One-Piece Swimsuit
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How gorgeous is this one-piece swimsuit from Ikohaus? ?

Rage 1 One-Piece Swimsuit

Say hello to the Rage 1 Swimsuit. A lightweight, wearable art on a swimsuit. Stop sacrificing fit for style. Achieve both.


Ladies, check out the Rage 1 Swimsuit, available in sizes XS to 4XL. Ikohaus “Rage 1 Swimsuit,” available by email request.


Tired of worrying about your bottoms falling off as soon as you jump into the water? Stop losing your top and start channeling your inner mermaid today. Here’s a quick way for you to solve that problem.


The Rage 1 Swimsuit will highlight your favorite assets and accentuate your curves.


Today, I’ll give you my review on the Rage 1 Swimsuit from Ikohaus. Specifically, you’ll learn about how the suit went from idea to concept, why we love the one-piece, how to accessorize your suit, and how to care for your new one-piece swimsuit.


Rage 1 One-Piece Swimsuit

Rage 1 is my concept designed as wearable art. Your body is an Avant-garde painting thanks to this suit. Sounds good?


Have you ever seen a colorful one-piece? One-piece suits usually come in one color such as black, white, or red. 


What’s the best thing about this suit? The multicolor design. The colors in this suit are amazing.


Rage 1 Swimsuit: Warm, summery vibes with orange, yellow, and coral tones. Simple, striking, and the kind of suit you’d want to pack for your next weekend getaway or vacation to feel more exotic. 


This fun swimsuit blends all the flattering advantages of a one piece swimsuit and Olympic style bathing suit into a cleverly cut suit.


Some have said that this one-piece looks tropical. Scoop necklines and its multi color design make the Rage 1 a must-have for your fun in the sun activities. The vibrant colors give off good vibes and you’ll have less area on your body to cover with sunscreen.


High neck, super low back, and lightweight fabric. Better yet? You’ll be wearing artwork on a performance suit. Meaning you’ll make a statement and your body is a work of art. Rare these days. That’s why I suggested it to the artist, Romero who worked with me to design the Rage 1. You no longer have to sacrifice style for fit. A classic swimsuit designed for worry-free days. 


How the One-Piece Swimsuit Fits

Even if you’re a bikini type of girl, you have to admit a one piece is classic. They’ve become extremely popular and a great way to channel your inner mermaid.


The Rage 1 one-piece comes in more sizes to flatter your figure. From its high scoop necklines to color and to its modest leg openings, it’s comfortable, flattering, and everything you need. 


The straps are comfortable enough that they don’t dig into your shoulders. My suit was so comfortable that I could wear it all day. You know those annoying tags in some articles of clothes? Yeah, you don’t have to worry about itchy tags with this swimsuit.


Grab Your Rage 1 Swimsuit Now – Email


One-pieces have a bad rep for being dull. However, you can draw good attention to your one-piece bathing suitI’ve also found one piece suits to be comfortable, giving you more coverage than a bikini. 


This suit may be for you if you feel more comfortable in a less skin-baring and supportive suit. The Rage 1 is flattering for all body types.


You’ll feel sexy and confident whether you’re heading to the beach, lake, pool, yacht, or any fun in the sun occasion.


This summer, trade in your bikini for a one-piece bathing suit. A one-piece bathing suit is an answer to your summer woes. Consider the following reasons to make the switch to the Rage 1 Swimsuit. First, you’ll have less surface area on your body to cover with sunscreen. Second, you’ll feel secure and fabulous in the Rage 1 Swimsuit. Third, you’ll never need to worry about losing your top at the beach or pool.


Tip – Wear the Rage 1 Swimsuit as a body suit


How to Accessorize Your Rage 1 One-Piece Swimsuit

Want to elevate your style? Here’s a quick list of accessories to effortlessly look fabulous on the beach in your Rage 1 Swimsuit.

How to accessorize your Rage 1 Swimsuit:


Caring for Your Rage 1 One-Piece Swimsuit

Place your suit in a lingerie bag to ensure that it doesn’t become entangled with other clothes. Have a stain? Blot the suit with cool water. Try to get the stain up instead of washing your entire suit. However, if the stain is dry, don’t pick at it. Leave it alone until you can hand wash your suit.


Because Lycra is a memory fabric, your swimwear will need 24 hours drying time to return to its original shape. This will stop your suit from stretching.


Simply hang your one-piece swimsuit on a hanger on the shower rod. If you want to hang it on a clothing line that’s fine just as long as you don’t hang it in direct sunlight. Be sure to lay your bathing suit flat to avoid wrinkles.

Now that you know how to properly care for your swimwear, snag your Rage 1 One-Piece Swimsuit!  


Embrace your physique because you’re gorgeous. I highly recommend that you try this suit out for yourself.


Ready to ditch the bikini and show off your curves without worrying? Make a splash in the Rage 1 Swimsuit. Email to grab your suit today.


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2 years ago

This is such a cute suit!

2 years ago
Reply to  Brielle

Thanks, Brielle!

2 years ago

Beautiful suit! I love how the colors blend similar to a sunsets the open back is my favorite part of it!

2 years ago
Reply to  Felicia

Thanks, Felicia! I’m thrilled to hear that you like the open back. And I agree it’s beautiful.

2 years ago

This swimsuit is super cute! ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Kamrin

Thanks, Kamrin! Glad you think the one-piece is cute.

2 years ago

This is great! I feel like my one of my biggest concerns is my back in a swim suit.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kd

Thank you, Kd! The back is a concern for a lot of women next to support. However, this performance one-piece swimsuit has thick straps for comfort and support. And a seamless design that won’t chafe against your skin.

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