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If You Build It They Will Come
This is a very common saying that we used in building our cutting edge music video platform on Livestream.com. First things first though, we attained broadcaster status on Livestream from our past experience of being a former musician, college radio DJ, 911 NYC radio dispatcher and finally YouTube broadcaster from the early 2000’s. But what happens when they come? What kind of music videos will you broadcast? 

Using A Filter
In the beginning of our time on #CPirateTV streaming music video we broadcast Jerk Music, Reggae and R&B all without a consciousness as to what the youth were saying. It was all new and innovative as to the likeness of a new art form, but soon the direction started to take a negative connotation and turn with words like “hoe” “bitches” and everything about greed and money. Clearly this new direction music had succumbed to crass commercialism and materialism. 

What Social Apps?
Well the first thing we did was to stop putting any music videos up that denigrated women, whatever the reason and cursing just for the sake of being rude. Then just this past weekend, we removed ourselves from Facebook where we believe the intelligence level has sunken to the level of the old 1972 James Brown hit “Just Talkin Loud Ain’t Sayin Nothing!” So we have decided to go with Twitter, Empireavenue, Triberr, HootSuite and Google+ as higher quality social media communicators. As is our personal motto vs Facebook, “it’s quality not quantity that counts!”

Our Qualitative Project
It remains to be seen as we previously worked on influencing The Rangers before they got sucked up by Nick Cannon, on what we can do for “Nelson Aghimien” a 22 yr old singer artist from Nigeria. But we shall see after all, “We are !kohaus Avante-garde Art!sts”

bNelson Aghimien, (edited by C. Romero) 

was born Feb 7th 1990, originally from Edo state Nigeria. I started writing and sing in high school, did  my first song in 2006 while still in high school. Then after my high school I moved to the US, started making friends and they called me Neldon.

Many of my friends were rappers, I listened to how they rapped, then started going to the clubs too, where they played hip hop and raps, that is how I learned too. So I changed my name from Neldon to Nelboy. My first rap song was done in the US, and many people loved it.

I performed in night clubs and I heard people sing the songs, then I began singing and rapping. Being an independent artist I’m also working on my own record label called Big Money Records.

Fans already follow me, but am still looking for more fans, my goal is to be one of the best, so I am working very hard to meet other artist for networking or collaboration also looking for better, bigger music record labels, a  good promoter and marketers to help my music go viral to the world. I’m here to do my best,
and will keep on trying even if I fail, until I become one of the best.

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