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Michelle has an art collection. But she’s gotten into a collecting rut. She hasn’t unboxed or hung any of her works in her art collection.


How to Buy Works for Your Art Collection

But man…collecting art makes her feel empowered. She buys local art. And she’s supporting living artists. Even builds a relationship with the artists whose works she collects. Where has the excitement gone?


Every week, she wonders whether she should keep her art collection.


And sometimes, she asks herself whether she should start a new collection. Could she experiment with works from a different style? Could she try a new orientation?


Michelle thinks back to the time when she first started. She loved collecting art. She dreamed of filling her collection.


But those dreams evaporated when she failed to unbox her works. She needs to make some decisions on where to display her works. Time is too precious.


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And why collect works if you won’t unbox them?


Is there a benefit to having an art collection?

There are a few benefits to collecting art besides being able to hang stunning works. Starting a collection teaches you the importance of minimalism. Even simplicity. By learning less is more, you can focus on the most important aspects of your business or life. And derive simple, yet effective solutions.


Also, you diversify your cultural awareness. When you collect works from across the globe, you’ll learn about cultures and their customs. In addition, you could even apply these lessons to your business. These new ideas may help you boost employee morale.

What is an art collection?

An accumulation of works by an individual, business, or public institution. What constitutes a collection? Your collection must be a story.


A collection has an inherent dialogue between the works within the group that informs the viewer of a story.  When this overall narrative, in relation to the group of artworks, is larger than any single constituent and your body speaks, then you have an art collection.

How to start an art collection

For example, by doing in-depth research and focusing on artists you believe have a promising future you’ll create a valuable art collection. Start small. Rather than renovating your home all at once, buy 2 great pieces a year. In 10 years you’ll have a beautiful collection of 20 pieces.


Next, choose a theme. Such as black and white, landscape, portrait, abstract. Make sure the work fits your budget, space, and style.


The importance of an art collection

Buying art offers collectors a sense of community. Collectors feel that buying works gives them a “high”. 


Think of art is an investment in culture, a venture into the art of collection rather than just collecting art. Businesses should choose to collect art by commissioning art. As a result, your business will get closer to customers, community and employees.


Businesses who collect art improve their corporate culture and add a new dimension to their corporate social responsibility. Art collections can significantly enhance their brand image, providing important support for artists. 



In conclusion, buying and selling art is highly emotional.


Have you started an art collection? Share in the comments what style of works are in your collection. If you don’t have a collection, let me know what are your struggles when it comes to building your collection. Leave a comment and join the conversation.



I love the way you ended this- it all does seem very emotional! I can’t wait to have my own place and start investing in a collection!

While I would not say I have an art collection per se, my husband and I travel a lot and buy local art pieces everywhere we go. Our goal is to have a home filled with memories of our travels, as well as great art from all over the world.
I personally also try to support black art by buying or commissioning pieces from artists I want to support.
I have no style either, I just buy what I like and what looks pretty to me.
We are taking our time to build up our mementos and just completed a built-in library in our living room to display everything we have accumulated so far.


I never thought about collecting art as an emotional experience. I do however collect frames and frame travel photos on my many adventures. Art is so expensive but as a creative I do understand art is an experience and not just a thing.

It depends on where you look, Dae! For example, we have a print for $25. It’s an emotional experience because collectors are reminded of a memory or connect with the artist’s message. Collecting frames is like collecting art. What an excellent way to bring home your vacation memories!

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