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Have you ever bought art for your home, but were indecisive on where to put it? You might think that decorating your home with art is difficult. 

Think about how you use spaces in your home. How do you spend time in certain rooms? This will make decorating a piece of cake. 

Decorating with art adds a special touch to any space. 

The following tips will give you some decor inspiration. By the end of this article, you’ll know the best places in your home to display. Here are four places to help you hang your work for stunning wall decor.

The Living Room

Check to ensure that the artwork is visible to occupants sitting in the living room. As you can see, the Rage 1 piece shown on the left, was hung high enough so that a person sitting on the couch or leaning his or her head against the wall won’t disrupt the piece. Arrange your couch in a way that each seated person has a decent view of the art. 

Want to create a cohesive, balanced look? Group several pieces of art above the couch to add a balanced effect. In fact, the size of the artwork should be chosen based on the size of sitting area and the distance between the viewer’s eyes and the piece. 

Do you have a small living room? If your living room is small, then the viewers are within close proximity to the artwork. Choose pieces that are smaller in size, but have fine detail so that they can be appreciated at a close range. 

Don’t let a slanted ceiling limit your wall decor. Attempt to use the narrow space found between your couch and ceiling for prints.


Also, those corners in the living room can be used to create a gallery-wrapped wall. For a lively look, try hanging art, photos, or prints in various sizes. Another appropriate place to hang art is above or within the fireplace. 

To make a statement and draw the attention of guests, hang one large artwork above the fireplace. You can repurpose an old fireplace by adding shelves that house small prints and photos. If you paint the exterior of the fireplace white, then you could accent the backboard with yellow paint to bring your decor to life and perk up the room. 

Is there a wall directly facing the entrance of your home? Hang a large art piece or statement to catch the attention of your guests.


The Staircase Landing

The staircase landing is a great place to hang art. It will create an interesting focal point for someone who is climbing up the stairs. If the wall at the staircase landing is large enough, you may consider a larger piece so that your guest may start to notice it before he or she reaches the top of the stairs. 

In addition, the wall along the stairway can be used to hang art. The stairway is the place to experiment with hanging arrangements. Try using a diagonal arrangement on a stairwell where the floor level consistently changes. 


Art gallery on staircase wall

Since most stairways are narrow, you can use smaller artwork such as prints for this area as it will be close to the viewer’s eyes as he or she is walking up or down the stairs.


The Dining Room

As mentioned in my previous blog, entitled “Want to Buy Art Directly from an Artist? Now You Can!“, the dining area is one of the best places to hang art. Whether you’re cooking or dining, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Flower pieces add an interesting balance to the dining room and create a good conversational topic for your guests.


There’s nothing like a good conversation over a delicious meal!


Be sure to hang pieces at eye level so that your visitors seated around the table will be able to view it. Alternatively, above the kitchen cabinets can be used to display black and white prints or black abstract paintings. For this reason, the uniformity of the pieces brings a sense of serenity versus anxiety to your cooking area.


The Headboard

A headboard can be a bedroom’s focal point, but hanging a gallery of pieces above it will double the impact. Hanging an inspiring piece on the wall directly facing your bed will certainly give you something delightful to look at as you prepare for bed.


Is your bed is against a wall? Group smaller pieces above the bed.


The key is to try to place the art in a location where it is visible from where you or your guests would be in the room.


For example, the nightstand or the study table are some locations that you might want to consider. Incidentally, to distract your visitors from one of the cooler areas of your home, such as the bathroom, hang colorful artworks or prints around the toilet. To fill awkward sized areas in the bathroom, try using a staggered or collaged arrangement.

Remember, if you want a piece to be the focal point of the room, place it where visitors will be able to see it the moment they step into the room. Furthermore, for small walls use small pieces as the same goes for large walls. Hanging art can liven up any space or make your place more homely. 

Enjoy displaying art around your home like a pro!


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