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Want to start collecting art? But you don’t know where or how to start collecting art? By the end of this article, you’ll learn 4 tips to collecting art as a new collector. And how to collect art with Ikohaus.


Do your research when collecting art

Explore your tastes and what genre of art you’re most drawn to. Because the more education you have, the better your collection. Try visiting museums and art galleries to familiarize yourself with different styles. 


When you don’t know the art market it’s easy to be sold on pieces because they’re the most popular on social media. I suggest talking with other collectors or even curators. When you learn a few things about the art world, it won’t be as overwhelming.


The internet is also a wonderful resource in exploring your taste and discovering artists you didn’t know exist. For example, you might come across an artist on Instagram through hashtag research (#artist). Ask questions about the work. When you learn about why an artist creates it will enhance your relationship with the artist.

Collecting art with Ikohaus
Mountain in Blue by Romero


Quality, not quantity when collecting art

Invest in quality pieces. Art is a purchase for life. It’s better to slowly build your collection with focus than to rush.


Consider digital art when collecting art

The digital medium is becoming more popular among artists. The buyer can fully preview the works they’re collecting in the native state. Plus, the pieces tend to be more affordable. 


Not ready to commit to a wall space? Why not use your television to display works. By the way, that’s how Ikohaus’ digital collection of works are displayed.

Mist by Romero
Mist by Romero
Know your budget when collecting art

Set a budget in terms of what you can afford. Be prepared to spend a little bit more. Only spend what you’re comfortable with. Determine what you’re buying.


Really love a work? Trust your instincts. You won’t regret it. Again, set a budget, but be prepared to spend a little more when collecting art. Because there’s shipping and maybe even insurance.


Don’t purchase a work because you think you’ll flip it. Collect what you like and plan to keep. Think of your collection as an investment to grow in value with age.


Also, be sure that the work fits in your apartment or home. Before you buy a piece, make sure you have the right wall space for an artwork.

Collecting art with Ikohaus
Foiled Again by Romero
Collect with Ikohaus when collecting art

How do I place an order for original and limited edition artwork?  


Every Thursday, we share our favorite art piece on Instagram. To order your custom piece from Ikohaus’ Instagram feed, email ikohaus@gmail.com.


Looking to buy your own artwork? Click Here


These works shown are by an artist whose works we have available for purchase. Need help finding art? Email ikohaus@gmail.com and let Romero make you something beautiful.



I didn’t know that people collected digital art. I always assumed that it was canvas or sculpture that was collected. I like walking into a space and seeing and trying to tell the personality by the art that is present.
This was a very helpful article

I totally agree with the budget thing. For my next piece, I want something big for over the bed but I know I have to increase my budget.
Time to start saving.

It depends on where you look. You might be able to find an affordable large-scale painting for over your bed. I love that you’re making use of the area over your bed! Most people often overlook that area.

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