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!kohaus has been a big influence in the creative realm, even though we may not have been on many people’s radar, because as is usual with the Avante-garde, there are no big star power names. The future has yet to write where the likes of the founder Carlos Romero, 1st M.I.A. co-founder Monica Palermo, co-founder Maggie Beresford and Michael Kendrick Brown, David Stanley, Uwe Korecs, Janne Ivanoff and Mischelle Dawn Wright will be.

Saul Fleischman

To help ease this merger mentioned above into reality, we had the famous prof. Xavier, commonly known also as Saul Fleischman the inventor of RiteTag remind us about the core idea of !kohaus which was to be a school, and ideally a school of thought distinct from the 1930’s Bauhaus in that it would take place in the modern interconnected internet world.

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With that said, stand ready for those !kohaus art!sts that want to be associated with this groundbreaking project to embark upon a journey of sharing the future knowledge we posses as was most eloquently said in our “Mission Statement” by Master Wordsmith Michael  Kendrick Brown, “We create in a nonphysical space and it is in the midst of this nexus that we relate to each other”.

  • 15:071 09-22-2009 VBlog
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