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The art world can be intimidating for some people. Art is not that difficult. Learn more about buying your first piece.


Purchasing your first piece

If you educate yourself, settle, and stick to your budget then you’ll have an easy time finding works. How do you educate yourself? Visit museums, galleries, or even browse Instagram. Yes, people buy works directly from Instagram.


Then, decide what you like. Talk to other collectors or art consultants such as myself. When you go to galleries, introduce yourself to these people and talk to people within the art community. 


How to Purchase Your First Piece from Ikohaus


When you’re ready to buy your first piece, set and stick to your budget. Buy the piece(s) you love. You should set a budget because you could end up liking a piece for X amount of dollars. Without a budget, you won’t know how much you’ll be able to afford.


Once you find a work you admire and can afford, buy it. Here are more tips on buying art.


Do your research before purchasing your first piece

Do your research. Have an open-mind and figure out what styles catch your eye. Try to familiarize yourself with different styles and mediums. Talk to artists like Romero.


Set a budget. But be prepared to spend a little bit more. You don’t want to regret not purchasing a work that you liked. As a result, you won’t be able to stop thinking about how much you loved the piece. Also, be aware of other costs associated with owning art. For example, shipping and framing. 


Investing in your first piece from Ikohaus

Buy what you admire. Be confident in your purchase. Keep everything, such as the receipt and Certificate of Authenticity. These are used to authenticate and value your piece.


Ikohaus uses Coinbase to attach a value to their works. For instance, a doctor who purchased a work for her TV bought “Mist” for $10 last February. Her work is now worth $40. The work is shown below.


How to Purchase Your First Piece from Ikohaus

In sum, art can be a wonderful investment. Remember, to educate yourself and stick to your budget. If you need help finding the perfect works for your space, email


Will your first piece be an abstract, figurative, or landscape work? Let me know in the comments. Head over to here for prints, here for original works, and here for wearable art.

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2 years ago

Good info, I will use these tips for purchasing art when I buy my home !! ??

2 years ago
Reply to  Dani

Thank you, Dani! I appreciate your feedback ?

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