Giclee’s heavy weight paper of Romero’s cover “Go Tell It To The Rock” $50USD free USPS Priority Mail Delivery [wp_cart_button name=”Go Tell It To The Rock” price=”50.00″] As we stepped off of the elevator, I had […]
How to Curl Your Locs Using Pipe Cleaners

How to Curl Your Locs Using Pipe Cleaners

Want to try a new locstyle? Maybe you or someone you know has locs. The holidays are approaching. Can you imagine a better time to switch up your look?  Curly locs are one of my favorite locstyles. Curls add volume to your locs. And they look good on short, medium, and long length locs. Today, I’ll […]

Blue Nocturne: Return To My Core – In Digital Cinematic 4K Mode

The life of a non-commercial Avantgarde artist can be most difficult. The adoption of new concepts and breakthroughs can be daunting. None the less I continue the exploration of Art, mainly just for well being of the continued growth of the form. Now do not get me wrong the financial side allows artists to really […]
7 Affordable Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

7 Affordable Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Choosing a holiday gift for art lovers is hard. We offer you some gift ideas to give a personal and timeless gift to the art lovers on your list. {Play} Give the gift of daily inspiration with artwork. With the holidays coming up, here’s a handful of Ikohaus works to give your art lover in a […]

Back To The Bridge – The Shared Experience Architecture

by Romero The “Bridge” in my mind a shared conduit, an extension of my experience into your experience, where are all the other you’s on the planet exist. How do we come to an understanding of each other? We must “bridge” the gap of our thought process like computers connected to a network and communicate […]

How to Use the Digital Revolution to Inspire Consumers

By: TruImage We live in a digital world. More connections are made virtually rather than physically. We’re constantly connected to a mobile device. How many times a day do you check your email or Facebook? Can you imagine the world without the Internet? We apply for jobs, buy products and services, stream entertainment, and communicate […]

Open Source ArtWork As Hardware – In The Crowd

by Romero aka BlackCaesar backers of days left Contribute now! I am having a little fun with words here. Hardware is something usually not associated with, artwork. Neither is open source, a term usually relegated for use with software while “In The Crowd” is a play on the popular term, In The Cloud.In this age […]
2 Helpful Ways to Immediately Focus Your Mind

2 Helpful Ways to Immediately Focus Your Mind

What exactly stills your mind to acquire inner peace? Art and meditation. Learn more about how to immediately focus your mind.   How to focus your mind Does the thought of quieting your mind sound difficult? Perhaps, you just don’t see how art and meditation are therapeutic techniques to help you relieve stress. You think […]
Why is Rare Spider Orchid Really Worth Saving?

Why is Rare Spider Orchid Really Worth Saving?

Did you know that a team of scientists is trying to save a spider orchid at the edge of extinction? In this article, I’ll teach you about the endangered spider orchids that scientists are working to save. What is a spider orchid? Caladenia, also known as spider orchid is a genus in the Orchidaceae family. The […]

Top 4 Natural Skin Care Products That You Need Immediately

By: TruImage Pin this! Want to take proper care of your skin? Make sure to choose products for your skin type. Oily skin doesn’t have the same needs as dry skin. Feeling overwhelmed by your breakouts? I’ve been there too. I kept trying my best to stay breakout free. I tried astringents, foaming facial cleansers, […]

DRTYBSMNT Interview With Uncle Murda

Written By: DJ SincereEdited By: TruImageIn the building on this occasion with Brooklyn’s own Uncle Murda, live on Drtybsmnt Radio with DJ Sincere and Mr. Raaw for this interview. The always straight forward and thus controversial artist brought us up to speed on his latest goings on and musical endeavors in a style unique to […]
Swimwear Accessories That Will Make You Look Chic

Swimwear Accessories That Will Make You Look Chic

Hey sunbabes,    Have you searched for seasons to find that flawless one piece? Make Rage 1 your number one swimsuit!   One piece swimsuits are the answer to your summer woes. They’re comfortable and secure. One piece suits make swimming easy.   Looking good in a bikini for a day trip at the beach with […]
Swimsuit Care Hacks: How to Quickly Prolong Your Swimwear

Swimsuit Care Hacks: How to Quickly Prolong Your Swimwear

Do you get frustrated when your favorite swimsuit deteriorates and becomes stretched out? Swimsuit woes Everyone has experienced it. The feeling of content as you find the perfect swimsuit. After months and months of shopping. Too many fitting rooms to count. And hours of strenuous exercising, you’re finally ready to make a splash in that […]
Song Review: “Glow” by Sabi

Song Review: “Glow” by Sabi

By: TruImage It’s finally here! Singer, songwriter, and actress Sabi returns for her first single in a year. Her R&B track, “Glow” produced by Enimal was released on September 2, 2016.    Find your motivation to glow. – Click to tweet. Listen to the track below.  Keep reading to understand why I’m giving this song such a rave […]

How To Collect Secure Authentic Unique Art In 2 Easy Steps

by avantgarde artist Romero (on twitter & facebook) Many people shy away from being a collector of art, for many reasons. Lack of knowledge about newer artists, affordability of known artists and the ever present possibility of purchasing a fraudulent work. As a young boy growing up I was always fascinated by technology, working with […]

What to Look for in the Perfect Fitting Swimsuit

  Pin this! Ladies, are you looking to find a swimsuit with the perfect fit for your physique? Finding a swimsuit that makes you feel like a chic superstar can definitely be a challenge. Thankfully, swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be agonizing. The perfect fitting swimsuit will highlight your favorite assets and accentuate your curves. […]

Why Nature Makes the Greatest Inspiration for Artists

By: TruImage Pin this article for later! Sometimes in our hectic lives, we seem to take the important things for granted. There’s a connection between us and nature. Not only does the earth provide us with the necessary tools needed for survival, but it also provides us with inspiration for art.  What do you believe […]

An Interview with Actor Antonio Fargas

By: Nafeesha “Flawless” Pasha and Desmond “Dmc” Carter for DRTYBSMNT Multimedia  It has been our pleasure over the years to be able to bring to both our radio and print audiences interviews from many artists and personalities that we greatly admire. This could not be more true for our next guest. We have watched and […]

How to Get Beautiful, Smooth Skin

By: TruImage You know that feeling you get when you don’t like the way your skin looks and feels? A part of you says your skin is beautiful. Meanwhile, the other part feels that you’d like to have healthy, younger-looking skin.   Invest time and effort to improve your skin.   Popping your pimples, sleeping […]

Your Ultimate Shopping Guide to the Popular One Piece Swimsuit

  Pin this article for later! You won’t believe this summer’s hottest trend! You may have noticed lately how more and more celebrities, including BeyoncĂ©, Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Selena Gomez are wearing one piece swimsuits. One pieces are known to have a bad rap for being too conservative. This doesn’t have to be the […]
See How Easily You Can Decorate White Walls

See How Easily You Can Decorate White Walls

Do you believe that the white walls in your home are bare and boring? Does your all white space feel like an apartment? Believe it or not, you don’t need to get out a bucket of paint and brushes to add some color to your space. Even if you live in a rented space, where […]

Now You Can Own an Exclusive Colorful Swimsuit

  Pin this article for later! Coming soon, the colorful swimsuit that will change the way you feel. This September 2016 coming to the IKOStore is the “Rage 1 Women’s Performance One Piece Swimsuit”! This one piece swimsuit is designed by Avant-garde artist Romero.  Romero will launch his limited edition Rage 1 one-piece swimsuit next month. Once launched, […]

How to Exfoliate Your Face in 3 Easy Steps

By: TruImage Save this article for later! Do you struggle with acne or breakouts? Exfoliate your skin.  In this post, you’ll learn how to exfoliate your face. Remove dead skin cells at home in 3 easy steps. The result? Glowing, younger, healthier-looking skin.  How do you treat acne prone skin? Exfoliation. Exfoliation can benefit any […]
Quick and Healthy Curried Okra Recipe

Quick and Healthy Curried Okra Recipe

Need a healthy, quick and easy dish? Try Curried Okra with Peppers and Onions. You’ll gobble up this dish.  Okra is green with a little bit of fuzz on its skin and slimy on the inside. Doesn’t sound too delicious, right? Okra is also known as Lady’s Finger or Gumbo. If cooked right, it’s actually […]

Hip Hop Texas Artist Lil Flip

​written by DJ SincereRecently we had a chance to get together with long time platinum selling Texas artist Lil Flip. In this exclusive in-depth interview Lil Flip breaks it down from his beginnings in the game to doing heavy numbers in the streets, his dealings with major labels, present endeavors and a peek behind the […]

How Spider Orchid Can Inspire Spirituality

By: TruImage The color purple is most commonly known as the color of royalty, spirituality, and imagination. It possesses the energy and the strength of red, with the dependability and trustworthiness of blue. This combination creates the perfect balance between the physical and spiritual. Physically, purple can have calming effects on the mind and nerves. […]

It’s Time to Breakup With Your Unbelievably Dry Skin

By: TruImage Did you know that your skin loses almost one million skin cells in a 24 hour period? Effective skin care needs to target the epidermis so understanding how this layer of the skin works is major key. According to Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences, every hour you lose between 30,000 and 40,000 […]

UPDATE – Autobiography Foreword: Go Tell It To The Rock – Romero

[show_wp_shopping_cart] This is the foreword introduction to my autobiography “Go Tell It To The Rock”. Picture circa Winter 1969 outside Brooklyn, NY Old Bartons, Candy factory. Dekalb Av & Hudson St. Instead of the usual placing a book and hawking it on Amazon, I thought it would be more intimate here on our website Ikohaus.  […]

Kevin Black by DJ Sincere

By feat columnist and radio host DJ SincereHard work and persistence pays off in the end, just ask music industry executive Kevin Black. Born in the Bronx NY he began his career in the music industry by working as a roadie for legendary rap group Run Dmc quickly moving on to become tour manager. His fierce […]

Do You Know About the Odyssey High Challenge Course?

By: TruImage Odyssey High Challenge Course Hey there, guys! I’m back from my adventure at the Odyssey High Challenge Course, and I can’t even begin telling you how refreshing it was to unplug from the office and enjoy some time outdoors.  Today’s big question: do you know about the Odyssey High Challenge Course? The Odyssey […]

How to Really Exfoliate Like a Skin Care Pro

By: TruImage Who else wants smooth skin? When you exfoliate the result is smooth skin. Exfoliating helps you even your skin tone, remove dead skin cells, and cleanse away dry skin.      Are you looking to get a natural glow? Exfoliate your body from head to toe. Many of us make this one common […]

The Best Way to Collect Original Art for Your Home

By: TruImage Pin this article for later! Did you know that the Internet is reshaping the art world, transforming how art is exhibited and the way sales are made? Art is being sold more online than in galleries.  According to insurance firm, Hiscox, 49% of respondents purchased art directly from an online platform. This shouldn’t […]

What the Heck is New York Karma Experience?

By: TruImage Was one of your goals to attend more live shows and events this year? Then New York Karma Experience (NYKE) is for you! We believe that there are those who cannot easily travel to attend events, however, CPirateNetwork (CPN), our parent company is looking to give you that same fun experience right from your couch. DJ […]
What You Need to Know for Your First Engagement Shoot (+ A Free Printable!)

What You Need to Know for Your First Engagement Shoot (+ A Free Printable!)

Do you need tips to help you plan for your engagement shoot? Or are you looking for ideas for your engagement shoot? Find inspiration for your own engagement shoot with ideas and poses.   Did you know that 69% of couples take engagement photos? Are you newly engaged and reading this post? Congratulations to you […]

2 Live Crew ( Fresh Kid Ice ) Interview

by DJ Sincere listen to the DRTYBSMNT Radio show everty Tuesday 6pm – 8pm right here The opportunity to sit down with one of the founders of arguably the most controversial and litigated group in the history of Hip Hop if not music entirely could not be missed. This groups members had their shows shut […]

What’s Next Part II

I am sure by now everyone has noticed the increase in violence going on in society World Wide. From ISIS, to Police violence against Black US citizens, Black on Black crime, mass shootings with assault weapons. It is as if the very fabric of humanity is being torn apart.
Beautiful Art That Won’t Break Your Bank

Beautiful Art That Won’t Break Your Bank

For instance, do you want to buy original art at an affordable price that doesn’t empty your bank? Dress your empty walls with beautiful art from Ikohaus.   In fact, at Ikohaus, we love creating and want you to experience that same passion with us. As artists, it’s our responsibility to give people something that can expand their […]

Sparky D – Interview by DJ Sincere

by DJ SincereIn the forty plus years since the rise and explosion of the Hip Hop culture which of course includes the music itself, there have been many great artists. Many of them were quite well known in the early days of Hip Hop with legions of fans. They had many well attended shows and […]
6 Reasons to Buy a Painting

6 Reasons to Buy a Painting

By: TruImage Are your walls bare making it feel as if the walls are closing in on you? Maybe your walls are flat, not giving you that homey feel you were looking for. It could be that everything in your home is neutral so your home needs color or a personal touch. Whether you just moved […]

Learn Your Craft – DJ Sincere

by DJ SincereThis will be a series of occasional articles designed to assist artists and DJs in their pursuit of a career in the music industry. Very often young artists and even not so young artist have difficulty preparing themselves for presentation in terms of their live performances, interviews and public interactions. This quite naturally […]

Should Indie Artist Have To Pay For Promotion

written by DJ SincereThere has always been a great deal of discussion, often heated, between music artists and the purveyor of artist services. (ie marketing and promotion) This has centered around whether independent or up and coming artists should be required to pay for “promotional services”. As someone who has seen it from multiple angles; […]
Why We Love Green Tea Sugar Scrubs (and You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Green Tea Sugar Scrubs (and You Should, Too!)

Green Tea Sugar Scrubs are a natural exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Continue reading to learn more.   Hey, lovelies! Let’s test your knowledge of Green Tea.    Certainly, a health drink. Because it’s full of antioxidants. And it prevents inflammation. That’s it. Isn’t it? You may think Green Tea is […]
Top 5 Tips to Actually Overcome Empty Walls

Top 5 Tips to Actually Overcome Empty Walls

I’ve gathered the best advice on hanging strategies for your art. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to hanging art like a pro. What’s holding you back from dressing those empty walls?  Buying art is the easy and fun part, it’s what comes next that’s the challenge. We’ve all been faced with the […]
How Romero Made Maryborough Central Victoria Digitally

How Romero Made Maryborough Central Victoria Digitally

Maryborough Central Victoria is one of the first collaborative paintings with Australian photographer, Maggie Beresford and Avant-garde artist Romero from the U.S. Maryborough is a city located on the Mary River in Queensland, Australia.   Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece to hang in your kitchen or just a quick fix for those bare walls, […]

Here’s the Perfect Scrub for Anyone Who Wants that Summer Glow

By: TruImage It’s summer time! Ever since high school, I’ve always been a fan of Green Tea. Back then, you could always find me with a bottle of Green Tea in my hands, especially during the summer.  This drink is delicious, healthy, and refreshing. If you haven’t tried Green Tea, I highly recommend that you do.  Oh, […]

The Dowgg Guerrila Project

by Romero The Dowg Guerrila Project – Many of you know that CPirateNetwork LLC was formed as a socially responsible corporation to support the Creativity The New Economy Project of Avant-garde Arts Ikohaus by Romero of Greenville, NC.Now you can actually lend a hand and do something concrete. We set up this PayPalMe [ ] […]

The Shocking Truth about Spider Orchid

By: TruImage Romero taking a knee at the Greenville Town Commons In a studio visit at Ikohaus in Greenville, NC, I engaged in a brief conversation with the Avant-garde artist, Romero, touching on the inspiration behind his work Spider Orchid. Romero’s work has been shown in Art Avenue, MOCA, and at the World Art Expo in Orange County, California. […]

What I Learned from Being a Creativepreneur

Thinking of starting a business? Learn what it’s like being an entrepreneur. Or if you’re a creative, a creativepreneur.   What is a creativepreneur?   Creative + Entrepreneur = Creativepreneur You might just be a creativepreneur if you’re an entrepreneur  with a business in the creative industry such as advertising, art, fashion, fashion, etc… who taps into […]

How to Make Salmon Cakes in 5 Easy Steps

By: TruImage I have been experimenting with different recipes. Last week, for the first time I made Salmon cakes.  When I was a kid, my mother used to make Cod Fish cakes (as seen on the left). I definitely loved them as a kid, the warm crispy delicious patties, but since then I haven’t had […]

Wish I Had Known About National Poetry Month

By: TruImage So today I just found out that the month of April is National Poetry Month. How did I find out you might ask? Social Media!  This April marks the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month, which was started in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. On the Academy of American Poets site, […]

How Romero Captured Science Through Art

Romero, avant-garde artist has captured science in one of his works. Discover how in this article.   Inspiration behind “G-Protein Coupled Receptors EI9” In “G-protein Coupled Receptors EI9”, Romero captured the formal structure of a membrane receptor through art. Inspired by an article he read during his early morning routine, Romero decided to recreate the […]

Why Should You Collect Art?

By: TruImage What do you do when you receive artwork? Were you indecisive on the perfect place to hang your new wall art? These are all questions that first-time art buyers have. You may not consider yourself an art collector and that is fine. Maybe you’re hesitant about collecting art.  Most people believe that you have to have […]

You Won’t Believe What Ikohaus Just Developed!

By: TruImage Romero, the founder of Ikohaus created an innovative way for art collectors to view his work. This technique is called “IkoVu”, a combination of Ikohaus and a twist on the word ‘view’. IkoVu is an online virtual art exhibition.   The purpose of IkoVu is for Ikohaus artworks to be displayed on digital […]
Mysterious Velvet by Romero: The Art of Being a Lady

Mysterious Velvet by Romero: The Art of Being a Lady

Give your room a focal point Mysterious Velvet, a high-impact portrait. Learn more about this portrait painting by Romero. The inspiration behind “Mysterious Velvet” In March, Romero shared his most recent work, Mysterious Velvet in time for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Of course, the inspiration for this work from his Real Life Series of […]

Breakthrough: We Made It

Romero Avantgarde artist It has been a long time, but that doesn’t mean as an artist I was not busy. So let me take the time to make it a matter of record that I am pioneering another piece, I believe a major one to the Creativity TheNew Economy Project, CTEP for short. As an […]

Top 10 Colors : Spring 2016

By: TruImage “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” – Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute   With Spring just around the corner, it’s natural to be curious about this season’s trends. In August, Pantone released […]

Review: 057 from Romero’s Flower Series

057, a fiery, floral piece. Not only do flowers radiate a natural beauty, but also your guests will easily recognize. Add the warmth of flowers to your space.    Is it safe to say that white walls are bare and boring? You don’t have to paint your walls to add some color to your space. […]
Best Tip Ever: Terrific Places to Hang Artwork

Best Tip Ever: Terrific Places to Hang Artwork

Have you ever bought art for your home, but were indecisive on where to put it? You might think that decorating your home with art is difficult.  Think about how you use spaces in your home. How do you spend time in certain rooms? This will make decorating a piece of cake.  Decorating with art adds a special touch […]

Want to Buy Art Directly from an Artist? Now You Can!

By: TruImage Romero, the Founder, and CEO of Ikohaus understands and appreciates cutting-edge technology. After all, he is an avant-garde artist. Since 2005, he has been pushing for living artists to be able to list artwork on Amazon. With patience and persistence, Ikohaus works became available on Amazon. If you want to know how it was done […]

Help Ikohaus Alpha – Creativity The New Economy

My name is Carlos Romero, originally born and raised in NYC. From an early age I’ve always been fascinated by art, technology and music. In our cause at Ikohaus we educate, inform and problem solve. By that we believe it is the artists duty especially the Avant-garde artist, to inspire, forge and blaze the path […]

Rothko Is A Fake – Romero Is Not

Stephen Polcari Takes Stand  at Knoedler Forgery Trial  Wow a Rothko painting sold in 2004 for 8.3 mil and was found to be a fake. This kind of thing is exactly what the art world does not need, and actually is becoming more and more rampant across other industries as well. I was watching a news […]

Kehlani Gets ECU On Her Tsunami Wave

Last night, I saw Kehlani live in a Winter Concert at East Carolina University (ECU) presented by the Student Activities Board.  Who is Kehlani? Kehlani is a Grammy-nominated, 20-year-old R&B singer, and songwriter from Oakland, CA. You may know her for hits like “You Should Be Here” or “The Way”, her sold-out tours, numerous magazine covers, […]

Why Should You Try Asim Supreme Products?

Searching for natural skincare products? In this article, you’ll learn about Asim Supreme Products. I have an oily skin type so I have a tough time keeping my t-zone area (forehead, nose, and chin) oil free.   I would wash my face two to three times a day, morning, mid-day, and at night depending on […]

Creative Solutions – Amazon Getting Unique Art & Goods On Amazon

This is a powerful solution for creatives that I have discovered and put to work over the last nine years. With the interest of late that I’ve discovered here on the blog and the current big interest in not having ones goods counterfeited, while being able to serve a global market, this concept gets goods […]

In Depth: Jerry Doby Editor In Chief of TheHypeMagazine

by BlackCaesarXfrom a talk on the Blab platform 12/26/2015 BlackCaesar: I want to welcome you, this Jerry Doby, the real Jerry Doby just saying that this is his twitter name. Jerry Doby the chief editor or the should I say to get it correctly editor in chief of the Hype Magazine. For those that don’t […]

Stone Soup Season 1 Episode 6

By: TruImage Last Saturday, we talked with Akil Jabbar, owner of Asim Supreme Products. Akil informed us about the products in his line. For example, the African Black Soap, which incidentally is not black it is actually a brownish color due to its ingredients. We were also able to talk with Akil to find out how […]

Stone Soup Season 1 Episode 5

By: TruImage Last Saturday, BlackCaesarX talked with David Rosen, award-winning composer and producer. Viewers found out about his upcoming projects and looked at samples of his video work. In case you missed it, you can catch the replay here. This Saturday, on Stone Soup Episode 5, our guests will be Tim Wilson, host of the “What Up Doe?” […]

Social Engagement Art

Here while creating the process and work flow for streaming on with an Android based mobile situation, I have an impromptu talk and discussion with Rabbi a guitar player out of Chicago Illinois covering topics from Blues to Rock and even including Woodstock in the current day scheme of things. This article started out […]

Another Sky Is Here David Rosen originally written 10/26/2015It’s taken me a solid 3 months longer than expected (not that I was working on it the whole time or anything haha), but I’m finally proud to announce that Another Sky is finished and ready for you to listen to! You can get more details about the album over […]

Pioneering The New Economy

Since early on in 2000, the start of the 21st Century, actually from about 1991 during the Clinton era I have had my eye on the technology for the new age. Realizing that the industrial age was coming to a close, I wondered what kind of advancements would drive the 21st Century. With that in […]

Preserving Hip Hop & Supporting Our Own

Many ask what is wrong with the Hip Hop of today, or that it is too violent or stereo typed. Hip Hop is simply big business today just like basketball and the NBA, artists see lucrative paychecks, but are they really the ones seeing the rewards? No, I don’t think so. All the big corporations […]

Epic moment in music history for Stevie Wonder’s STL return

Epic moment in music history for Stevie Wonder’s STL return Posted: Monday, October 26, 2015 6:48 pm By Kenya Vaughn Of The St. Louis American “I want to say a special prayer for those who have lost love ones, for Ferguson and I want to dedicate this show to a woman who has lost someone,” Stevie […]

Transformative Works

Since about 2000 I have worked on the internet promoting the arts all the while paying it forward with the hopes of influencing change in society. All the while I have started noticing especially as of late, the more things change, the more that certain elements try to reverse the progress of humanity, and wondered […]

On the Move

By : TruImage Thank you to all the artists, fans, and viewers for your consistent confidence in our services. Ikohaus Music Group has tested the water offering artists free promo. Now, that we were able to get our feet wet, the time has come that we move on from the free promo stage. Our services have created […]

Everything Jersey: @050everything

By: Truimg Artist: 050 Boyz Album: Everything 050 Genre: Hip Hop On August 4th 2015, the 050 Boyz (Pronounced Oh – Fifty) released their debut album, “Everything 050”. After I finished listening and bobbing my head to this album, I suddenly realized why the album is called “Everything 050”. The hip-hop trio Riq Da Kid, Prince AK, […]

DMC Says Hip Hop Gatekeepers Get Respect But Aren’t “Allowed To Participate” by PAUL MEARA

amzn_assoc_ad_type = ‘banner’; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = ‘ikohaus-20’; amzn_assoc_marketplace = ‘amazon’; amzn_assoc_region = ‘US’; amzn_assoc_placement = ‘assoc_banner_placement_default’; amzn_assoc_linkid = ‘6XP7TQC3T3KDL7WD’; amzn_assoc_campaigns = ‘canoneos’; amzn_assoc_p = ’12’; amzn_assoc_banner_type = ‘category’; amzn_assoc_isresponsive = ‘false’; amzn_assoc_banner_id = ’07D2BQVZ51GNG3F2R582′; amzn_assoc_width = ‘300’; amzn_assoc_height = ‘250’; //

Keep Creativity Alive

by @TruImgMaybe you or someone you know is an indie artist. When we started our business 9 years ago, we decided to use our website as an outlet to broadcast underground music. We did it because we felt there was a need to represent indie artists. Recently, a few changes have been implemented. Specifically, we […]

“Tell It2 The Rock, 2 Boros Collide – Decades of Struggles The 60’s 2 The 21st Century!!!”

written by the Avant-garde artist aka “Romero” aka “Los” aka “BlackCaesar” aka “Big Homie” aka “GrandMaster MC [true master of ceremonies]” aka “The GodFather of” want 2 join us musically as an artist? Mic chk 1, 2…It was a warm summers day, that July of 1967 as I walked down DeKalb Avenue from the […]


NEWS RELEASEby: Shariyka Romero, Creative Executive Director of CPirateNetwork, LLC28 August 2015For Immediate ReleaseCPIRATENETWORK TO BECOME IKOHAUS MUSIC GROUPGREENVILLE, NC –  Effective August 26th, CPirateNetwork (CPN), LLC; will become Ikohaus Music Group (IMG). Viewers and fans can expect these changes, starting with the launch of IMG’s new business strategy to better serve them.The name Ikohaus […]

Do You Know The Way To Greenville, NC?

Greenville, NC an unlikely place for a global Avant-garde community participatory Art Project?  yes indeed in this idyllic sub-urban, Eastern North Carolina City, where current Mayor Allen Thomas presides, Community Avant-garde actionable artist “Romero” sets out to put entire City of Greenville, NC online with Bebo Inc Startup of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley new Beta Video/Chat/Talk application for all […]

Replay – #STREAMOne Underground #HipHop 08/23/2015

Rock Ed @asetzepfandt3 music test

#Blab Owning The Conversation

Intro Tech Solutions- Amazon Getting Unique Art & Goods On Amazon

Intro Tech Solutions- Amazon Getting Unique Art & Goods On Amazon – This intro video explains the concept of who, what, why, where and when of getting your unique art, or creative works on Amazon. Intro: Tech Solutions – Amazon Getting Unique Art & Goods On Amazon This introduction video describes what the offer consists […]

#TEST Dgtl Art Record by @Ikohaus

#TEST Dgtl Art Record by (e)IKOHAUS current Empire Ave share price 488.39e 7-22-2015 donate $5 or more and receive your own video download copy of this beta test stream DGTL FINE #ART INTRO @IKOHAUS @bcXog has been kind enough to allow us the use of his record space 12p EDT ~~~>CANCELLED so go and subscribe now […]

The @TeamBlab Hunt For – #Tequila&MoĂ«t ‏@pr_Langston @yunqincredible Hosted by @djcarisma

@pr_Langston + @YunqIncredible CPirateNetwork has been on the hunt to interview Langston foremerly of The Rangers, and Young Incredible since 2011.We have reached out to them numerous times but could never just seem to get them live on our cameras.Now however we have finally settled in with a new startup company out of San […]

Art !s In A Post Michael Brown Era

Artist known as “Romero” Death the final punctuation of a being, that lived in a social context we call, reality. I started on my journey as an artist many years ago, at a very young age when still sitting in high chair prior to even starting school. So if 62 now, and born in 1952, […]

I SHALL STOP AT NOTHING by Tito John Msembi (2014) Kenya

Art by unknown artists photo taken by Romero at friends Atlantic Beach, NC property Sitting on the sand beaches late in July, Watching some birds singing softly as they fly, And deeper- together they go into the sky, I feel so delighted now-there is no need to cry. Suddenly I wish I was born little […]

#HipHop’s new economic model by #CPNSOne the pinnacle of American music comes alive in the US

As you may have heard Hip Hop has just (smile we knew this since 1969 spoken word) eclipsed all other American music genre’s to be the number one influence in American music culture since Elvis in the 60’s and the Beatles. They just didn’t go so far as to say it eclipsed Elvis, but they […]

Science says hip-hop is the pinnacle of American music BRYAN LOGAN

From Ikohaus To The Bauhaus

It just seems sometimes to be part of the process for a certain few artists. I my self feel impoverished, unrecognized, not able to survive from my talent of art and persecuted within my own country the US as was Hannes Beckman a little known German Bauhaus artist. Most of the artists, writers and poets have […]

▶@report__hunter Ace Reporter/ @TechAndCoffee1 #Tech

Hunter and Tech and Coffee have great concepts they show in detail we really need to get them into their own channels here on the Network. Mic Clean Audio Loud Bar. Zoom H5, Sony a6000, Sennheiser// Casio LK280 Light Up Keyboard. HOWTO play MIDI files// EXPLAINED: Missy Elliot Work It// Professional iPhone Video Recording Setup. […]

Refining The Giclée Process With 21st Century Art Cards

Cover Photos – Ikohaus Avant-garde Art | Facebook// As of late I have been focusing so much on turning the music world 360, I have neglected the creative art process although working very closely with Art Avenue in Greenville, NC. Art Avenue is a contemporary gallery, whose concept I was critical in formulating with Don […]

April 9th 2015: You’ve Been Carded

Taking a new approach to blogging an updating the music scene –  Ice Cube Discusses N.W.A Biopic & New Music With Dr. Dre// // Boom Bap Festival | The UK’s Largest Hip Hop Festival// MC Host BlackCaesarX// Tyler, The Creator Explains What’s Wrong With Music Today //

Entering The 21st Century – Using Transformational Technology In Music and Art

This post will be published across our two websites. Ikohaus our creative spiritual head and our music site, the underground CPirateNetwork. Entering and moving into the 21st Century has brought quite an upheaval for humanity. Many want to continue along as if it was still familiar times to them back in, as my Grandma used […]

Entering The 21st Century – Using Transformational Technology In Music and Art

This post will be published across our two websites. Ikohaus our creative spiritual head and our music site, the underground CPirateNetwork. Entering and moving into the 21st Century has brought quite an upheaval for humanity. Many want to continue along as if it was still familiar times to them back in, as my Grandma used […]

Chapter #62 The Final Story – The Rebirth Of Woodstock – GREENSTOCKOne

Join The GREENSTOCKOne Blitz Team The days and the events stitched  themselves together like a gigantic quilt covering the United States as I thought and walked through nature in the Jaycee Park. They stretched all the way back to that day during Christmas in the 60’s upon seeing the Murray The “K” Show, all the way through Woodstock […]

Press Release Fri Mar 6, 2015

Author Scot Tylor PRESS RELEASE by Scot Tylor FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Tech/Entertainment Startup to reinvent 21st Century Woodstock for Greenville Greenville, NC – Downtown East Greenville, will come alive in July 2015 with exciting world class live entertainment, as new tech/entertainment start up, CPirateNetwork, has its sights set on reinventing a 21st century Woodstock. […]

Chapter #17 Pt #2: The Woodstock Story

That Friday in the late afternoon after work we loaded up a U-Haul van from the Bronx and started on our journey to Woodstock. Continued…We headed up the Major Deegan from the Bronx good old 95 North right on passed the Tuckahoe Rd exit where just the year before a woman making a 90 degree […]

The Revolution of Hip Hop – The Birth In The 60’s

Let’s pick up now in the early 60’s when Rock n Roll was born. You see it is very important to couch the emergence of Hip Hop, into the culture and times around it, that supported it. There was that Sunday in the early 60’s I’ll never forget. Radio D Jay’s the night before had […]

19th-century painting sold for $5,000 fetches $5.2M just over a year later

Man and A Dog Watch Boxing present a special piece “ADIOS ASSCLOWN: THE CASE TO EXILE BOB ARUM”

Post by  BEKAY I hear you when you scream at your television. Trust me, I do. I see when you throw random objects at your computer screen, or curse under your breath while reading your IPAD on the train. No, I’m not stalking you, I’m just going through the same exact thing all of you […]

UPDATE – MAN AND A DOG WATCH BOXING: Floyd Mayweather Approached Manny Pacquiao

by Bekay Wed Jan 28th 2015 1:53am EDT HUGE BREAKING BOXING NEWS!  More breaking boxing News!!! Manny and Floyd meet in private after the game!!! Fight closer than ever Click Pic for ESPN Story “MADWB” is happy to announce that Floyd Mayweather approached Manny Pacquiao at the Miami Heat game. Floyd gives Manny his number […]


written by —BEKAY Friday Jan 23, 2015 9:00p EDT I’m proud to announce I will be a part of “MAN AND A DOG WATCH BOXING” a new blog that will be up and running in the coming months! I will be live reporting news, our very own articles, picks, analysis, p4p rankings, and everything boxing, […]

Ras Bogle – The Story

Hemrick Troy Bogle, also known as Ras Bogle is a Jamaican Reggae artiste. His musical journey began as a child playing the trumpet in the Tivoli marching band and the magnificent troopers’ band. He did vocals at times and was very passionate about singing and songwriting. His first studio encounter was at the Top Class Studio in […]

The Revolution of Hip Hop – 1957 The Early Years

// Now that you have a sense from one young persons view, let us go back and fill in the background and couch the emergence of Hip Hop in perspective –  The sun shown bright and warm as an airplane propeller soothingly droned on in the sky that Saturday noon in 1957 as I walked […]

New Ikohaus Artist TruImage

TruImage specializes in handmade accessories such as bracelets, jewelry, and headbands and hair ties. Our motto is Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. Shariyka Romero, designer, combined her passion for art, design, and creativity. Ultimately, creating TruImage built on the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. TruImage products are not made in bulk, thus making them one […]

Art On The Avenue

A lot of people just don’t get it, a culture without art is not a culture, it is an FCC, CE or any of the other acronyms which are really meant for electronic devices (products) only : “The European Union (consisting of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, […]

Art: The Concept Of Inclusive Growth In 2015

Something terrible is happening in the Fine Arts world. As institutions struggle with shrinking grants and endowments, new age art critics become in short supply, Afro-American and Hispanic American artists are being left out of the equation. Now Native American art is another story as quite some value has been found by collectors for the […]

Real Entertainment News 12-15-2014

▶@FloydMayweather @SHOsports Wants @MannyPacquiao @bigdaddybrowne1 Channel #SNRTG — blackcaesarX (@bcXog) December 15, 2014 // Check this out @YogzMusic @KarmahCruz #Support the Network that supports U #SNRTG — blackcaesarX (@bcXog) December 15, 2014 // ▶@IronBoyBoxing 17 EVENT Castro VS ROBERT RODRIGUEZ @bigdaddybrowne1 Channel #SNRTG — blackcaesarX (@bcXog) December 15, 2014 […]

Moving The Network Forward

Now while we are on hiatus, is the time we are moving the Network forward. While it’s really nice to support Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Boxing, and some artists really appreciate what we do, but it doesn’t pay the bills. So simply we’re going to start offering Network channels, complete with our specialized deep reach promotion at […]

The Andy Effect

Yekra Player Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films. Life After Django Reinhardt Django Reinhardt, the Roma genius, born to Gypsy parents in 1910, is considered by many to be the single most important guitarist in the entire history of jazz. To honor the 100th anniversary of Django’s birth, one hundred of […]

Clear Out

Decaf Black is an underground Rapper that started out just chillin with homies in the 90’s spittin freestyles and cyphers, before deciding to take it to the next level. We fast forward to 2014 and an email I received about a “New Music Alert” with Decaf Black, underground staple Mic Handz produced by none other […]

@Amazon W.O.A. Work of Art

Woa (work of art) can you believe what the BIG GORILLA does to this indie artists work on Amazon like clockwork each year around the time of internet selling season? It’s not enough for Amazon to want a chunk of the work I sell there, with any clue to ranking algorithms or keywords. But because I guess […]

Manifest Your Belief

What do you believe about yourself?

Museum In A Box

Yekra Player Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films. Life After Django Reinhardt Django Reinhardt, the Roma genius, born to Gypsy parents in 1910, is considered by many to be the single most important guitarist in the entire history of jazz. To honor the 100th anniversary of Django’s birth, one hundred of […]

CPNStreamOne Fan Sponsored Music Events

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What’s Up?

We decided we’re going to try something a little new and keep you updated to the minute on what’s going on in the music scene that strikes us as of particular interest with pics, blurbs and links.  Hip-Hop Rumors: Amber Rose Dating French Montana’s Brother? Rumors have been circulating that Rose is dating french Montana, […]

Social Links

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Follow The Leader

Yeaaaah Yae Yaaaaaayyyyyy EEEeeeeee … It’s been a long time, and we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes pushing the boundaries of the music world, technology and combining social media, to lead the way in the 21st Century. As we say, as we welcome on board our new CEO in New Media Developement, DonYae […]

Gato Roman Gets UD Win On “Path To Glory”

Written By Salvador “Gonzo”  Once again from the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario CA Thompson Boxing brought us a great night of fights with up & coming prospects on the latest edition of “Path To Glory”. Among the sold out crowd was 7X World Champion James “Lights Out” Toney who was in attendance to support his […]


Watch Live Video/Audio and Overnight Here Let us begin with some discussion I’ve had with Chuck Burns of Brooklyn, NY. I would say that Chuck had the life of most inner city Black men. It’s not fair the playing field is not advantageous, and only constructed to see if you cannot make it passed the age […]

The Rap: White Supremacy Is White America’s Problem

Where did it all start to unravel? Rappers and Blacks sagging their pants? Ice Cube and NWA’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and Straight Outta Compton? No no… We’re afraid not. But rather long, long ago… A source of labor was needed in what lands Europeans had discovered as new to them to be exploited, and it’s […]

‘Straight Outta Compton’ Ice Cube Talks

DaBeatBoxℱ {{{((((ツ)☞ Boom Bap Not An App)))}}}

DaBeatBoxℱ {{{((((ツ)☞ Boom Bap Not An App)))}}} is now a direct link here We cannot disclose everything that’s going on but keep it locked. You know we have been working with DonYae Jay Z’s Baby Brother and are now putting the Boom Bap Back In The Rap! Stay tuned for our “Project Boom Bap” that’s […]

Ancient Art

ancientart: Details from the Egyptian Tomb of Sennedjem in the necropolis of Deir el-Medina. Sennedjem lived in the reigns of Seti I and Ramesses II during the 19th Dynasty. Photos courtesy of & taken by kairoinfo4u.


DECODED STORIES #1 The Alleged Stabbing of Lance Rivera.  by Edi (E-Dee).UK.BEYHIVE – September 4th 1981′ rocked my world. Another girl adoring Beyonce & Forever loving Queen B When Vol 3
 Life and Times of S.Carter, my fourth album hit the streets more than a month before the official release date, I was totally at a […]

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// CPirate Radio 7-28-2014 by Blackcaesarx Radio on Mixcloud


With the advent of so many social media places, face book, twitter and Google+. We look to push the envelope and Avant-garde to those spaces where the people are, rather than trying to compete among the glut to bring them here. So our site will remain up, but not updated as we commence to archive the pages. Thanks […]

Don’t Sugar Coat It!

Kara Walker’s Sugar Sphinx Art as we know can be very commercial in it’s creation. But some art can contain social commentary and a message at the same time. Kara Walker’s project consisted of a huge sphinx with just as large African features. Even more surprising this massive sculpture had been coated in sugar and surrounded by life size […]

Keep Up With Avant-garde Artists

Keep up with avant garde artists: Carlos L Romero is an Avant-garde artist, specializing in digital paintings photo paintings and portraits. In the Wikipedia definition Avant-garde means “advance guard” or “vanguard”, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative. Born in 1952 in Washington Heights-Harlem, NY; birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance, […]

Indie Underground PirateTV At It’s Best

Well it’s been quite sometime since we dropped a line, but we really have been doing quite a lot promoting UK Hip Hop from the likes of Wise Rap, Floyd Ransom Notes Dean, from the US outta Brooklyn The Grand Surgeon and Metric Man aka The Freedom Fighter.We had been evaluating since 2011 different formulas and formats to […]

Even Art History Does Repeat Itself

Really as an Artist I’ve just come from being on a long tear being out front in social media with Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae and African Azonto music artists. The air in the realistic world of uncommercial music was so invigorating with talks and Rakim discussions of what I was attempting to do by cross pollinating various countries […]

Where Is Art Going? For quite sometime as you know Ikohaus has been doing things in art as an independent. The climate for art recognition and sales has been all but frigid. We have even undertaken the slow process of teaching digital art on the GoogleHelpouts platform and succeeded in getting placed. In this day and age though one […]

#TuneIn To The Latest and Greatest In Pirate Underground Streaming Television

Well it has been a while in the works starting in about 2011 when we started broadcasting on the Livestream platform. We took the unnoticed under recognized talent of Hip Hop, Rap and Beat music that the big companies either did not have on their radar or thought were not profitable and broadcast them in HD […]

British Museum Shows Vikings’ Softer Side Museum shows Vikings’ softer side (via AFP) The Vikings are renowned as bloodthirsty warriors, but a new exhibition at the British Museum aims to show the cultural achievements and trading skills that spread their influence far and wide. “Vikings: Life and Legend”, which opens on Thursday and

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PirateTV Underground Hip Hop Monday thru Sunday 9am To 10pm ET *Special Events TBA ✿¾¾.‱*š*✿♡✿Get your copy of the Daily Tweeter Right Here!✿♡✿*š*‱.¾¾✿ Yes it’s been a while and we’ve been super busy. Just a tweetup of what’s been going on. We’ve been working on putting together an event with Young Sam if you don’t […]

Reach Beyond Your Followers With Video

Broadcast Your Videos LIVE on CPirateNetwork SPECIAL Unheard of promoted 2X/Day & Tweeted Across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ 7 days on our Network Special Promo Price $20.00 & reach beyond your followers – below   *** Videos Longer than 6 mins not accepted we have the right to refuse any content we feel is in poor taste. […]

Outkast to Return to the Stage and Headline Summerfest 2014 to Return to the Stage and Headline Summerfest 2014 (via PRWeb) Grammy-winning duo plans festival run to celebrate 20th anniversary of their unique and influential sound while very special guest Gary Clark Jr. joins them in Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) February 26, 2014 Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. officials

Behind the Scenes: The Last American Printer THE SCENES: The last American printer (via (BEHIND THE SCENES is an ongoing series offering an exclusive inside look at the making of the independent film “10 Days in a Madhouse.”) When you see the movie “10 Days in a Madhouse,” you might see a pair of hands setting old metal types.

The Cultural Epidemic of Hip Hop Cultural Epidemic of Hip Hop (via Urbasm) Hip hop music started as early as the 70â€Čs in New York City. Back in the day, block parties had DJ’s which played popular music, especially funk and soul at the time. The DJ’s would live mix songs with two turntables and isolate short percussive

The Daily re-Tweeter

Ok here it is “THE DAILY TWEETER” ( kinda like Peter Parker’s Daily Bugle from Spiderman) The first thing to get with is “It’s not how many followers you have, but who’s rt’ing you what kind of leader are you?” Know what your niche is and be an influencer in that field. I use Hootsuite […]

RAP ing Up The Hip Hop Music Grind

We know that underground Hip Hop music is a tough grind. Artists that are true to this genre form tend to be realists and not subjugated to the commercial whims of the BIG RECORD INDUSTRY. Although a lot of the mainstream artists may have the trappings of success, cars, gold, women, liquor, smoke, nice apartments […]

Posted On The Block

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#HipHop Summit Ol’ Skool meets Nu’ Skool’

Legendary OG Kokane #WeTookBackHipHop Summit: Performing Hit New Single “What I” ft Buster Rhymes and Leezy Soprano also in concert ft King Spotlight DJ Sincere DJ for event…others maybe announced this is a FAN SPONSORED EVENT. You buy the tickets and YOU! make it happen. *Date is not exact till you the fan make it happen.FAQsRefunds […]

Exclusive: Relly Rellz Sits Down With @DRTYBSMNT

  written by DJ SINCERE/DRTYBSMNT MULTIMEDIA Independent music is the true life blood of any musical style. It is what keeps introducing us to new artists, sounds and styles. Recently we chopped it up with the multi talented Relly Rellz.   Welcome, please introduce yourself to our readers. My name Relly Rellz
 I’m a Artist, […]

Engage Your Fans With Video

Videos have become the most popular way to communicate ideas and thoughts to people. For quite some time they have surpassed the conventional means of reading articles, newspapers, magazines.   CPirate has been studying the advent of videos since about 1988, over twenty five years ago, by splicing music content into video cassette recordings of animated cartoons. […]

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BreakThrough In A.R.T.

It is about time that the artist has caught up to date with modern technology. Musicians, Photographers and Filmmakers have long ago accepted the digital revolution, but artists have lagged far behind. Sure a lot of gee whiz lights flashing, use of old industrial parts and digital drawing tools (the main tool I now use) have crept onto […]

UK Invasion Times 2X

UK Invasion Banner CPirateNetwork now looks to expand it’s social reach. What was happening was that streaming in a global environment was becoming difficult to be sociable with viewers that are on, of course a different time schedule.   We have a lot of connections with underground artists in the UK like DISLautomatic, CaraArtist and CyrusDaVirus just […]

ART: Business Ethics – Which Theory Do You Follow?

As an artist acting as agent for self I find I must have a strong code of ethics for self. So I thought my friend Chuck Galagher’s article he offered to reblog would be very appropriate:by Chuck Gallagher Business ethics should seem simple, but the more analytic we approach the subject the more complicated the explanation of “business […]

SIGNPOSTS: Which Way Do They Point

We have been coming on quite a quandary. Art is not a hobby for us, but it has been becoming a chore to get into the art part of the studio and work. Becoming so engrossed in the music side of the studio for more than 8 hours a day was the norm. But what I wonder about […]

Missing The Boat On Social Media

“Hey we’ve got this new social media buzz and its really the new way to communicate our product. But let’s continue to do things the way we normally do and make it an avenue for the upwardly mobile. I mean after all we can’t use any S.N.A.P. benefits on the internet and all our white colleagues […]

Art Beyond Blog

It’s one thing to write about art, especially Avante-garde art. But when you’re away from the major markets of NY, LA and Paris buzz can be hard to come by unless you can afford to have a publicist.Popular right now is discovering the new African art of Kenya and Nigeria, along with interest in the […]

Social Responsibility In Art?

Most people think of artists as only creating unmoving pictures. But in avant-garde art the object can also be to create a movement in a direction outside of the normal conventional commercial modes. That is what Ikohaus founder Romero is doing through it’s creation of the CPNStream.The CPNStream is completely independent and solely supported by Ikohaus. The page shown here is […]

Social Media: Curating An Online Museum

Sometimes a museum can pop up in the most obscure places. But when a local government building is the source of this obscurity things can become interesting, or not. If no one knows the exhibit is there because there is no social information given to newspapers or online sources, the value of the works cannot […]

What Do You Music Artists Really Want?

We live in age that has technological advances happening at a very rapid pace, and the artists in the music industry think they are up to date. On the other hand the fans of the music are quite snug and secure in the same boat. YouTube has been the De-facto standard for so long nothing […]

What is IP4S?

  No IP4S is not a new internet protocol exactly, especially as we are on IP6. Rather it is a new Ikohaus Project designation that will create affordable Avant-garde fine art with the academic university student budget in mind. We know that students work on a really tight budget, but like to enhance their dorm […]


No IP4S is not a new internet protocol exactly, especially as we are on IP6. Rather it is a new Ikohaus Project designation that will create affordable Avant-garde fine art with the academic university student budget in mind. We know that students work on a really tight budget, but like to enhance their dorm room […]

Art vs Art

Did you ever think that there were two distinct types of art? Yes and it seems that the commercial aspect of art has taken over. We have selected certain individuals to be art critics and they’re job is to tell us what is and what is not art. They have succeeded in actually muddying the whole value system. It […]

We Are Moo-ving

The CPirate Network has been growing and has now Moo…ved to a new site name (that we are a Network is of course understood) Here’s more Mooo…sic to your ears: In a conscious effort to go back to the days of sailing Pirate ships, with renewable energy sources, we also Moo…ved our server hosting to FatCow    […]

Social Media Marketing Music Opportunity

#CPirateNetwork Broadcast Facilities aboard NASA’s International Space Station We are growing and expanding and in search of a real Social Media Marketing Go Getter Specialist. We’ve got tons of great music artist that supply us with original quality content, but lack any network support as an indie underground music video service. As we grow we look […]

Art: The Concept Of Inclusive Growth In 2013

Something terrible is happening in the Fine Arts world. As institutions struggle with shrinking grants and endowments, new age art critics become in short supply, Afro-American and Hispanic American artists are being left out of the equation.Now Native American art is another story as quite some value has been found by collectors for the traditional […]

We’re Callin’ On @ThemPRangers and @SamMight69Her

WE’RE CALLING ON THE RANGERS AND YOUNG SAM: Help Us Make An Epic Fan Sponsored Music Event #turnup #rgoky #breaksover We are raising funds to put on the first of it’s kind, pure, positive International Hip Hop (and Jerkin too!) Event. From Hip Hop root’s beginnings in the South Bronx NYC, we aim to break […]

The British Are Coming!

First Wave The Revolution 76, Then The Beatles, Now A Virus…CyrusDaVirus   Help Us Make An Epic Fan Sponsored Music Event  The event will take place before Christmas as a gift to Hip Hop. It will be held on a date sometime between December 11th and December 23rd of 2013; the exact date will be determined […]


Curated by Romero blog: by nina siegal 6/6/13 VIEW SLIDESHOW View of Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan’s exhibition “The This & The That of a Category Error,” 2007, at SMART Project Space, now called New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA). Photo Niels Vis.; Bradley Pitts and Raymond van Ee’s The Ellipsoidal Introspective Optic in production. Courtesy Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, […]

When Should You Partner For No Profit

Most often partnering is a way to increase and or maximize profits. But I have been talking with a new friend the CEO of #TNM, The New Movement Rayne McCloud. We talked and talked about spirituality, art and my favorite music of today. Then something very interesting happened in our talks, I became enlightened to […]

Kickstarter: The Renny – 2 Divas and Dancehall

IMG is planning on giving Kickstarter another try. Here’s the story straight and simple. Back in 2011 we went to Kickstarter with a concept to stage a music concert with the Rangers. Kickstarter told us they didn’t accept music events as viable projects, so we went “Spike Lee” and sought out backers. The only ones […]

Chromecast Threat: No Dongle Necessary

Wow Apple TV fans and new Google Chromecast fans Ikohaus Music Group Indie startup has been quietly pioneering quality  streaming TV broadcast for years now.  From Ustream to Livestream, Ikohaus has been in the forefront of live streaming to BYOD. But what about pre-recorded content where the likes of MTV do not fit the bill? Well as […]

On Exhibit

City of Greenville 200 W 5th St Greenville, NC 27858 200 W 5th StGreenville, NC 27858 DirectionsSave (252) 329-4423 Street View City Government Office Be the first to review  Just a short note to let you know what we have coming up: The Founder of Ikohaus – Romero will have four works mounted for […]

Hype Me

  Everyone has been asking us… “BlackCaesarX can you help promote my music?” Well we’ve done just that with tools and services to reach your followers and beyond. # (1) 3 retweetable tweets per day for 30 days includes reports on your #hashtag results for # of times used, avg clicks, # of retweets and […]

Pandora? Spotify? – Getting JuicXed On Music Videos

We’ve wanted to get more involved with under appreciated artists on CPirateNetwork, from the Hip Hop, Jerk, Reggae and Kenyan Mizuka music scene. In turn we wanted to help these artists network socially mainly via twitter and facebook interact with each other and their fans and followers, all the while being able to exchange their […]

Trayvon Martin: When Is Enough, ENOUGH?

Darrsie Jackson, center, reacts after hearing the verdict of not guilty in the trial of George Zimmerman with her children Linzey Stafford, left, 10, and Shauntina Stafford, 11, at the Seminole County Courthouse, July 13, 2013, in Sanford, Fla. (courtesy John Raoux/AP Photo ) *FILL OUT THE petition here to go to the United Nations Human Rights […]

Birth Of A New Art Form: #Tagchitti

The idea and concept came in a flash. For a while I had been talking about how the new art form was creating Apps with Saul Fleischman the RiteTag creator. Slowly but surely he started to come around to my point of view and see the most important thing in society now was creating apps. This […]

When The Amazon Honeymoon Is Over

When we first started working with Amazon and artwork in 2007 the engagement was a very on again off again tumultuous affair. It just was quite difficult getting to list artwork on Amazon if you were an artist that was still alive. Finally little by little things started to change in our relationship with Amazon, we guess as technology […]

Museum In A Box: Concerto Barocco

While work is begun on a project called “Museum In A Box: Concerto Barocco” by Michael K Brown, Vito Palumbo and “Romero” we thought it may be good to give some background and preview of the work…the first to hear of the project was Paul Snookes a retired lecture professor from the University of Worcester in the […]

It’s A Glut Out There

Sorry We’re Sold Out We hope to more in again soon email to request it. It’s A Glut Out There makes me wonder sometimeshow I keep from goin’ underDon’t Push Me Cause I’m Close To The Edge!A play on the famous hip hop words from Grandmaster Flash “The Message”Well we seem to be getting the message loud and clear […]

We Don’t Do This For The Money

Avant-garde Classical Composer Vito Palumbo Vito Palumbo is a very dear friend of mine and a member of Ikohaus Avant-garde artists. This is the story of how we became fast friends and artistic collaborators via the internet. The group had formed shortly before December of 2007 when the second inductee Maggie Beresford photographer of Australia, told […]

Why African American Artists Can’t Use Instagram

As an artist who takes a lot of photographs, I’ve discovered a bug in Instagram and FourSquare. It’s a little known flaw, but probably really only affects African Americans because of racial profiling.What’s this you say? What does racial profiling have to do with Instagram and FourSquare. Well for that fact both of these apps […]

Working With MC’s and Artists

For a large portion of the day we’ve been working with the mobile, video on demand portion of the CPirateNetwork. Being on the cutting edge can make the task quite daunting as we find after talking with Livestream that only previously recorded live content can go into the library. Couple that together with the fact […]

What Is M.I.S.R.W.?

M.I.S.R.W. Music Intelligence Submarine Race Watching is program developed by the CPiratenetwork to get underground music artists videos out to a worldwide audience. What we’ve noticed is that since the Occupy Wall Street Movements collapse, many in the music industry have followed suit and gone into “dumb it down mode”. The industry faced with drastic […]

Trying to Understand Artists

This article guest written by: Syn Delano If I had a dollar for everytime someone referred to an artist as “crazy”, with disgust in their tone, I’d have enough money to never need to work for anyone else. I use the word ‘crazy’ heavily because I don’t view it as a bad thing. It is my belief that every […]

Attempt To Bring Underground US/UK Hip Hop Into The Realm Of Social Media Worldwide

With the help of our buddy in the UK, “Hip Hop 4 Change” we’re getting the information out to the top underground MC’s in the UK and then we can see given this information where they want to go with the ability Ikohaus Music Group can afford them.We’re looking for the Top US/UK Underground MC’s […]

Can Social Media Internet Technology Further A Transglobal Music Agenda?

We have done this before with transglobal internet collaboration of art with Ikohaus [carefully archived from 2009 for us by], but that was only four artists working between Australia, Italy and the US. Now our issue is how to put in place an infrastructure that we’ve created to promote and distribute a new music form […]

Is There A Return To Underground Music?

If you’ve had your ear to the ground in Hip Hop music, Jerk, Dancehall and Kenyan Mizuka music, you may noticed a delineation and separation into two distinct camps. Commercialized and Underground. The Little Wayne, Big Money factor has swept across the landscape like the Ice Age. Slowly but surely creeping into the cracks and crevices of Jerk […]

We Are Where Ever Art !s

Lascaux-cave-painting The caves at Lascaux France are an amazing find. The artisans used the same types of pigmented paints that Egyptians used on the walls of the pyramids to last thousands of years, so that we have a good true glimpse into the past thoughts of the artist.   Like Picasso, Paul Klee, Joseph Cornell […]

The Future Of The MP3 Download

Since the inception of Napster 13 years ago mp3 sales have been slumping. Currently the major swing in upcoming artists is giving music away in hopes as Mystakarta alludes to in an article he wrote 3/26/13; of being recognized by the “BIGS” Sony, Universal (UMG) and Warner.  We were working with a music aggregator to get under-recognized African new Mizuka […]

Hip Hop – Whose Voice? By @mystakarta

Published on March 26th, 2013 | by gareth This Blog is guest written by @mystakarta What we now refer to as reality rap or conscious rap is not a new thing. In fact, it is the returning to the origin of Hip Hop where the microphone was used to awaken those around the MC to the struggles faced […]

UnBoxing Pinterest For Business

We received the notification in an email that Pinterest was launching their Pinterest For Business site. It sure couldn’t have come too soon for Pinterest, as I’m sure just like myself as a male user with an interest on Pinterest (no pun intended) it has been waning. We bet your wondering what this has to […]

Ikhoaus Avante-garde Opens Up It’s @Amazon Gallery To Artists

What if your artwork as a living artist was able to be sold on the number #1’s eCommerce Mass Merchant retailer’s site Amazon? Well that’s what Ikohaus Avante-garde founder, set out to find out.After 6 years of constant evolution, evaluation and changing implementation strategies, a proprietary component marketing plan of action became a live lab […]

Go Pro With Our Music Product Rollout

{{{((ADDED NOTE))}}} Link to new information coming soon Ok so now as an artist you’ve decided you want go pro and get paid. You have tons of fans and followers on facebook and twitter, but they’re waiting on the free mixtapes you keep sloggin’ out, just like your waiting for the BIGS at Sony, BET […]

Ok What’s Your Strategy In The Post Record Label Era?

The music industry has been suffering a downward spiral for the last decade with the advent of Napster. The main strategy of the majors has been to cut and cut and cut spending.With a forward looking strategy Ikohaus Music Group has been turned down by every corporation and company we have approached (over 100) with […]

Using Social Media To Promote A World Class Composer

A question that we had been seeking an answer to since 2007 when Vito Palumbo and I met online through a mutual photographic artist has comeback to light. This is what Ikohaus Avante-garde artists do as we travel through out life, and in and out of each others lives.Vito is a modern contemporary, classical music […]

Picasso Goes To Walmart: Unboxing Canvas and Wall Art

Go with us into the Ikohaus Avante-garde artstudio of Romero to unbox the new Walmart “Canvas and Wall  Art” production process. Not only can cell phones and electronic gear be unboxed but we artist unbox new production forms and applications: The Walmart online site is not too intuitive so make sure you use something like […]

Pirate Gives The UK An EARGASM For 55:01 Minutes

UK Eargasm Ok so we were trying to get your attention, but that is just what this Pirate Black Caesar did today in pioneering a new streaming broadcast method on the Livestream (1) platform to BYOD (2) on our #CPirateTV network.CPirateTV has been successfully operating in stealth mode for 2 years come March 23rd our […]

Social Media, Marketing and Music: Live For Now

“Live For Now” – Possibly you are wondering where did you hear that slogan from? Right, that’s the Pepsi slogan that’s right in time with the young generation and what we enlightened oldsters used to mean when we said, “you have to live in the now”. Very loosely translated it is very difficult to go […]

@WoodstockNow Can SM3 Resurrect the Jerk Movement? (Social Media Marketing & Music)

As the alter ego +BlackCaesar X I was working the twitter platform Thursday 1/17 evening when I spied a tweet from one of our old Ranger music fans Latoia: Actually the Rangers show they were talking about was up in Greensboro, NC…the event that I threw in 2011 followed that, inspired by my then 18 yr old […]

Unboxing Social Media, Marketing and Music: SM3

SM<3, Social Media Marketing and Music <3 (less than 3 sign or love) just like the Detroit Auto Show that recently opened !kohaus Music Group in conjunction with it's streaming HD video arm #CPirateTV is unveiling the new 2013 look, and what's more than that we are involving everyone that wants to be in Social […]

If Art Is Affordable Will They Come? You Bet @FedEx

Ikohaus was founded in 2007 with the idea of creating art in a new sustainable format with an ecological footprint that would be both as small as possible and consume as little natural resources as practical in the process.The concept also entailed the elimination of the traditional gallery space as the display means of public […]

The Brilliance Of Django Unchained by @St_Syn

Introduction It was early on a Sunday morning, this Sunday morning in fact that I worked on adding some more information on a column I was writing on the new movie Django by Quentin Tarantino. I posted a few of my comments around the twitter mentions of Spike Lee and Katt Williams that were bemoaning […]

“”: C.O.O.L. Use Of Creative Commons Soundbites In Video Applications by @BlackCaesarX

This is for the Community Open Online Learning initiative: It’s come to our attention, by observing the current learning process of today’s youth, that video plays an important integral part in the quicker absorption rate of imparted knowledge. The rapid fire amount of information to be assimilated is no longer capable of being taught by the creative visualization […]

How To Find A Nude Model That Has Beauty – Miss Haylee Ray

I’ve often wanted to work from the female figure in art, but had really gotten out of the practice as finding suitable models that one can afford can be quite daunting and expensive.Thinking back to my training in art school I remembered how we talked about the artist taking pictures of a particular scene so […]

Tech and Coffee Produces: Artist Gerwin Derks

It was the day before, the day before Christmas 2012 as I awoke at my usual 5:05am to start my ritual of showering, brushing my teeth, making coffee, cranking up CCleaner on my Dell Precision laptop, running Defragler and checking emails.That’s when I saw the light! Yes Saul Fleischman my buddy inventor and co-founder of […]

Using Social Media In Context: @BlackCaesarX Interview With @RealKINGASAR

Many of our buddies (Saul Fleischman) have been after us to use Google Hangouts in our music setting. They never knew we were early adopters of Google Apps dating back to 2006 when we were pioneering it’s use in Commodities trading. Now we would like to bring to you this exclusive interview with young 23 year old […]

Social Media Report: The Day The Music Died #No #Worries By @realkingasar and BlackCaesarX

This Live News Report from NYC Just In:By King Asar and Black CaesarX Contrary to popular beliefs that nothing will happen on this 21st day of December, 2012 as expected from the Mayan Calendar reports are starting to trickle in from one of our Music Reporters in NYC The Real King Asar.The following detailed news […]

#AfroBeats: Response To @VladDuthiersCNN @Teo_Kermeliotis

Being a top influencer of the new music, #Mizuka on twitter and the internet I found this article very interesting: Afrobeats: The new sound of West Africa that’s going global By Vladimir Duthiers and Teo Kermeliotis, CNNupdated 6:39 AM EST, Wed December 19, 2012 (CNN) — Step into any of the countless nightclubs in Lagos […]

C.O.O.L. #1: Intro To

Let’s get to work by starting in Hi I’m Shelly Kramer. Click my picture to goto my article on Artkive. My friend Shelly Kramer did an article about a “C.O.O.L” app (get it cool = Cooperative Open Online Learning) called Artkive. Now what I noticed in her article is when she said, “After all, my kids are […]

Kiswahili – Wooo Wooo Mutumia: Breaking Barriers Down Jamii

Kusidi: Kiswahili ni lugha ya nchi 5 za Afrika, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Comoro na Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo. Kama kundi Avante-garde muziki, sisi ni pioneering matumizi ya mpya ya Google, “kutafsiri” na kuipachika kimsingi Marekani Kiingereza akizungumza mtandao kwa mtihani mmenyuko wa browser yetu ya kawaida ni wafuasi kutafsiri kwa matumaini ya kuwasiliana katika […]

Let’s Get Di-gi-tal, Di-gi-tal

We want to be C.O.O.L. with you… that is “Community Online Open Learning”. In today’s world whether your a blogger or corporate report maker, you need graphics, the design of commercial images and their manipulation. No matter how you slice it that is still a derivative of art, but many are not trained in the […]

Participation Art With @dvsbyknight

Here today we will introduce brand new Avante-garde artist Doug Hodges with a participation work, totally conceived in Google Hangouts in collaboration format with Hodges, Agent “M”, Alex and Avante-garde art!st “Romero”:Guest Blog by: Doug HodgesI absolutely hate formalities & I will not write a bio painting myself in a warm & welcoming light. I’m […]

Wooo Wooo Mutumia: Breaking Down Social Barriers

*News Now Appears At The Bottom of Each Page We’re going to need some help here with the math not one of our stronger subjects.The peers in my usual blogging group Triberr are subset A. Of which I am a member. But I am also a member Musician/Artist of set B and so is Kenyan […]

Game Changers: Transforming The Music Landscape

FOREWORDThe Day The Music LivedIt was a warm Summer’s day, a Sunday in about 1960, as my family piled into my father’s 55′ Buick Special. I loved that car with the fake chrome exhaust holes along the fender, it made me feel like it was a big bulbous race car. It was so safe and […]

Cyber Artist Monday 2012: Art vs Art

*Note: Now News Can Be Found At The Bottom of Each Page The Cold WarIt was a very cold day somewhere about Novemburrr 2006 as this artist settled in to his new Diggs in Greenville, NC and fired up the internet for warmth. Okay maybe not warmth but communicating with other artists out on the net. That’s […]

How We Got @bamzigizigi @RealKINGASAR To Extreme @Twitter Social Tactics

         TwitFire! It started like this in a small corner of the Twitterverse at 9:28am EDT with this message to California Jerk music artist Cliff Savage. Rapidly the twitter fueled fire spread to Kenya East Africa where BamzigiZigi lives, East Carolina University in Greenville, NC where my daughter goes to school and RealKingAsar’s home in […]

Master Ikohaus Artists Collaborate To Install Avante-garde Work @WHLive

CustomsLittle do most people know that it has often been a custom for local artisans, that design and craft goods in the highest quality, to give those works to the White House for installation. If the works are included in the White House they help to reflect the American Society at that particular point in Presidential history. […]

The Rolling Stones and The Civil Rights Movement Turn 50: The Truth Be Told

Paint it black “I see a red door and I want it painted black. No colors anymore, I want them to turn black…” That’s the beginning lyrics to the Rolling Stones song by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, “Paint It Black” in 1966. The Truth Be Told There’s a lot of buzz about the Rolling Stones right […]

Can You Use Social Apps To Change The Face of Music?

If You Build It They Will ComeThis is a very common saying that we used in building our cutting edge music video platform on First things first though, we attained broadcaster status on Livestream from our past experience of being a former musician, college radio DJ, 911 NYC radio dispatcher and finally YouTube broadcaster […]

Final Phase: Social Collaboration – Work On A Project With Master Artist “Carlos”

1969 Photo Brooklyn Tech HS NYC Process DiscoveryWe’ve made a huge discovery of social media importance during the process of creation on this project. You see an artist is used to most times used to working in a solitary environment, possibly composed of immediate family or aides that may be living or frequenting the artist […]

Social Collaboration: Work On A Project With Master Artist “Carlos”

by “Carlos” Collab On An Art ProjectYou follow right along with master artist “Carlos” on a concept work from about 2008, using a found object lamp, that start to get worked upon securing extra disposable income. An undiscovered artists without patrons must be exceedingly cautious about using funds to create works, not knowing if any patrons will […]

The “Dark Project” Creating A New Art Form: Cinematheque Photography

by !kohaus founder “Carlos” All Of A Sudden…during my usual early morning ritual online in Greenville, North Carolina of going through emails, checking social media channels and firing up HootSuite’ I received a direct message from my friend the premier photographic talent on the planet, Steeve Aukingso: Nouveau projet photo en ligne: DARK GALAXY ( Styliste: […]

How Working @Triberr Can Socialize @MeatDaDrummer With Engagement

by @BlackCaesarX aka (Carlos Romero) Triberr?Triberr is a radically new concept that many of you may not know about. Just like with our buddy, top Jazz drummer Demetrice Everett, our main job as Avante-garde art!sts at !kohaus Music Group is to “Educate”, “Inform” and “Problem Solve”. When we say working at Triberr, we don’t mean […]

Can Modern Jazz Resurrect Itself? “Rainy Day” Studio Break In @MeatDaDrummer

SsshhhhhhhhhhhhYou should already know that #CPirateTV is an arm of the !kohaus Music Group, and as such Pirates run the offshore (US Offshore) underground World Wide video streaming NetWork that has currently been operating out of the Tar River, NC since Hurricane “Sandy”.Avante-garde Avante-garde Might be a little hard to follow, but what we espouse […]

FREEDOM!:In Social Media and Music

                                                  FREEDOM Shadow9Drummer Does anyone know that Social Media is in control of the music and not the record companies? What the (expletive). Dang ( ma best Southern voice) and I […]

Involving Social Media In The Art Process

Involving Social Media I have long thought about involving other people or Social Media in the Art process. But until the advent of the computer and the current proliferation of Social Media tools the thought could not materialize. So after formatting the beginning concept of using Social Media to set value, the idea came upon how […]

Debating @Sonyelectronics #Xfactor vs Dr Dre Beats Headphones

Comparing the two headphones…was kind of like listening to the Presidential debates of 2012. One headphone candidate, Dr Dre Beats had a lot of “Gap” (showboat talking and hype) and everybody who was somebody had to have them on. In the studio pictures were taken with DJ’s and Rappers wearing the headphones like fashion. Dr […]

Can Artists Be S3 @Amazon?

What is S3? We Avante-garde artist are endeavoring to truly bring art into the 21st Century. Not only in using a digital process as a format in creating works, but in having the artist as a #1, a “Social” being. That’s right does today’s artist communicate with the people, are they truly engaged in the relevant […]

JKBZ: @Zoozooba_Jerk @melojerk @moossjerk @lilmelojerk @jbjerk2

Whheeeewwww what a title but ok this is how it’s going down…                                                      Foreword We know the youth of the World have adopted twitter in rapid real time expression of […]

Part II: Take @ThempRangers Into Your Own Hands

Merry Christmas You’ve asked to see the Rangers and Young Sam on the East Coast. Well this is your one last time for BlackCaesarX to organize a fundraiser so you can help make it happen. The location would be the City of Greenville, NC for my buddies the Rangers and Young Sam to TurnUp because […]

Survey Says?

We need your help with a short survey in place of our usual blog so we can involve you…in our art process to come

Pioneering Avante-garde Art @Amazon As A Platform (Gallery)

What is a gallery? If you look at the link from Wikipedia you will see many of the traditional definitions to how we have known galleries to exist. But what if we were to use !kohaus’ Mission Statement to define that existence? (“We create in a non physical space and it is in the midst of this […]

Avante-garde @SteeveAukingso

Steeve Aukingso This is an account on my journey as an artist, of getting to know one of the brightest lights of our times in the world of Avante-garde art. If I am the Leonardo Da Vinci of cobbled digital, musical art processes to evoke my creations, then Steeve Aukingso of whom I’m proud to call my […]

Real Men Wear Pink!

@BlackcaesarX (\(-_-)/) Real men wear pink??? What in the world???? Whatever does that have to do with music? Everything… You see this column is dedicated to my wife, Irose Riley-Romero 1961-2000 who died after a 2 year fight with breast cancer, while I remained in Brooklyn NY with our two daughters. So this article is dedicated to her, […]

State Of The Art

We have all heard this term used many times to describe something new and wonderful akin to the new Apple iPhone5. But in that sense we are talking about technology and comparing it to an art form. But in what state is real art in? I think it’s safe to say that real art is […]

We Now Return Broadcasting Of This Station Back Over To You!

The music scene has become a desolate landscape, dotted with the charred wreckage of failed music careers in the lower outer lying landscape, with just a few visible peaks of phantom great mountains appearring afar through the mists of  *pre-pablumated content (a word coined to designate synthetic content formulated to appease a predesigned saleable formula). […]

Has The Jerk Movement Freed Itself To Return To Being A Viable Art Form?

!kohaus’ artistic roots have from the outset been grounded in the Avante-garde art. What we really tried to communicate was that by art, it not only meant drawing and painting, but rather all the creative arts; drawing, painting, singing, dancing, writing, poetry, sculpture, video and film making. Hopefully we haven’t neglected a creative area. When […]

The Age Of Aquarius Is Now! – The Rainbow Bridge

by “Carlos” The Rainbow Bridge The People’s Bridge Humanity’s Bridge 9-28-2012 and years ago we talked about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and those children that were created in that time are the “Indigo” children. The time is right now for us to move society and culture to that higher level that […]

Well: “I’ll Be Doggone”

Just back from what I thought would be a big meeting with the Dean VP of a local college that will go unnamed, and if I wouldn’t be doggone with the lack of vision and the wealth of censorship that exists even on the university level towards creative art. With every thrust and parry, I […]

Give The People What They Want!

We have been working with the youth in music for quite sometime now. Since about 2000 when I decided to get back into church after the death of my wife and discovered a small Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY Zion Baptist. There I not only got back in touch with God, but started to make […]

Music Services For The People

Ikohaus and CPirateTV are about to use their experience as major influencers in social media for the masses in the new music. It has become extremely hard for new talent to break into the music scene from YouTube and traditional avenues with agents and promoters that use the same old formula of what has worked […]

An Artist’s Welcome To East Carolina @MichelleObama

and the history of this United States 21st Century artist “Carlos” As the founder of Ikohaus Avante-garde artists, I would like to welcome you to East Carolina and as is customary by American artisans and craftsmen I would like to present to you these two works of 21st Century art for you and the Honorable […]

Content Is King

The entire country, the world for that matter is in a serious funk and a malaise, would you grant me that???? However I believe we are sitting on top of a gold mine and don’t realize it, especially in the US. We went through this once before, during the time of Elvis Presley and R&B […]

Mischelle Dawn Wright VBlog Art Interview Labor Day 9/3/2012

Today we talked with photographer Mischelle Dawn Wright, from the Chippewa Kree Little Shell Tribe of Great Falls Montana. Now residing in Louisiana, safe and sound after riding out hurricane Isaac. Mischelle is one of the newest members of the Ikohaus Avante-garde art!sts, just listen and see in this first interview and glimpse of some of […]

Closing In On 9/4/2012 Avante-garde launch

As we get closer to the launch of the ikohausengage avante-garde school, we as k you to take a look at the Ton Matton video and think about the value we place on money, above that of creativity. For at ikohaus we believe that this creativity is all we have left as the human race […]

Schools Out For Ever! – Online Learning Is In

Frances Densmore recording Blackfootchief Mountain Chief on a cylinder phonograph for the Bureau of American Ethnology (1916) Often wonder why musicians have digital capabilities? But artists still use the traditional paint, pencil, pen and airbrush techniques around since the stone age? Even photographers and film makers have just about gone completely digital, yet the artist still lags way behind. This artist […]

!kohaus/Bauhaus: Is It Illegal Copying

Just like Samsung,  one might accuse !kohaus in copying the Bauhaus, by setting out with an educational school. USA TODAY See realtime coverage Apple victory means soul-searching for Samsung USA TODAY – ‎2 hours ago‎ SEOUL, South Korea – A U.S. jury’s $1 billion verdict against Samsung for what rival Apple claimed was the illegal copying of its iPhone and iPad designs signals […]

Ch#2: Is Art/Music and Film Merging?

!kohaus has been a big influence in the creative realm, even though we may not have been on many people’s radar, because as is usual with the Avante-garde, there are no big star power names. The future has yet to write where the likes of the founder Carlos Romero, 1st M.I.A. co-founder Monica Palermo, co-founder […]

Sending A Message @MichaelDell

Ohhhh We’re Sorry To See You Go   We hope to see you again soon  Just like the “Dionne Warwick” song from 1966, !kohaus Music Group is sending a “Message To Michael” In this video blog we discuss the downturn in Dell sales and what out of the box thinking, prevalent during economic slowdowns can […]

A Look (Listen) At Olympics 2012 Immersive Technology

We came across an interesting podcast regarding the futuristic display system used in the 2012 Olympics, in our search to componentize audio seeds into our Avante-garde blog and are premiering here in this our first presentation.   London Olympic stadium integrates LED’s seating for landscape video By Margery Conner See what you think of a new […]

On A Quest For: @sammight69her

Left to right: Spotlight, Langston, Young Sam, Unknown Lady, Juliann and DayDay Now we know that, the twitter name for Young Sam might not be the most catchy. But leave it to today’s youth to completely explore all the possibilities of their 1st Amendments rights to free speech. With that being said this new music […]

Is Art/Music and Film Merging? – Vilpas Vikings, MinĂ€ olin siellĂ€ (season trailer 2010-2011) The query string we would like to explore is: art, music and film; are they merging? Technology is taking astounding leaps and bounds according to “Moore’s Law“, but as creativity among the under 40 set wanes it is being replaced by the magic, that was previously reserved only for the big studios of artists, […]

African Summer Fest [BRACKET] LIVE IN RALEIGH NC @SolveigMM

African Summer Fest BRACKET LIVE IN RALEIGH NCOpen Event · By Africanpearl Zo Story by @BlackCaesarX Ikohaus Music Group begins an association, joint venture in the African Community in Raleigh North Carolina. For the past week behind the scenes negotiations have been going on with AfricanPearl’s Elites to bring a new level of Global Broadcast Technology […]

New Ikohaus Art!st Highlight: Mischelle Dawn Wright Artist & Photographer

I started chasing butterfly’s and bees with my camera around 2009 with a little Kodak that I actually hated because I couldn’t get a close up photo with it. Then I graduated to a Canon Digital Point and Shoot and that is what all of my photos are taken with if dated before November of […]

Ikohaus Art!st Gallery: A New Beginning

File:The Love of Zero35mm film Robert Florey1928  !kohaus relaunched a Beta today of it’s newly formatted Google component gallery. Now there’s a virtual museum where you can not only view the works in an Avante-garde setting you can actually become a patron, and buy works through Google Wallet. The project was relaunched to spur wandering members to […]

Current Youth Music: Generation Sell

In our attempt to empower the youth with fan sponsored music events we ran into a lot of blockage from a Zero uptake on the concept through social media. Why was that? We did have one inspiring fan from California because of her love for the Rangers that was willing to travel from California to […]

He’s Back: Test #3 7-29-2012 Sustainable Format J.I.T. Manufacturing

It’s been some time since I, the artist known as Romero has worked in the digital art medium on my creative side. I’ve been so engrossed with working with the younger generation on the music side, that the artistic creative portion of my brain has been neglected. What I sought to do here with this […]

Chapter #17 Pt #1: The Woodstock Story

The summer of 1969 had been really hot and sweaty nothing much was happening around the Bronx, until my rock band, Group Power found out in early August that there was a super concert planned. Woodstock they called it and everyone would be there. The Rolling Stones, The Who, Santana and Jimi Hendrix. More were […]

It’s #ShowTime: We Put Our Support @sammight69her n @WesNyle

Now we know that the youth market music can be a little raunchy. I mean if you look at Young Sam’s name. But then again back in the 60’s, we did the same kind of thing with our names and our dress. The important part is we finally got what we asked for. Getting the […]

Please Read and Retweet Virally @Bigsoul @VladoFootwear Pt II

Back2SkoolDanceTour2012 VLADO OFFER ***THIS OFFER IS VALID ONLY FOR 72 HOURS FROM RECEIPT UNTIL FRIDAY AUGUST 20TH 2012 12PM EDT*** Our offer as Carlos Romero aka BlackCaesar top influencer of Jerk, Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall on the East Coast is to provide the service whereby Vlado Footwear not only becomes the pre-eminent footwear company […]

#CPirateTV Goes Corporate: @corporatethief

In a stunning change of events Black Caesar the legendary Pirate of 1717 still roaming the East Coast and music world goes corporate! That’s right word on the high seas has it that Black Caesar has partnered in a JV (more like a Varsity cross body block) with The CorporateThief Beats.We already know the story […]

Holla @NASCAR @BubbaWallace @JoeGibbsRacing

 Ok here’s the scoop and the latest on CPirateTV’s music project. You see about 1 year ago March, 2011 to be exact yours truly called out to the “Big Muckety Mucks” out at Bojangles in corporate down in Charlotte, NC. I had wanted them to sponsor our youth’s Jerk show with the Jerk group the Rangers. […]

Pirate 2 Pirate P(e)mail: Mike C @EastCarolina

Hi Mike, I just thought about that email you sent yesterday and realized what a great idea you had after I digested further what you said about getting us a great price on the venue at ECU. The whole idea of this thing is to empower the youth to create and fund their own shows, […]

Does Anyone Know The Way To Philly

Fans requested that we get the event closer to them in up North so we moved up to Philly PA. Also to be able to Rack up the Rangers along with Cashmere, now we also talked and got Wes Nyle and YOUNG SAM on board. We’ve got “Ranger Racks powered by TÂąA (The Ca$h Admini$tration)” […]

Ranger Racks powered by TÂąA (The Ca$h Admini$tration)

Fans requested that we get the event closer to them in upstate NC so we moved it to Greensboro NC. Also to be able to Rack up the Rangers along with Cashmere, we’ve got “Ranger Racks powered by TÂąA (The Ca$h Admini$tration)” $21 opening price with only 660 Racks available. When we get to about […]

Creating New Concepts Within The Music Industry

The object of designing is to create a better mouse trap. Sometimes when you design and build the better mousetrap though, when all the mice come they may not understand the new design. I use that analogy to describe what has happened with our “J3rkBaZe” concept of putting the power of concert events in the fans […]

Greensboro, NC: Putting The Power Of Event Creation In the Hands of the Fans

RETRACTED !kohaus Music Group is further pioneering the use of an entirely new format in event creation. Using their broad influence with many of today’s top and upcoming new music genre stars they have put together a project code named “GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D” SECURITY. The military styled acronym stands for: Groovy Avante-garde Content Entertainment Los Angeles and […]

About The Blessings of @LangstonnsMom: Go For It!!!

RETRACTED The spirit of Elvis has been very instrumental in pulling together all of the elements in the ongoing project of putting the power of making events into the hands of at first The Ranger fans. Yesterday on July 4th Independence Day for the US the social media world of twitter was abuzz with the […]

Pt II – Secret Project Code Named “GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D. SECURITY” Uncovered!

RETRACTED Black Caesar and Elvis have been in discussions about the upcoming Rangers event they plan in Greenville, NC out on Elvis’ boat. To help them out to this end they enlisted the help of Black Beard the Pirate to do a short video blog on the subject. You have until July 30th to buy […]

Secret Project Code Named “GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D. SECURITY” Uncovered!

You’ve heard of “Home Land Security” to protect our Nation against threats foreign and domestic? Well !kohaus Music Group is about to break out of stealth mode and we wanted to give you a heads up before you hear about sightings of Elvis and other rumors. It’s been rumored that “Elvis” has partnered with Black […]

back 2 SkoolDance tour 2012: Starts Greenville, NC It’s going down Ranger fans we’re putting you in charge, the fan. Simply put we are using S.M.E.O. “social media event organizing” to have your Rangers perform for you. We do all the organizing, making contracts with performers, flights, hotels, performance space,staffing, ticketing and hosting. but we NEED YOU TO BUY THE TICKETS HERE or […]

Take @ThempRangers Into Your Own Hands

Well there you have it Ranger fans! Black Caesar is finally done, begging and pleading with the powers that be in bringing the Rangers out to The East Coast, or for that fact wherever you the fan want them. So we’ve revitalized the plan of putting YOU the fan in charge of Who and Where […]

Shout Out @ThemPRangers @BigSoul @Vlado

The gauntlet is being thrown down as a shout to The Rangers, Kid Soul (@BigSoul) of   Vlado Footwear for the Jerk show of all shows JerkStock I     There you have it I said it! Black Caesar X knows you all are scared to        come out to Greenville, North Carolina, ever since […]

East Coast Loses Revenue – As West Coast Gains

Musical tastes division surface again in Jerk music as they did previously in Hip Hop music during the Tupac/Biggie Smalls era. The Rangers the most popular Jerk group from California has been promoted on the East Coast by Black Caesar since August of 2009. In the beginning as is so far still the case no […]

#ImagesAutoRepair #CPirateTV New Show Sponsor

Well there you have it. Not all the time can we stay out on the Pirate Ship nowadays. Pulling up to an island and looking for food, clothes and toiletries is not what is used to be in the olden Pirate days. So of course we Pirates have got to go grocery shopping, that is […]

RipVan Winkle-Ism Effect 6-23-2012

RipVan Winkle Effect 6-23-2012 It was brought to my attention by family members in my Greenville, NC art studio, that I wake up too early. Yes, that’s right ever since I could remember I’ve always got up about 5am in the morning. At first as a youngster making serial with Corn Flakes and a ton […]

It’s Goin Down! ATL GA – Charlotte NC

Here’s what’s going on. If you actually have been keeping up with our blogs on Ikohaus Music Group and our content channel CPirateTV you may have gotten wind that something is up between the Rangers, Kid Soul of Vlado Footwear and the whole Jerkin movement on the East Coast under Black Caesar. Well that’s entirely […]

@Langstonnsmom’s Son @ThemPrangers @BigSoul @mznay414 To Be Held Hostage

That’s right we’ve been hanging with the youth so real names are so yesterday, let’s just use “twitter” names. Word on the high seas has it that big trouble is brewing on the waters 200 miles off Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Hey isn’t that where the Pirate Black Caesar hides his Pirate Ship, the […]

Social App Art Geeks?

Ok so we know that artists create art work, but who creates apps???? That was the question as I headed into a clandestine Google+ meeting of a group that will go un-named, invited by my app inventor buddy Saul Fleischman. Now these guys may not be the inventor s of the apps, but they are […]

You’ve Got To Pay To Play

Ahhhh You’re IN!!   We will be playin your song soon at We are going to try a different approach to bootstrap our operation. We know that our content property CPirateTV is starting to catch traction World Wide with the music that we are streaming. So now we’re going to make the opportunity to […]

Twitter Or Titter? What’s Your Favorite App

Instead of Twitter where a lot of younger friends that don’t have jobs spend a great deal of time tweeting profound, pronouncements for no financial gain or networking capabilities, I think we should have an app called “Titter”! “Nude Woman” Zoom (full drawing) by “Carlos”  In this App people would be able to use their expertise of profound pronouncements  […]

The Cat? Is Out of The Bag

It’s time for Ikohaus Music Group to let the cat out of the bag. We’ve been testing our record group through the Tunecore platform since November of 2011, quite successfully. We’ve also coupled the music group with our CPirateTV channel property to be able to have an artist gain exposure on either our CPirateTV YouTube channel or […]

We’re Kickin Apps With Brother Omar

We had a little sit down and talk with Brother Omar, you may be familiar with this author and writer from our sister site, !kohaus Music Group. What I complained about is the real lack of interest in anything new in the Art World. It seems to be dead dying and dormant. Now I don’t […]

Black Caesar and Brother Omar

Out on the Pirate Ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge Black CaesarX is caught up in an off the cuff discussion with Writer and Author, Brother Omar. Listen in as they discuss the current state of music from the perspective of outside the box. They cover topics from the industry to the meaning of the lyrics […]

Yes Virginia There Are Pirates and We Got #TheRangers Hostage!

It’s come to my attention that many of you do not believe that Pirates still roam the waters off the coast of the United States! Well since The Pirates of the Caribbean was only a fictional story, I’m here to set the record straight and explain who we are, and what we do, along with […]

#TheRangers Re-Invent The Wheel

Soulja Boy kind of did that with his music career. DeAndre Cortez Way, known by his stage name Soulja Boy, is an Atlanta rapper. Soulja Boy is now worth an estimated $17 million. The perfect example of how using social media properly can make anyone famous.Using Fruity Loops, a simple beat making program, Soulja Boy created […]

Gaining Sensibility In Being Social

When I started out on twitter as an early adopter this is how I looked in May of 2007, soon after twitter started in April of 2007. For a couple of months I bantered around with it, but soon got tired because you could only have about 14 characters and all people did was say, […]

@ThemPRangers We Have Lunch I Mean Launch

We haven’t had the time lately to Γ∩N⊃H a blog, I mean Launch because we’ve been hard at work getting our Project: CPirateTV launch off the ground. Now the “skinny” on this (no pun intended to the skinny jeans the youth favor on wearing) is, CPirateTV, has gained a lot of traction globally by promoting and […]


Wes Nyle (California Jerk Star) & Black Caesar Raleigh Durham Airport-Wes in from Cali That’s right! Ikohaus Music Group through Black Caesar the Pirate is gettin’ Gully with Charlotte Motor Speedway. For those of you who don’t know what “gettin’ gully” means? Well Urban describes it as 1. something from the streets and/or Gangsta. Sames as […]

Holla @NASCAR @BubbaWallace @JoeGibbsRacing

      Ok here’s the scoop and the latest on CPirateTV’s music project. You see about 1 year ago March, 2011 to be exact yours truly called out to the “Big Muckety Mucks” out at Bojangles in corporate down in Charlotte, NC. I had wanted them to sponsor our youth’s Jerk show with the […]

Heads Up

      Heads up, we are about to start a brand new project on CPirateTV network, the parent of the !kohaus Music Group. Our reach and viewer hours have been on a steady increase as we pioneer the quick, rapid importation of the latest African American and sometimes foreign Jerk and Hip Hop videos […]

#NASCAR As Social Media Art?

      Here a work is inspired once again by a sport. Or is it? This is probably more of a biography or diary of an artist rather than a blog. Continuing with the art!st in social media, I immersed myself into the NASCAR Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington Motor Speedway over the Mother’s […]

Get On CPirateTV

CPirateTV Get Your Ad Or Music On CPirateTV in our NEW Beta program. $1.00 per video or Ad per day, get’s a 30 sec to 1 min Ad spot or a 3-5 min max music video. These Ads and music videos will show in rotation through out a 24 hr period, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. […]

Psssssst Sonny! Wanna Buy A New Widget????

      Ha ha ha ha ha…How do you catch the attention of today’s youth? Jeez dude in this day and age of gee whiz, bang Gaga Boom, you had it…and lost it!       I found out quickly in my foray back into music after being kind of dormant since the early 80’s. […]

Can Social Media Make An Artist Get The Recognition They Need?

!kohaus Avante~Garde       We’re going to take a look at “Artists Wanted” and evaluate what they do and you can become part of this evaluation process. All you need to do is follow the link to my portfolio there and collect my work. We’ll be evaluating the process by which this blog spreads […]

What’s Happening In Music? @ashleyaluvdoe

A-Luv       Ashley “A-Luv” Doe is a musician that you may not know about. But then that’s what we do at !kohaus Music Group Blog: Inform, Educate and Problem Solve”. “A-Luv” as he affectionately likes to be known is a bass player extraordinaire, in the style of Stanley Clarke. A-Luv plays what we […]

@Venomous2000 TheUltraEmcee

I picked up on @Venomous2000  TheUltraEmcee probably a few month’s ago. It might have been through my buddies site,Crazy Al Cayne TV I think. At any rate, @Venomous2000’s music is easy to listen to conscious music that doesn’t attack the psyche so much as it is a transformational eye opener of lyrics. The glitzy cover is ripped off of the […]

World’s First Afro/Hispanic Internet Video MusicTV Network

      Breaking news: While the radio landscape re-emerges in a new format in the NYC big market, nascent start-up CPirateTV starts to gain traction in the Global Internet Video Music TV scene.       Here’s the story according to Bill Board magazine: KISS-FM/WBLS Merger Makes Way For FM Sports In New York April 27, […]

For You Mother

Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s

Siler City, NC Challenge

      Siler City, NC has come up on our radar. In going over our Google Analytics for 2 blog sites we operate I noticed quite a lot of time and hits coming from Siler City. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Siler: Siler City, North Carolina From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Siler […]

Come On @Sprite This Is An Exercise Too!

Sprite, a Coca-Cola company is one of the companies we’ve tried to get as a sponsor to help put on our youth Jerk music events. We’ve written letters and proposals to Coke out in Georgia and their National Public Relations community sponsorship programs all to no avail. Turned down, deep sixed and what have you. […]

Not For A Word From Our Sponsor

      Xxxxxxx  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXX.   Xxxxxxx  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXX            Xxxxxxx  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXX      Xxxxxxx  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXX. Carlos at Woodstock 1969 (in yellow circle)  Now that’s just it. There are no words […]

Virtual Jerk Battle 2 @G_RantKillInIt vs @YungUhmmStar

This is a Virtual Jerk Battle between @G_RantKillInIt vs @YungUhmmStar. Simply just check yes or no for your choice of best Jerk Artist in this battle and we’ll tally the result. The last battle was won by @Bishop with 2 votes, 2nd place to @RoboticBoyTroid with 1 vote. Let’s Get Reaaadddyyyy 2 Jerk

♩ â™Ș ♫ ♬ Where Is @WhoIsYoungAce?

YoungAce       The new “Jerk” music scene is fraught with irregularities and inconsistencies. By this I mean the current post record company business model since Napster seems to be, let’s give all of our creative music away for free in an effort to garner a huge fan/follower base until we get noticed by the Bigs. This […]

The TexMex Connex En La Mira (In The Spotlight @JLeija )

HARD TARGET PRODUCTIONZ/LOST BOY ENT./J.LEIJA RECORD  Jay Dallas  Yeaaah Boi!!!! My primo (my cousin) Jay Dallas producer/artist/promoter currently from Houston Texas is someone you should know about.  Jay “D” came to my attention through contact on facebook and YouTube, know that @BlackCaesarX know err’body on this planet who is about something new and different. Dallas has […]

You Know I Got Soul…BIG SOUL…”KID SOUL”

Kid Soul Who is Kid Soul? Well if we look at his facebook page we can begin to find out who is the man behind the movement: Kidsoul Session Marketing Manager at Vlado FootwearStudied at Santa Monica CollegeLives in Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrom Bronx, New YorkBorn on March 14Knows English, Español Work and Education Employers Vlado Footwear Marketing Manager · Los Angeles, […]

Q-iLL – Snapback Rare Video ( @CityBoyJohnny @TheRealJuliann @Q_iLL )

Q-iLL is one of the best perennial underground Jerk artists. His mild mannered style never quits on syncing to the latest beat in laid back chilly cool East Coast style. He’s unarguably the most famous Jerk Artist known and loved on 2 Coasts. In this vid we see some rare footage of Julian in what […]

The New Fauvism

Henri Matisse, Le bonheur de vivre, 1905-6, Barnes Foundation, Merion, PA Fauvism occurred around 1900 and continued past 1910. They say everything continues in a circle and repeats. The !kohaus Avant~Garde art was conceived as a thought in the late 20th century circa 1995 and began to gain traction in the early 21st century about 2007. Is this a strange […]

!kohaus Art Works Auction:∀rt Iâ„” ∀ BoΧ ©

This blog is our proof of concept on a brand new format for presenting an Art Auction using component Social Media Off The Shelf Software that is totally Open Source: ” ∀rt I℔ ∀ BoΧ ©“ Visit the full gallery 50% of Your purchased work will go to either of your choice of colleges East Carolina University or […]

Let’s Keep The Lights On

The situation at Ikohaus Avante~Garde Art!sts has reached critical. We have no funding or sponsors. I personally have not worked my occasional security position since February 29th, 2012. Only $40 had been earned in late March videotaping a musician for a record release. So now the time has come to hit the ground running and put the game […]


Maryborough Waterlilies #5 no.10 of 11 sold for $160 A fantastic Win/Win/Win deal was struck last night 3/30/2012 at the East Carolina University Spring Fling to raise money for student scholarships. With a hands on approach this art!st had the following works successfully auctioned: Then I got the notion to collaborate with the University of East Carolina! After […]

Form and Function: In The Synaptic Process (Web)

Whoa Oyee I can’t believe y’all sleepin? This Ain’t Madison Avenue! It’s Empire Ave. A new day a new age. Social media is tired of the same ol’ ball game. I mean I may be from Empire Street and not the Avenue, but Madison Avenue is passe’. Is that not why we’re here? To experiment, […]

NO MORE Treyvon Martin’s!!!

NO MORE Treyvon Martin’s!!!Download It was a warm summer’s day, somewhere about 1979 I believe, and  as I walked around the west village in my shorts having just played paddleball for exercise I stopped along the way looking at the sidewalk street vendors wares. All of a sudden a big burly NYPD officer by the name of […]

Find Osaka Saul

  Hey “Carlos” or should I say Ikohaus…Now I will teach how to make correct links! You will not get out of this match alive! ha ha haa ha ha Only I Osaka Saul have the Social media strength to go up against an old Chinese Go Ju Ryu student like you!! Where is your Grandmaster […]

Global Warming: Avante~Garde Scientist Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Support The Arts?

1. We want you to see what is really going in the IKOHAUS Brand Avante~Garde art movement 2. We bring you this interview and Bio of one of the hottest drummers in the Jazz and Gospel scene that you may not be aware of 3. Leave your comments on YouTube, good or bad so we […]


Working right now in the studio while listening to music on Pandora, I am truly blessed.    I started thinking of the direction I was leading the  !kohaus Avante~Garde art!sts. Sure it’s great to be in social media and help and comment on the youth’s new video music, helping to promote and support what they […]



Art We Still Afraid?

There…now I’ve gone and done it!I have incensed the art community and community at large with an Avante~Garde video from CPirateTV which will go unnamed.   Have we come so far in human development that all our thought processes and expressions must be checked by some indiscriminate body of humanoids to tell us what pablum we can, or can not have?  […]

One Man Show “Carlos”    Above are the first of three of my works that currently hang on my studio wall from 2007 on. Upon completion of a community art survey I am implementing some of the various directions suggested by the community for you the patron to acquire these small run pieces.    Only 2 lazer Giclee’s were made […]

The Art!sts and Social Media

{EAV:543f9b3c428bf951}What have I done? Have I opened Pandora’s box ? I have been on a quest recently with our Avant-Garde artist group Ikohaus to bring our artists more into the social realm by using Social Media tools such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.What’s missing in most of the mediums is one form or another of presence […]

February Founders Exhibition

{EAV:543f9b3c428bf951} Please try and use the “Full Screen” arrows in the lower right hand corner. There’s even an automatic slideshow function and feel free to leave your comments on this component and art below.   AAAarrrrggghhhh You found me matey!!!!  

It Has Begun…

Yes it has begun…we have started using one of the best Social tools to expand, engage and evaluate our Avante~Garde Art!sts projects Empire Avenue. The great people of the community there are helping us to formulate our direction and expand our creativity in an ethical fashion to truly make an impact on the World and […]

Is Social Media Really Social?

It’s time for Avante~Garde art!sts to get serious. We are pushing the envelope of creativity, but we are living beings.Which is why this messenger needs to deliver the message. The future of mankind is in creativity. We have machines and cheap labor to create all our desires. The only thing we have left of value […]

The Most Forward Avante~Garde Art!sts On The Planet Are Here!

That’s correct in an effort to bring the best Avante~Garde art!sts in any discipline to the attention of everyone that we encounter in ordinary living we have placed ourselves readily on Google+ Join us and see where the future art of mankind is destined to travel.We have placed our Brand (or Band if you will) of art!sts […]

Art and Social Media

As founder of !kohaus Avante~Garde art!sts I have always been a proponent of artists being social. As a youth I often wondered why I never met Salvador Dali or Picasso never called my house or came to Thanksgiving Dinners.Why did artists need to remain so aloof? So in 2009 when I formed the !kohaus Avante-Garde […]

Message 2 The Afro Ameri Can

This message was given to me to say on this day from on high: Many of us strive and seek the attention of others. We want to be the Stupid Star…. we talk the walk of the ALMIGHTY and it all sounds like a very nice story. Others try to emulate you and congratulate you buying into the […]


I’ve just started to realize that people are catching on to the NEW Avante~Garde movement but do not have the historical perspective. So I have decided to make this blog kind of a founders page that will stay out in hyperspace forever so the oeuvre can be clearly delineated. With that in mind let us take […]

Guided Road Tour Of NYC 2011 ft Mr. Watermelon Man – YouTube

Guided Road Tour Of NYC 2011 ft Mr. Watermelon Man – YouTube

Afro Hispanic – YouTube

Afro Hispanic – YouTube

NuWave JaZzh0p Album

This album is the first of its kind experiment into a new form of Jazz. As a musician with over 40 years of experience, I felt its time to push the envelope of music with pure digital componentized audio snippets, composed into a NuWave form of a cross between Jazz and Hip Hop influences. Listen […]

Kay Age – YGs YG (Gang), By: !kohaus Music Group

Kay Age – YGs YG (Gang)

“Th!s Stuff Is Start!ng Now” NuWave JaZzh0p Album

This album is the first of its kind experiment into a new form of Jazz. As a musician with over 40 years of experience I felt its time to push the envelope of music with pure digital componetized audio snippets, composed into a NuWave form of a cross between Jazz and Hip Hop influences. Listen […]


My friend premier drummer Demetrice “Meat” Everett (MeatDaDrummer) stopped by the art studio today to edit some exciting studio drum footage.Here now is a gallery of his pictures from a photo shoot, a special studio session, his new website and facebook page. Follow “Meat” on twitter @MeatDaDrummer and YouTube on MeatDaDrummer1’s channel

FREE Pre-Album Release Single

track name AI (artificial intelligence) Dub Step by @BlackCaesarX We’re working on a new upcoming 2012 Nu JazzHop album and  now you get this new track from the album FREE

!ts Indie T!me

Its indie time boys and girls. 2012 is right around the corner and as you know !kohaus is always on the cutting edge of music, film, art, dance, written and spoken word. That’s why the (i) is turned upside down (!) the way we will turn the music world.     We’ve tested the waters […]

Re-Mastered From Our Art Vault For YouTube 09-22-2009Vblog – YouTube

Re-Mastered From Our Art Vault For YouTube 09-22-2009Vblog – YouTube

Funk 1st by @BlackCaesarX

Little Caesar The Pirate an aVbookÂź – YouTube

Little Caesar The Pirate an aVbookÂź – YouTube


our Deep industry sources have found that the popular West Coast artists known as “Kream Inc” lead by Young Ace, have gotten off to a kick start on 2012 with their first commercial debut single release of “Do It Big” on K.I.O.E. records for the World Wide shaker of underground Jerk Music, !kohaus Avant~garde Art!sts Music GroupÂź […]

My Very Own Wishes

LinkedIn Marek Wysoczynski has sent you a message. Date: 12/15/2011 Subject: my very own wishes Dear Friend can you maybe join our “smile” project for children hospitals?That mean can you draw a smile for our projectand ask your friends to join as well? I hope you can Merry Christmas and New Year Fair Please also accept my very […]

!kohaus Releases 2nd New Single Art!st

!kohaus just released the long awaited debut release Jerk song by “Sonic Heroes” ft “DevonteHeavyHitter” Watkins and his Bros on CPirateTV’s parent company, !kohaus Avant~garde Art!sts “Pound It”

Now On !Tunes Live

Funk 1st – Single @blackcaesarx To preview a song, mouse over the title and click Play. Open iTunes to buy and download music.   Top Albums and Songs By @blackcaesarx 1. Funk 1st – Single View In iTunes Name Album Time Price 1 Funk 1St Funk 1st – Single 3:28 $0.99 View In iTunes View […]

Free Children’s Art Till 1/1/2012

Get this FREE 36″X24″ original art print for children courtesy of the “Carlos” the Avant~garde art!st. “How Now Brown Cow-Blue Spots?” by Carlos In an effort to promote the artist working in the community using modern technology, we suggest using FedEx Kinko’s to reproduce this work for your child.  Yes that’s my signature, right in […]

!kohaus Releases 1st Single

The art!st @BlackCaesarX is the a.k.a for Carlos Romero, a self-described “Avant-garde” musician, art!st and film maker whose had an ear to the music scene since the 50’s.@BlackCaesarX has been playing electric bass guitar since 1965 and can even be seen in the “Woodstock” documentary, in the audience under Jimi Hendrix’s arm, with his 60’s […]

CreeZ Report Black Caesar Inks Music Deal In Spain

In Super Baad breaking news the founder of !kohaus Avant-garde art!sts’ new !kohaus Music Group signs deal with MagicBeats© MagicBeats© is the premier beat master from Malaga, Spain whose reputation is #1 from Spain to Germany. What this new forward looking alliance means is that a few select artist will now be able to take advantage of […]

Follow The Journey!

Welcome to the art!st world of “Carlos” simply one name is all I need. Here we will again explore the possibilities of an artist directly interacting with the community at large. The many projects I have going on in collaboration and new Avant-garde areas. Let us begin by bringing in this Christmas season and make […]

TRANSFORMATION TECHNOLOGY by Roger Davis — Kickstarter

TRANSFORMATION TECHNOLOGY by Roger Davis — Kickstarter Now – Courtesy !kohaus Art !s get Volume I the $3.00 PDF download for 50% less   only $1.50 just enter coupon code: “Art Is” in the “Comments” section of the Pre-Order form and then use the PayPal payment below it to process the payment. P.O. Box 1881 […]

“Carlos” A Living Art!st of the 21st Century

In the genre of the new wave of Avant-garde art, no one can compete with “Carlos”. In my years ahead trending, signature concepts you’ll now have an opportunity to have a personal relationship with me on Twitter @BlackCaesarX and on Facebook at Carlos L Romero.Not only that, but I am re-introducing the “direct to patron” […]

What Are We Here For?

As founder of the !kohaus Avant Garde art movement emanating out of my current hometown of Greenville, NC we must take this time to go over what is Avant Garde art.  Let us begin with the definition from an uncollegiate source which I feel is the most accurate: Avant-garde From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Avant-garde […]

Domestic Issues

We all have domestic issues that we must face in our daily existence. As an Avant-Garde artist/musician/filmmaker, I truly know this. As the founder of the !kohaus Avant Garde art!sts movement I’ve been promoting collaborative art for some time now. And as a former NYC artist, now residing in the South, Greenville, NC it is […]

U Know It’s Right When It Feels Right

Currently, we’re floating in the pirate ship about 200 miles off the Albermarle Sound, of Kill Devil Hills, NC. It’s quiet and serene and we can contemplate the corporatic state of music and the arts. For here at !kohaus, CPirateTV you’ve come to the right place.  We’re on the cutting edge of where music and […]


On November 11, 2011 (11/11/11)   A Powerful New Book Tackling the Controversial & Enigmatic Issues of:   GLOBALIZATION   GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS   CLASS WARFARE & THE END OF CAPITALISM, SOCIALISM & COMMUNISM   “IT” (Information Technology) vs. “TT” (Transformation Technology)   RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY   THE QUEST FOR HUMAN TRANSFORMATION POTENTIAL   *Exclusively […]

The Hottest Videos CPirateTV

We are starting and branching out to bring you more variety of videos from Jerk to Sports to Rock…. Check us out

See The Hottest CPirateTV Videos

We are starting and branching out to bring you more variety of videos from Jerk to Sports to Rock…. Check us out

Art Share

Avant Garde art!st “Carlos” creates Art Share free full size download of art by “Carlos” Coptic 10-11-2011  Download here~~>

CPirateTv’s Channel – YouTube

cpiratetv’s Channel – YouTube

MIKE TEEZY- On My Side Jerkin Song (Prod. by Denzo) – YouTube

MIKE TEEZY- On My Side Jerkin Song (Prod. by Denzo) – YouTube

Get Your President Barack Obama Emergency Negroe Reminder kit

President Barack Obama Emergency Negroe Reminder  Kit. An original Avant Garde work of art from the  official Presidential portrait and genuine Pitt County,  NC Cotton. Has a small window that can be opened to  feel the cotton just in case you forget that your black,  or your not black and feel black. Number #1 in a limited edition of […]

Lively Up Your Self At Wes Nyle Pre-Labor Day

Event Details In Honor of my Sister Lita Romero/Lynton’s Home Going Pre-Labor Day Wes Nyle EventOn about Tues 8/9 my sister passed of a massive stress induced brain aneurysm (back around the 80’s she had worked for Peter Tosh in Jamaica and always appreciated the music I did from the 60’s on)………………… Calling all Youth’s “Lively […]

Ay’o Myllz Swag 2 Model Pro-keds Lo Top Sneakers from

Ay’o Myllz Swag 2 Model Pro-keds Lo Top Sneakers from Ay’o Myllz Swag 2 Model by skycarl

G’Ville, NC U JAM Wes Nyle, #StillJerkin Movement Fundraiser

Event Details Yaaaw got about 25 days left til the big Pre-Labor Day Jammie!!!Video shoot tickets are going….I still have about 10 video shoot tickets out in Raleigh with Devonte HeavyHitter Watkins, 8 video shoot tickets in Greensboro with Morgan and about 20 out here on the  ship with me LittleCaesar get yours now before they’re gone if you want to be in the video!!!!The Event […]

CPirateTV NASA ***News Report*** Top Secret Nasa Footage!!! from CPirateTV

Wes Nyle Kush ***NEWS FLASH*** Special Report Pre- Labor Day Sat 9/3

The Event a Little Caesar pr☟ducti☟n: G’Ville, NC U JAM Wes Nyle, Jerk Movement Fundraiser  Special Report Flash word has just come in on Little  Caesar’s ship that Wes Nyle will raffle off a ticket (from 1st  50 must be over 18) to go to Cali for a weekend with Wes for  either a male rapper or female […]

3☟ Days In The Hole!!!!!

Event Details Yaaaw got about 30 days left til the big Pre-Labor Day Jammie!!! Video shoot tickets are going….I still have about 10 video shoot tickets out in  Raleigh with Devonte HeavyHitter Watkins, 8 video shoot tickets in  Greensboro with Morgan and about 20 out here on the  ship with me LittleCaesar get yours now before they’re […]

Battle 4 D Atlantic!!!

Ayyeeee remember this is a fundraiser to keep your jerk movement alive. We’re not trying to profit from your God given talents but showcase them. The proceeds will be used to form a non-profit and start a tour headlining Wes Nyle and sponsoring some of you. So #1 remember to tell all your friends to […]

Today’s Good News CPirateTV “Praise God”

Little Caesar the Pirate went an hooked up with Teressa Raiford CEO of Intrinsic entertainment group.  Now we got a machine  to keep y’alls jerk movement going use this spot to keep up and get with each other WORLD WIDE “Jerkin Ain’t Dead”!!! (an neither is Jesus) AAAaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee Matey!! = )  Enter our Wes Nyle […]

@WesNyle @KrisKaretll @iTsHendrest @Mowie25 @Smoochkissez

**WARNING** LAST DAY OF WES NYLE TCKTS @ $15 **WARNING** LAST DAY OF WES NYLE TCKTS @ $15 TCKTS GO TO $22 @ 11:59PM  8/22/2011 we still have $15 tickets get yours now! NC 10 in Greenville at Krucial Kreationz Hair Studio 252-717-47024735E Reedy Branch Rd Winterville, NC 28590ask 4 Lucretia n I got u ladies […]


***SWAGG BULLETIN*** ***SWAGG BULLETIN***  @WesNyle | NYC HipHop art!st 2 open 4 Wes @kriskartelRoute  Inc Hot Nu Leak~ ALL IN..LEAKED TRAX PROD BY WELLS OF  BEATGANG!!!!!!!!! [HQ] ALL IN..LEAKED TRAX PROD BY WELLS OF BEATGANG!!!!!!!!! [HQ]by Jayjay Flowstar Chatham (videos)6:39MADE IN DA BRONX AT O;MIGHTY STUDIOS In this video: Anthony Franklin (videos), Biz Loc, Bruce O’mighty […]

Wes Nyle Tickets At Krucial Kreationz

[krucial kreationzℱ Photos KRUCIAL KREATIONZ HAIR STUDIOℱ    Tickets for Wes Nyle @ CM Eppes Rec Cntr Aug 6th doors open 6pm to 8pm $22 in advance $25 at the door $2 everyticket goes to Bread Of Life Church Bldng fund inAyden Grifton, NC    252-717-4702                      […]

Tru Dat “GO WES YOUNG MAN” @WesNyle

Tru Dat~~>Comeon y’all give up a couple burgers or that pair of Vlado’s!!! Vlado ain’t even comin THEY WANT YO MONEY 2 BUY THEIR SHOES BUT WON’T SPEND ANY ON YOU TO COME OUT HERE AND DO AN EVENT THE TRUTH!!!WAKE UP!!!!! Th!nk !t a!n’t !llegal yet!!!!!!! THE JERK MOVEMENT WILL NOT BE TELEVISED…..It will not […]

@er’where_like_air @TommyTheClown Ok Boyz n Gurls it’s Little Caesar Pirate story time

      @er’where_like_air @TommyTheClown Ok Boyz n Gurls it’s Little Caesar Pirate story time: The full story of Little Caesar   Basic Information Network Pirated Broadcast Network PBN About Promotions: Carlos Romero @_LittleCaesar Pirate Ent Talent Agency aka Little Caesar of CPirateTV Description Now we have combined under 1 art!sts Avant Garde Banner […]


***SWAGG BULLETIN*** @WesNyle in an early dawn raid was captured by Little Caesar’s Pirates and held hostage until negotiations with his manager were heldIn a tense stand off a tentative agreement was reached between Wes Nyle, the Manager and Little Caesar and his crew which in part agreed to shooting a video in Greenville, NC […]

SWAGG NEWS REPORT***Little Caesar*** Inks Deal With Intrinsic Entertainment Group

***SWAGG NEWS REPORT*** “Little Caesar” Inks Deal With Intrinsic Entertainment Group In true Avant Garde fasho Little Caesar while face bookin and knockin out Jerk and Gospel videos runs up on ol time buddy Teressa Raiford of The Intrinsic Entertainment Group.What came out of this electronic collab is CPirateTV founder and Avant Garde art!st Carlos Romero […]

DyamondCapel We Want Y’all at Wes Nyle Event

Uploaded by dyamondcapel on Jul 15, 2011 Shoutout to @jerkaholicgear ‘ we the best’Go cop there dope gear!* Crosses Fingers * If we didnt shout you out in this video, just comment and we will shout you out in our next vid. Category: Entertainment Tags: jerkinn   jerkaholicgear   themprangers   funny

Message from Little Caesar : Sizzla, Jah Cure

Message from Little Caesar : Sizzla, Jah Cure & More – Captain Riddim Medley (Official Video) March 2011~~>

G’Ville, NC Vlado U JAM Young Sam, Wes Nyle, BreakfastClub & Kid Soul

Well fans y’all know how Little Caesar ro (pirate ship ro get it? Lol) I know y’all fans want D bigs so I went an called ma boy Kid Soul and he comin out with Vlado 2 G’Ville and bringing Young Sam BOW…BreakfastClub and ya know we already had Wes Nyle.Now added to the show […]

YouTube – â€ȘWes Nyle All Bad 4 CPirateTV Official Trailer feat: Jackie Chan, Chris Rock & Maggie Beresford‬‏

YouTube – â€ȘWes Nyle All Bad 4 CPirateTV Official Trailer feat: Jackie Chan, Chris Rock & Maggie Beresford‬‏

Wes Nyle Kush Pre-Event Poster G’Ville, NC from

Wes Nyle Kush Pre-Event Poster G'Ville, NC from

Hey Jack We Back W/No Slack

And………. we’re back!!! Almost a year to the date as we took off to from the art world to delve into the world of music. A lot has happened in that time we now combined the nascent Jerk music movement into the avant-garde art movement because the Jerk style of dance, rapping, singing, film and video is truly an […]


We have updated some areas on the site. A new building in B1 has opened featuring a special exhibit on the oil spill and a photographic gallery. As always you can translate our pages into many different languages.

Staying the Course

Currently, I have realized that indeed our artwork here is Avant-Garde. It breaks the norm from what is usually produced by current artists; however, that does not invalidate it as a true new art form. The difficulty is as usual, my work is about 10-20 years ahead of it’s time. I have been talking with […]

Old Skool

Back in school at Pitt Community College. That’s right. I am taking Business Management, Anatomy Biology and Health Career Sciences. I won’t go into here what I plan on doing with this education, but I do have some art work that seems to be coming out of it.

New Suite To Open

We have been painting and preparing a new suite to open and it is just about done. So stop by the gallery for the opening and see one of the new framed works we have on display for sale. Oh you’ll need to bring your own wine and cheese. No one has still taken us […]

Site Update

Here we go again. Wonder why we’ve been missing? Well first off this artist tore his Achilles tendon…Ouch!!! Then if that wasn’t enough a Facebook acquaintance sent us a bad link with the “Koobe” virus, taking down our entire computer system, site making software and all. Now we will be rebuilding the entire site with […]

New Work Now On Sale

Our work is now in from the printer and has officially gone on sale. Due to an issue in installing the work to canvas an unexpected sibling work was created with markings from the printer. My thought is, we are going to get that back to the printer and stretch it also, when done we’ll […]

Journal 03/24/2010 ***NEWS FLASH!!!***

We have just received an email with great news so we will now disclose our Greenville, NC printer whom we have worked with on and off for the last 3 years and exclusively in the last year. FedEx Office: Receipt attached !kohaus Reply Greenville ECU ✆ to me show details 1:11 PM (1 hour ago) […]

Journal 03/24/2010

In an effort to make the avant garde website more relevant we have undertaken a new direction along with some new work. In keeping with our avant garde concept of being eco-friendly we have our new non commissioned work “Concrete Headrest 03/24/2010″ which will be entirely produced in Greenville, NC. It was decided to go […]

YouTube – Kseniya Simonova’s Amazing Sand Drawing

YouTube – Kseniya Simonova’s Amazing Sand Drawing We watch as this amazing artist televises her thoughts on war.

!kohaus Gallery Reopens

!kohaus Gallery has reopened. In an effort to spur our green efforts our gallery will be selling works directly from the site. We have an ad launching in the local Daily Reflector newspaper of Greenville, NC. Some works will still be available through Links at 412 S Evans St in Greenville, NC too.

“Internet the New Egyptian Pyramid”

“Internet the New Egyptian Pyramid” With the current state of IT technology on the web, it is becoming most evident of the enormous advantages that are attainable with storage. Yes, we are talking about art, and as related to the walls on the Egyptian Pyramids. The Egyptians carefully archived the daily life with pictures […]

Welcome Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Welcome Greenville, North Carolina, USA The birthplace of !kohaus Avante Garde Art!sts in 2006, creating sustainable art. what better place than GREENVille. as a former pratt institute student, I’ve waited for technology to catch up with my concepts on creating forward looking art. now we can create and collaborate in an electronic format. our group […]

Moving Forward

Open letter from avant~garde art!st Octavian Florescu: Dear Carlos, Thank you for your kindness, but I am OUT of WAF, so ……. Dear Octavian, Ahhhh I thought as much, well my interview was by design called “Artist to Artist”, it will stand the test of time so………         how about joining my group of like minded […]

The Road To Liberty

Carlos L is the site where you can find all types of avant garde art. We’ve been working hard to bring the art that has yet to be seen to you. Whether it’s lierary, music, dance, art or film, you can find what is truly new. Many of the works may be in rougher […]

Patrons Wanted

This is REAL! The great Avant~Garde experiment has already begun. The !kohaus Avant~Garde art!sts consist of: Maggie Beresford/Photography/Australia, Michael Kendrick Brown/Master Wordsmith/CA, USA, Monica Palermo/Art!st/Italy and myself Carlos Romero/Founder !kohaus Avant~Garde Art!st/NC, USA. We endeavor to push the boundaries of art, into the future in real time right here using Facebook, to be in and […]

Working on Art? Or Just Working?

It’s great to be an established artist and working on new creations, but what’s really more difficult is working on an entirely new direction in art. By this I mean the avant~garde. You see there is no recognition there, for the art that hasn’t been done yet, for breaking new ground, of course has very […]

Career Crisis

While this art!st is trying to redirect and rekindle his career direction if you would, we are glad to host free music videos while we expand our creative film making abilities. See some here or click on crisis above to keep up with them on our site.

Avant~Garde Culinary

Feed Ma Belly!!!!!!


And so the story goes, thanks go out to the art patron who today 10/26/2009 stopped in to “Links” 412 Evans St in Greenville, NC and bought “Maryborough Waterlilies #5″ the 22nd and final print of that edition in large format. This work had been exhibited out at The WAF’s first ever Expo in California […]

In Need Of Patrons of the Arts

We’ve been working hard and putting out our sustainable format of a new way to get art out to you. Now we need the support of Patrons. The art is affordable as we’ve cut out as much waste and non eco minded principles as possible. So why not let all your friends now and help […]

Black Pirates???

Let us begin the saga and journey back in time when Pirates ruled the seas. There was one Pirate, a black man by the name of “ Little Caesar” a former African King and slave in Haiti, who escaped and ravaged the seas from Florida to North Carolina, where he joined the infamous Black Beard. […]

On The Edge

are the !kohaus art!sts really avant-garde, and on th edge? yes! after speaking with an east carolina university professor, we find it true that we are pioneering new groundbreaking ahead of the status quo. it seems due to economic budget cuts, the university is short on supplies. papers for testing, more students per class and […]

You Could Be a Patron of the Arts

In keeping with our avant-garde status, we are now looking to promote our sustainable art concept to the fullest. starting very soon we’ll make a special page available, that will enable you to directly become a patron of the arts, no matter what level you’re on. All works that are in printed format will start […]

Art!s update

Well we’ve been really busy collaborating and forging ahead on projects. One of which is as we have a sustainable format for producing works is getting them out to a Kiosk in Australia. Michael K Brown has been working our website with Maggie Beresford and a Poem Noir with me

Simply Michael Kendrick Brown

Simply Michael Kendrick Brown

Interview w/A-Luv and Studio Tour

See this groundbreaking interview and tour

Michael, Michael, Michael

We at !kohaus are really looking to interview exciting new literary talent Michael Kendrick Brown. he’s been breaking ground at the WAF site throwing poetry around while artist try to figure is Poetry art????? ha hahahah jeez you woulda thought a visual artist would see that, but I guess not. that’s why we Avant-Garde artists exist […]

VBlog! Is Back

VBlog Vblog See all about it!!!!!! The VBlog is back check it out right here

Above Water

We’ve Got Them “Hottest New Avante-Garde Jazz Group to hit the scene in years…” Carlos Romero. You know how we avante-garde artists promote and get the underground works out. “Above Water” Includes these 5 video songs filmed l!ve at 1515 in Greenville, NC: Kameron 4am Just Lovin’ You I Want You To Be There Do […]


Hi Carlos, Courtney downloaded the poetry, I am thrilled to pieces reading it. He sure is an awesome writer. I haven’t had time to read them all as I have had a busy day and have to go out again. Thanks for waiting Carlos, it is saved now. I received a thank you from Michael […]

New Release~Handbook Primer Of Poetry

We’ve published a new book and for a limited time you can buy it on our site


D-Mo…as The Predator Rockin’ the rim. Nobody could stop Charles Barkley…Nobody can stop D-Mo!!! Avante-Garde art by Carlos Romero Collaborative Digital Photo work by Shariyka Romero

State Trooper

This artist went out to Raleigh on August 10th, 2009 with the kids to a Baptist convention in Raleigh NC at the Clarion Hotel and Raleigh Convention Center to fellowship with some old Church members from NYC and here’s a video fo what happened out on the street going back to hotel to drive back […]

A Handbook primer Of poetry

We’ve published a new book and for a limited time you can buy it our site, just click the title above

1st Work On Sale

Our affordable art program is back with the first piece “Lion 12/2007”

Sales Coming Back

In an endeavor to continue the affordable art project, we will be placing already printed (GiclĂ©e) works on the site available through Google’s checkout process. You can either use Google checkout or we can send a PayPal request for payment if you prefer. Shipping, of course, would be via your preferred method US Post Office, […]

I Ain’t Buyin It

Yes, indeed we’ve been really busy on solo projects here. I’ve been working on videos and artwork for Kev Hef, Mr Adidas, along with playing music at Tie Breakers here in G’Ville (Greenville, NC). I’ve also started promoting the artwork at the “Umbrella Market ” here in G’Ville the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the […]

Wha We Do Wha We Do

Probably you’ve been wondering what we’re up to. Well besides getting ready to a art market at the Uptown Umbrella Market here in Greenville, NC; we’ve been working on an avante-garde video for partna Mr Adidas Kev Hef from my hometown of The Bronx NYC. Check it out, it’s avante-garde, it’s hot!

Message From New Member Ken Boe #2

“Yeah, regarding Post-Modernism, I have always questions its actual validity, or EXISTENCE, yet, I find myself still using the term and I have a friend who is very much in favor of it. My philosophy has been that Modernism was never exhausted, that we are still in its era and that this paradigm has not […]

Message From New Member Ken Boe

I am with you in your thoughts entirely. The terms I usually describe myself with are avant-garde, and experimental. Modern or Contemporary also, it depends who I am talking with. Post-modern I am not quite, which I reserve more for installation and performance art, etc. – yet at some point there is a break down […]

The Bloom

The Bloom A broken thorn reminds me of A bloom that I once held. And seared upon my memory The flower’s bloom did’st gracefully Remind me of how gratefully I beheld it’s color fair. And now I know it’s history From that which I was blessed to see How joy which did so artfully Breathe […]

We Went Underground

We’ve done it and gone underground. 3 of my works can now be found and purchased at The Best Little Hippie store in Greenville North Carolina, at “Links”. If you’re in the area it’s uptown in G’ville on Evans Street. More to come, pictures of work and more art installed.

!kohaus going underground

I’ve decided my group will be using and come from the underground. Being so far ahead were making a move to the underground with our work. We’ll make it available on line and at certain galleries and stores among our artists areas, but rather than striving for the limelight we’ll concentrate back on Art 2 […]

I’m Getting Closer To My Home!!!

Let the word go forth! All you Greenville fans, North Carolina fans and everyone thanks for your Avant-garde support. Call all your friends, reporters, and TV buddies to come see me out at the WAF Expo in Cali June 9th to the 11th. The world wants to know where is this new art form coming […]


We’ve been making videos on facebook and preparing for the art exhibit in Cali. But we’ve also just found a hot little browser for your mobile where you can use all the good stuff we do and check us on facebook, twitter, videos and all. we want to share “Skyfire” with you. google it and […]

Meditative Art

Simply put looking for a process whereby the brain is relaxed by receiving a comfortable healing colored image while chanting a meditative mantra. Try it and see how you feel? Comment here and let us know the effect. All praise due to the Almighty.

Coming together

Things finally start coming together at our site. You can preview how our site will be, or jump back through our new mobile portal to the archives. Even travel down under to catch up on Australian news.

Creating in an Art Conducive Atmosphere

Sometimes it can be real difficult creating in the arts atmosphere can become constrained and restrictive. Many can try to invalidate your work. Meditation can be an important component of keeping one’s self-creative if it’s from a non-sectarian point of view. I suggest the following and have worked on a new chant to gain closeness […]

It’s Almost Launch Time!!!

Your right down here in the trenches with us art!sts. We’ve starting migrating to our new site (same name and address) with a new look and feel. Want to see a preview??? Click here and see. Let us know what you think!

BV!log Introduction

This ew tool we’re bringing out here today is the video blog or BV!log (pronounced Buh-Vlog) as we’ve coined the term for a mashup up of a blog and video as we are in a visual art form, what better way to present our blog. It’s only available here through Apture as they don’t have […]

Art!st Presence!!!

We’ve been collaborating as art!sts for quite some time now. Now we are evaluating some new tools, to that means. The first one we took a look at enables a smartphone Moto Q to able to chat, take video and show presence on Googletalk, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo. It’s called “Octrotalk”. Octrotalk is for mobile […]

website redo

we will be re-doing our website. our site has been using google page creator, but now that will be transitioning to google sites, which won’t allow us to embed java and other goodies into the page. so being avante-garde artists, we’ll be creating a regular hosted site that will feed google pages through to hold […]


The Avant-Garde artists of the “!kohaus” movement. The word is a combination of the kwa language family spread from along the Gulf of Guinea meaning “well done” or “congratulations” and “Haus” from the German for house as in The Bauhaus artist meaning, “well-done house” of art. The upside down i (!) represents an 180-degree turn […]

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Been working quite hard at preparing work for the WAF Expo in California. It was a labor of love. With all that’s going on in the world it’s great to remember that I’m a child of God. Many around me have lost their way. But I’m headed back to the garden, after all we artists […]

NYC W 57th St Mural

Your seeing it here first. Here’s a mural proposal for a building along the West Side Hwy in Manhattan NYC. It’s in memoriam to the plane crash survivors of the Hudson and the fatalities of the Australian bush fires. 2 sides of the building would be of Maryborough Waterlilies a collaborative piece by Maggies Beresford […]

NYC W 57th

One of the latest project proposals that’s been consuming this artist’s time is a wall mural for an old low factory building along the west side highway in Manhattan, NY. I’m looking to skin this building with two works, the same piece along the expansive front and back, and another for the two shorter. The […]


It’s been some time, but we do try to give you an open inside look at the struggle of an artist. 2.5 kids, the .5 is our cat, volleyball games, preparing for college. But I’ve still been collaborating with Maggie Beresford of Australia on the concept of a new work regarding the controversy in Australia […]

Advancing The Avant (garde)

Wow, we’ve really heated it up! Rumors of scandal and scams with the World Art Foundation! Has anything changed? No that’s how we’re in this mess, everybody’s looking to rip someone off for EASY MONEY$$$$   Back to the world of art, my photographer friend Maggie Beresford of Australia introduced me to a great, seems […]

News Flash To Emerging Artist

Here’s the new group I belong too, that I believe will become a force in bringing new and Avant-garde art into the forefront of world view. So if you know, or are a talented artist check this out!!! SPONSORS PAID $58,000 FOR 116 EMMERGING ARTISTS TO EXHIBIT AT THE WORLD ART Expo 09 in California. […]

World Art Foundation

Now I am a proud digital master member of The World Art Foundation. The organization was formed to build a bridge between artists, art museums, art centers and art galleries all over the world. The World Art Foundation is an organization dedicated to increasing understanding and exposure to the arts regionally, nationally and internationally. The […]

The New Birth Of “Cool”

You may see some work going on with the “Abstract” and other pages that have the Cool Iris gallery viewer. To bring that experience to you we’ve gone inside with the developers on the workings of that experience. So if you’ve got any problems or good comments on that aspect of our gallery drop a […]

World Art Foundation

Currently I have a work up for submission for the World Art Expo in California this year. Working right now on submitting works for their pages of artist.

Advancing The Garde

A little like my chess play which is unorthodox, is how I approach spreading the Avante Garde. Many in this day and computer assisted day have forgotten that the term is used to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics. Avant-garde represents a pushing […]


Bendigo a place in Australia. In Spanish Bendiga means blessing. Surely this area got it’s name from the Latin and probably means blessing. Photograph’s by Maggie Beresford of Australia and some collaborative Avant Garde art with Carlos L Romero of the US. Now you can see it on our site and look what other’s are […]

At The 9

2009…We’ve got some affordable being prepared to go to the streets of NY. If your out there you’ll be able to find signed numbered 8.5″ X11″ framed prints at about $10 in a limited sample set readying for a full Valentine’s day launch. We’ve also sent Warerlilies #0001-#0011 to be on exhibit and for sale […]

Art is Not Nice

Hello, were here on to explore art. Art is not nice! Do you know why? Well when we read, we all read the same words and can come to understand their meanings in a similar like fashion. However Art is not so nice. Art is an illusion. Light strikes the object, reflecting to the […]

WaterLilies #5

Waterlilies #5 is creating quite a stir “down under“. 11 prints have been pre-ordered, with 10 on the way to Australia, one copy going to the collaborative artist Maggies Beresford there and the other remaining in the US with this artist Carlos “Los”. Above is where you can order a print from the limited edition.


Do we ever got a lot going on. Stop by our site and check out the new Google social networking software. Now you’ll be able to chat with artist right on the site. Maybe not live yet. We’re also working on a monster short video movie, setting up a Google checkout cart so you can […]

New Gallery Guide

As we start to introduce our new Google checkout cart, we’ve put on an assistant to guide you through the gallery. Site should launch active shopping cart by Black Friday, Thursday 11/27 Thanksgiving day by 12 midnight.

Counter Corporate

Well looks like we’ll run a little behind in launching a collaborative portion of the Avant Garde site CarlosL However on the bright side what’s really important is having artist like Monica Palermo, of Italy, Maggie Beresford an Australian photographer and Jamie Winter a Native American Genre artist, willing to collaborate on taking art […]

Survey and Going Live

Well we have started posting art from our international guest artist at affordable prices. To help us gauge what you the public would like to see we are posting a short survey. Please fill out the survey so we can create what you want. Thank you!

Avante Garde International

Given the current sad state of affairs in the art world, we’ve decided to take action, by working together with a few artist friends from international countries as a start we won’t try feeding the public the same old formulated pablum!

On Being Avante Garde

Why not just break the mold all the way. It’s so difficult to get value from a system that’s become corporatized into presenting the public with palatable saleable artist. In true Avante Garde fashion, these artist like Monica Palermo of Italy and the photographer Maggie Beresford will be guest artist on my site through a […]


After having left Brooklyn NY in 2006 to revitalize my art in North Carolina, I see and have joined and online museum called Moca (Museum of Computer Art), has now also moved into a physical building for exhibition space. This museum will be a force to reckon with in the future as the move is […]

Immersion Technique

It started unnoticed from when I was a young art student forced to leave Pratt Institute, because of a TAP (tuition assistance plan) foul up (they changed the amount promised, leaving a tuition gap that could not be covered by loans or any other means). They sure found ways to get us radical hippies out […]

Green Zone

An impromptu Avant Garde performance piece was performed at the Duke University, Bassett grassy field Green Zone today. Well over 176 Duke Graduate students and their cars participated during their normal parking routine, in an art project today October 30, 2008 at the serene garden campus. Most performance pieces are witnessed and done without any […]

It Is Dawning

This is just a quick blog to announce the start of the “AA” (affordable art program). I called it affordable art, and my daughter suggested I call it the AA program. Take a look, now a new wave of Avant Garde can enjoy low cost art!

It’s Coming To The Dawn

Well, now seems like the time to really sink into “the art for the masses” project. Very soon you will start to see my work in $5 signed and serialized 8 1/2″ X 11″ format. With some feedback from you, we’ll see what the internet holds for the uptake of this artists work, on affordable […]

Global Artization

Speaking of global artization, this artist has been so pre-occupied with 9-5′ing to keep from being a starving artist with 2.5 kids (the .5 is our cat “AfricaT“) the while chatting with one of my photographer buddies Maggie Beresford from Down Under on Face Book, I came to find that I had been awarded the […]

Radicalize It!

Now after some experimentation and crystallizing the use of digital electronics in the use of drawing and painting, its time to for my art to start getting radical. This thing with Amazon and the UPC codes is just part of the bigger picture of the financial crisis. Art should document and reflect the times in […]

Art Is – Amazon Isn’t

Well the Amazon evaluation period has come to close. The ethics of Amazon leave a lot to be desired. It is not the place for artists. After several months of showing work on Amazon not any hits whatsoever. Hard to tell if there might even be one or if it’s just me posting works there. […]


VIPOD, an acronym I’ve concocted for VIrtual Painting On Demand. Taking a cue from technology, now that painting can be done digitally, the aspect of keeping all painting in inventory waiting for interested buyers is removed. The work can be viewed as a fine representational digital image to reproduced in whatever format the artist chooses […]

Art Is 2

looking over my google analytics, i find interest starting to form in places such as portugal and hyderabad, india. this let’s me know what a slow process it is, however that keeping in mind the internet allows for greater global extension. this cutting down of international barriers is where i seek to let my art […]

Art Is

There has been completely no uptake whatsoever on my art works, through my site or Amazon. This is where it’s perfect to chronicle what this is like. I am steadily buoyed by the fact that on FaceBook, my work is extremely popular in an application called “owned”. Here you can buy all types of pictures […]

MS Photosynth

A new way to look at photographs, that I’m looking to experiment with in terms of art and paintings or prints. Multiple views are available sort of like a still movie with many various camera angle shots. To start I worked with a spider in the garden to the front of my house, but will […]

Art On Amazon.Com 3/FaceBook

We can find that art is truly a perception of what the brain sees, by the reflection of light bouncing off the object and back to the receptors. The brain I believe is already predisposed I believe to perceive what is interesting and stimulating to the electrical impulses which produce a feeling of pleasure or […]

Art On Amazon.Com 2

We find that tags are very important on Amazon. Not having enough let’s descriptors can seriously limit the ability to create traffic. I’m currently working on greatly enhancing the tags for my work on Amazon and evaluating the Amazon fulfillment program, whereby works are sent to Amazon for fulfillment to customers in their Amazon Prime […]

Art On Amazon.Com

I’ve been working on placing a lot of my art on as an alternative way of displaying and getting my art out to the public at large. We’ll visit this topic again and see how the works fair there. So far…nothing.

Apture for Websites

Apture a fantastic new software enabling embedded features in websites like mine @ Carlos L Romero

Going to the Media

Decided to try experimenting in using video to create site traffic. Cutting edge art is a lonely spot to draw attention to. People will probably take some time in becoming used to what is outside the box.

Back To The Garden

The art world is a difficult place. So many are in the know with who’s who and what sells that art has become a market and an analysis rather than a true creative process. Professors and critics abound to pontifcate the accepted views of what is and is not. Being lost, is the spiritual process […]

Spatial Objects

Gimp is a great open source pictorial editing program. I can use what I call image objects and manipulate the perspective and size of the object before importing it back into the art creation software.   Back in art software to give a spatial effect objects can then be inserted into various level layers. All layers can […]

What is Art?

art is the computer…the computer is art…art is the network…the network is art…art is!


I’ve connected with Myspace and Facebook. Wow, there’s lots of artist in common with me out there.

web site

i’ve updated the website with a fresh new “My Space” type background. The black color is a monitor energy saver. check out: to find out how and then check the site:


I thought why not create a blog and start writing about where you are creativelyà„€ Right now it’s the start of summerà„€ I’m out from Pitt Community college and really thinking about transferring to an Art college like the Academy of Art in San Francisco.