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Mist on large screen display

Lately across social media I have noticed an uptick in crypto currency accounts following us and sharing the BitArt posts that we are making across social media especially Twitter. However it calls for more than the sharing of content, it calls for adopters to actually join in and see the benefits of collecting digital display art.

Those who regularly read our articles, are probably the first to know about this new innovation and know that this is where it began. A few days ago besides my immediate family proofing the digital works, an old high school football running mate from Brooklyn Tech HS in NYC acquired “Mist 12-5-2013”. He and his wife loved the work and how it was able to display on his HD TV when not in use watching television programming. Technically digitally constructed art work transposes across large screen display in an easier manner than traditional print methods why it is much more desirable, along with the higher resolution that can be achieved approaching true cinematic quality. 

But what this also does is lower the acquisition cost of art, minus transportation and materials cost which become almost negligible, while instead transferring it into value.

BitCoin Chart
BitCoin Chart via Coinbase

Let us take this crypto currency Bitcoin example – ” Example on Jan 19th, 2017 you purchase one work for $900USD/1 Bitcoin. Today that same work if sold and being tied to Bitcoin, is now valued at $1,024.69USD. Your work in approximately a little over two weeks increased in value by over $124.00.

This is what true Avant-garde artists do. Push the envelope of creativity to affect society in new and radical means. But this can not be created out of thin air, and avant-garde artists are often not as commercially viable as other artists. So to continue to create the Avant-garde artist truly needs patrons to further concepts that may benefit humanity or a least provide a pathway for future artists to discover something new.

Crypto currency enthusiasts, one would think should be the first to rally this concept and further the adoption rate with a more tangible asset. As I discussed in previous articles there is one other artist doing a similar approach, and his work is of Lady Gaga and resides in the Louvre.

There are other parts to my road map that can not be disclosed presently as they are intellectual property, but hold radical import to the way art can be viewed, distributed and collected.

Let me try this offering again in a new experimental test with at least 10 numbered digital works of “Mist 12-5-2013” starting with #2 after the first owner, at $10USD before there will be any increase tied to demand. You can purchase the work securely using your bank, or cards in US dollars that will be automatically converted for you by our business account with Coinbase in the form below the work. Enjoy!

Purchase below with USD tied to Crypto Currency
Bitcoin, Cards, Banks and Crypto Currency Accepted

$15 Pay by Bank, Card or Bitcoin

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February 6, 2017