Chromecast Threat: No Dongle Necessary – Ikohaus
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Wow Apple TV fans and new Google Chromecast fans Ikohaus Music Group Indie startup has been quietly pioneering quality  streaming TV broadcast for years now. 

From Ustream to Livestream, Ikohaus has been in the forefront of live streaming to BYOD. But what about pre-recorded content where the likes of MTV do not fit the bill? Well as the saying goes, “we’ve got an app for that!” Actually we do not have an app. We have always stood by our componentized, off the shelf, open architecture as platform system (hey, we should call that “C.O.O.P.S.”). 

Why would we, like Chromecast, want to limit our viewers to whatever content we put into our dongle? Oh yeah! We forgot we do not want to educate consumers and give them power. We want to satisfy the bean counters and our bottom line. “Ohhh that’s a crock!” Just take a look at our JazzXTV channel. Google Video Ads still display there and the artist continues to get all important views counted on YouTube.

Let’s do a CBA of Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, HDMI Wifi Dongle, and the simple HD Display Monitor/AUX Audio.

Chromecast: $35 support content from NetFlix and YouTube, as well as movies, TV shows, and music from the Google Play store. 

Apple TV: $99 lets you play 1080p HD videos from iTunes and Netflix, enjoy music and photos from iCloud, and use AirPlay to stream from your iOS devices.

Roku3: $99.99 Enjoy movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, VUDU and more.
Music from Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora, MOG, Rdio, Vevo and TuneIn Live sports packages

HDMI Wifi Dongle: $37.89 Support LCD/TV/Projector with HDMI interface. Support sharing picture/video/music of Apple devices and Android smartphones/Tablet/PC. 
Support DLNA /AirPlay. Achieve the wireless interconnection between small screen handheld devices and large screen LCD/TV. Support WiFi direct/AP mode, switched wirelessly via iPush software. HD video multi-format supported.

HD Display Monitor/AUX Audio: $11.83 6′ Coax, $9.99 Aux 3.5 mm audio cable @ Radio Shack Total approx $22.00? This is the method I use because of having an extra computer monitor cable around the home office, from the old desktop days connected now to my laptop and out to computer and into the HD display monitor. Then, almost everyone has a stereo system in their living room that has auxiliary in, to go from the laptop to the stereo. As usual, wires have better throughput than Wifi and of course audio and videophiles can use high end fiber optics for less signal noise.

Now what does this mean for the Ikohaus Music Group  CPNTV  channel one  broadcast stream? Our broadcast is actually a YouTube playlist and you better believe Google has been watching what we are doing in streaming, because the channel can be programmed and updated on the fly with new videos almost instantaneously as they are uploaded to the web, sometimes with no views whatsoever by the time we post them.

Remember our theory on “componentivity“. Using Google’s Blogspot along with Google’s YouTube instantly adapts to BYOD, even in the mobile environment. Coupling that with twitter and ritetag; tagging, scheduled notifications, trackable hashtags, and artist twitter handles maximize notifications to fans and followers of the CPirateNetwork, globally and beyond. Let us look at our new JazzXTV CPNTV channel two ❷ 

Not to rest on R&D, we have gone into MTV’s beta realm, working in their new foray into the streaming world. Now they are still in a Beta stage, so we found that they have not yet taken up the use of the new HTML5 standard for mobile BYOD connectivity. There you have it and until next time, from the IMG Labs….”Back To You Nelly!”
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July 26, 2013

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