Black White and Blues Affair – Ikohaus
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4/14/2018 – We travel to the Turnage Theater Box Office for The Black White and Blues Affair feat Jazz Guitarist Steve Creech, Mr King on Sax, Flute, and Starring DieDra and The Ruff Pro Band Hall of Fame Blues Artist for 2018
Finacial producers of this event: Carlos Romero Tech Engr/ CTO founder of CPN, Executive Producers: Lee Parker Brimstone Ent Group, @Gota Flika Ch Node holder CA, Dia Grover Ch Node holder, Artist/Law Enforcement MS, Jeffrey Clark Ch Node holder Pittsburgh PA, J.Romero CFO CPN/Camera Operator and special consideration to Doctordee helping to bring The CPN Network to scale.
We thank all those that gave tirelessly so that we could present the content on Facebook for No Charge.
Tech Details: This project was the culmination of Phase II, ECU Idea 2 Impact under the auspices of The National Science Foundation (NSF), Greenvilleseedecu and SBTDC at ECU. .
The CPN Network Platform is Virtualized atop the Facebook LiveStream Live Contributor architecture.
In this mobile application field trial we tested under extreme conditions successfully The Google Project Fi Multiple Virtual Cellular transmission network over TeamMobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular.
The entire virtualization, componentization concept was conceived by Carlos Romero and is publicly stated and dated here as further proof of concept and time of creation.



April 15, 2018

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