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Patron 0

A ground breaking historic occasion maybe about to occur. Early on this morning, this artist received notification of a pending Bitcoin payment to our Coinbase account for the purchase of “Mist 12-5-2013”.

What we did not account for was the absolute security of the Block Chain system on not being able to pass notes or any identifiers along with ones payment. So now we will have to create a back channel process, along with the first Patron 0, that would allow us to verify the purchase by Order Number or another means of cross matching.

Wait Stop The Presses!

Dr Yoriko Todd
Dr Yoriko Todd

I mean publishing this article… Just received a notification from facebook messenger that Dr Yoriko Todd is Patron 0. Luckily I know Dr Todd, originally from Empire Avenue, now called Cred a social media reach extension platform. I gave up Empire Ave as an artist to focus more on concepts and creating in art and the technology in streaming which I believe is rapidly converging in an enlightened technology revolution.

New Process

From this new process, we will ask patrons to take a screen shot of their order or provide the order number to match up with our Merchant order. The patronage of this art will not only fund my creativity in the arts, but also help improve the process with automation. That would call for computer programmers (way out of my creative realm) to form an API to work along with the Coinbase API to possibly automatically number the work purchased, or show an “out of stock” status. Of course the acquisition could be automated also. As an artist this is all part of the process we are creating for a new 21st Century secure means of collecting art.


Today you can see the increase in valuation in terms of us as merchant, because Patron 0 had approximately 24 hrs before they placed their purchase and the order form had increased by .07USD. Now what we will do for added value to the patron is a policy usually used for auctions in essentially raising the bid price or in this case the acquisition price.

We want to thank Patron 0 Dr Yoriko Todd for forging a new direction in 21st Century Art, that has an almost 0% carbon footprint.

🎨Let us not forget that this process is the intellectual property of this avant-garde artist Romero and is not to be used without express permission in writing from the artist and is meant to solely further the adoption of an art process and 21st Century advancement of inter-relational enlightened business practices in creative collaboration. 

*Artists note: Mist 12-5-2013 has been sold only TWO Copies in existence nothing further at this time

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February 8, 2017