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Ikohaus Gallery now holds some close to 300 works and is still growing. Thus the reason for working with one unified gallery constructed from the CodexProtocol database

As we start to include other forward thinking digital artist there became the need to track which works are available and what is not due to the records of the works having been sold or transferred. What we came to realize is that while the artist owns the actual image that was created, the patron owns the Codex record including the image.

#1038 Shh 2

For example new Ikohaus Gallery artist Connie Digital’s ‘#1038 Shh 2’ is just that, one particular image of #1038 Shh 2 for which as a verified Codex Gallery we can not only attest to it’s originality, but you can also see the provenance of the creator yourself right in the details.


IkoVuX is a system that I created around 2006 which became the defacto system for viewing digital works on a device. Now we include it with every digital Codex record to foster putting published or acquired works out into the Creative Commons domain for viewing purposes only.

As long as the Codex record is on Public the coding will show, which can simply be copied and pasted into a browser for viewing, sharing the artwork globally while still retaining ownership. [See a sample actual work attached] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRmimQ1U3utrRwg70vW6-9OF9Rw9UNteWZVX2cdcUK1v0XR-d9TT2uK-hnLw2fRV-h9orhvxRMuCVhX/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000

Acquiring The Work

Buying works with crypto can be quite a daunting task for some and with Codex’s new simple sign on technology using Google, Facebook or Microsoft makes opening a collectors account with Codex an easy process.

If you look at our Codex Record, #926 Decentralizing Color 2-11-2019 by Romero for example you can see our site email address, romero@iko.haus to contact us directly to acquire a work for fiat currency. We feel this is a great ability to be able to work with an artist or gallery directly to acquire a desired work in a method your comfortable with.

Now what we will offer here, similar to what Project OpenSea does for crypto enthusiasts is an online auction of ‘#926 Decentralizing Color 2-11-2019 by Romero with PayPal USD from our verified business PayPal account ‘CPirateNetwork/Ikohaus‘ starting at a minimum bid of $10USD. You can then go at anytime to CodexProtocol open a free account and even receive $50USD in free CODX for transferring and uploading records of your own.

Once we have selected the highest bid for the one available work ‘#926 Decentralizing Color 2-11-2019 by Romero’ we will ask you via the email you have on file with PayPal, for the “Ethereum Address” in your Codex settings are and transfer your acquired work to you, which you will simply need to click the accept button in Codex.

Just that simple and welcome to the 21st Century and you have just acquired an authenticated work, that you can now view on most any device, share with your friends and the world and or transfer or sell to anyone else who has a simple Codex account. This is an already proven and tested process that we have used many times with collectors that you may have seen posting their works on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram.

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