Avant-garde Fine Art – Let It Roll – Ikohaus
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Avant-garde fine art, Let It Roll, can give a very disorientating feeling as to it’s meaning, but then again so is much of our eclectic avant-garde art. Which brings us to what we have been doing.

Perhaps you may not know but we have been involved in livestreaming since 1994, while working on an experimental project in NYC with an AT&T subcontractor bringing cable TV to Brooklyn over a Government allocated test band. It was there I realized the potential of this telecommunications architecture to change the landscape of how people can access the visual images and sounds from anywhere to anywhere that was interconnected.

The long sought bridge between visual, audio and textual. It took from 1994 until 2006 more than 10 years for it to be readily available to the average consumer, but i had quite a jump start on the technology.

Now of course everyone has the ability to livestream from many different types of devices as long as they have sufficient bandwidth and speed. On to what we are doing now. Below you can find one of two types of works, one a digital working concept processes (not shown), whereby we can get original works of fine art comprised of 1’s and 0’s securely from one place to another to collect and the other a live engagement format stream in a customized HD format, whereby people can collaborate, enjoy fine arts and entertainment across vast distances without ever leaving the comfort of their place of being.

The previous revolution was the Industrial Revolution and I believe why we have such a difficult time entering fully into the 21st century is because it is the, Technology Revolution. With that it is so fast paced that as soon as one thinks they may have grasped it, a disruption comes along to alter the field and it eludes us once again.

But this rapid paced evolutionary process is exactly what fascinates me as an avant-garde fine artist. I have always been an artist steeped in the immediacy of a medium, water colors, pencils, acrylics with fast drying, video, digital film and of course digital art.

However the main importance of the Technology Revolution is lost, unless like my former University Pratt was founded for at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution we start retooling society.

We artist are beginning to band together under the Ikohaus banner as was done with the Bauhaus committed to taking action more than the discussion in hopes of garnering enlightened support for the path we are blazing.


February 25, 2017