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What is S3? 
We Avante-garde artist are endeavoring to truly bring art into the 21st Century. Not only in using a digital process as a format in creating works, but in having the artist as a #1, a “Social” being. That’s right does today’s artist communicate with the people, are they truly engaged in the relevant conversation of the day? The artist’s job is to be the social conscious illustrator of the now. But have we lost sight of that, what with all the ready images created by digital camera’s and digital film has the present day artist lost his way? They fill out the canvas with nice heady images and weird sculptures of shining gleaming metals. But where is the Jackson Pollock? How can we regurgitate the same old “shit”, that is theoretically correct and can be analyzed by the popular art critics to pontificate on, when the canvas can’t be filled in. It’s a new century, there are strokes of the brush that are as of yet unheard.

Well Is It Salable?
That remains to be seen. It always calls for some patron of the arts to see something in the new art, that the critiquers cannot see, because they have not yet discovered the vision yet of the newness in the now that they are immersed in. You see in this new century we have lost the art of discovery, instead we have settled for the marketing strategy of the machine. Have we been told yet that this is good, for us? Many large corporations have found this out and exploited the fact, that current human level of thinking is, non-thinking. Yes, please tell us what to do and like, because we have too many decisions to make. The only thing worse than 1 bad decision is, 2 bad decisions. This is where the proliferation of social blogging is coming from. Everyone is an expert at pontificating, where to get hits, and leads, how to this and how to that. The list is endless, but no one is creating a truly new revolutionary new idea. Let’s all copy the iPhone! That sells.

S3 Social, Salable…Socially Responsible
For decades Ikohaus has tested the formula, amongst it’s peers. Since about 1967 we decided to march boldy off into the future. We partnered with the original chemist that created “lucite” at Canal Plastics of NYC to create the first clear plastic lucite attache case the world or anybody on the NYC subway system had seen as an art project back in 68 (many Wall Street execs were envious, but wouldn’t ask where it came from). Our peers made up of friends, family, schoolmates and associates gave the thumbs up and could only exclaim, “I really like that”.

Now What?

Concrete Headrest 3/24/2010

Following the lessons taught to me by my self professed mentor Dr Donnie Lee of Pitt Community College School of Business, I believe artists as a brand and company can be salable, socially responsible and most of all ethical. I actually formed a little project, whereby I would display works of our Ikohaus art in the reception area of his office. Now the final beta phase of the project is taking place as I discussed with him this morning 10/22/2012, where the work : Concrete Headrest 3/24/2010 is on display and can be bought on Amazon with 50% of the net profit going to Pitt Community College Foundation in the patron’s name.

Next up on the agaenda is to discuss with the Pitt CC Foundation about getting the rest of the works out of the gallery and into the Pitt CC beautification project and have them where they can be sold right from the wall, while beautfying the school to benefit the foundation in that 50% 50% split if they would partner with Ikohaus on the project.

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

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