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Let’s get to work by starting in Paint.net.

Hi I’m Shelly Kramer. Click my picture to go
to my article on Artkive.

My friend Shelly Kramer did an article about a “C.O.O.L” app (get it cool = Cooperative Open Online Learning) called Artkive. 

Now what I noticed in her article is when she said, “After all, my kids are flippin’ talented—and they bring a ton of artwork home on a weekly basis.” The question I ask is, “Does their talent stop at school?” No it comes home with them just like that ton of artwork. How do I know? As a young artist of 3 years old on up, I was always asking for paper and a pencil to occupy my right side brain creativity and draw something. At elementary school age I couldn’t wait to get back to school and into the finger paints and smock. Trust me on this one Shelly, the US is suffering from a serious right side brain drain! As children progress through school (notice I said school not c.o.o.l. because I think we need to get the s and h out of there) less and less time is spent on the creative art process as more time is devoted to the regimented left side brain process of remembering facts and formulas to be regurgitated on State assessment achievement tests.

This is weird because we have now come to value the app (short for application less one forget) and not the art! We have got to switch our value system around and realize once again (no offense Saul Fleischman, creator of the #RiteTag app) “the app is the tool to give what we create with it value.” This is what happens when Saul and I go at it about his RiteTag app.  Romero the artist says, “hey Saul suppose we do this, this and that with RiteTag”. Then Saul says, “yeah but, the ramifications of the bialygy of the bagle is, the feasibility study says…geee we didn’t think of that, that’s why we like you involved”. Duuhhhh ya think? Hey the app is a tool. We artists, me and Shelly’s kids that is, are gonna take your app and create something totally different with it, then what you thought, because we are using the neglected thought process of the right side of the brain.

So with that introduction to the Paint.net app being said, get out your Kodak’s (are they still around?) as we take you into the Ikohaus studio and me and Shelly’s kids commence to “Kickin Apps!!!”

Blogging With Shelly and Saul
12-15-2012 by “Romero”
digitally signed and thumbprinted

Down load link as picture .png as screensaver or however you wish No Commercial Use https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2lzYbn26n3KM1NPU0wzWG5pWUU

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Down load link as picture as PDF for printing in home or for eg. FedEx Office: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2lzYbn26n3KVTUzYUVobXc5ekE Artist “Romero” hereby grants permission to holder of this article permission to print in limited quantities of no more than 40 (forty) NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE
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