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Romero Avantgarde artist

It has been a long time, but that doesn’t mean as an artist I was not busy. So let me take the time to make it a matter of record that I am pioneering another piece, I believe a major one to the Creativity TheNew Economy Project, CTEP for short. As an aside I am actually studying online team collaboration techniques from Mobile Strike the app game on Android.

Since the 70’s I have been concerned with the environment of the planet, along with a cousin of mine that pioneered the Bronx Environmental Society and received a Federal Grant as the youngest at age 11, I believe to do so. With that in mind at the inception of Ikohaus, a different process to make art more affordable, easier to display without need for galleries and people traveling to see works was sought out. 

I worked with different processes and work flows, including digital on paper, canvas known as the Giclée process. Still resources beyond the computer and the Internets electric was needed, as in paper, canvas, inks, all in that process, which actually took away from the original element the work was created in. I worked on the electronic display monitor, with Wacom tablet and pen, but changed the output as part of the work flow process. Toying with different distribution and viewing methods was quite problematic, as it called for incorporating and collaborating with, printers, mailing services and distributors into the work flow.

Before getting to the solution, let’s get to one of the issues, what we have is a problem in 21st century society when the avantgarde is an intellectual as well as an African American. A few cases in point for historical record, when in my town of Greenville, NC I had a deep discussion about how in development of our Uptown area, we needed an Art Gallery to anchor the main street, the developer co-opted the idea as their own with no mention of this artist or the attribution. Again at a town future development meeting, I thought it was important for an avantgarde artist to be present and contribute a different perspective. I offered an idea and in writing, to include an overpass over a railway track area as I’ve had much interest in the designs of cities over the years, but was rebuffed as the idea was not feasible because it would be expensive and not worth much in traffic saving, stopping at railroad crossings to help un-impede traffic. Lo and behold a few months later a newspaper article, stating an overpass would be built and multi-million dollar contract awarded to a good ol’ connected City boy.

But that’s what true avantgarde artists do seed the ideas of forward progress without regard to attribution or credit but for the good of society and paying it forward knowing you helped make a difference.

So here now, you can say you saw it here first or I am sure someone will say it was done before, but that is reality, it is all based from improvement upon past realities. Ikohaus is moving to an all digital footprint, with as little of a carbon factor as possible. Simply put the work is created in a 4k format in a digital space, stored in a digital space, transferred in the digital space, viewed in the digital space and authenticated in the digital space.

Like to see what it looks like? Go on over to facebook where I have chosen to unveil the concept with a limited edition of 100 works.


There you have it. We made it. NOW will they come?

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