Commissioned Artwork - Social Assembly
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Invest in commissioned artwork and create a cozy home. Learn more about Romero’s work entitled “Social Assembly.”


Commissioned Artwork: Inspiration behind “Social Assembly”

Romero, the artist behind “Social Assembly” was trying to do something similar to hieroglyphics, but on a different scale. Inspired by Keith Herring, whose works he used to see on the New York City subways. This vibrant piece was based on simple drawings from when Romero was in the 8th grade in 1965. 


Below is a shot of our Master Printer, Tribeca Printworks preparing the work to ship out to CA for Patron Keith Doe.


Social Assembly
20 x 30″ Canvas


Commissioned Artwork: How to Decorate With Abstract Works 

Next, we’ll give you some tips on how to use abstract works in your home without making it look out of place. We can all agree that people use paintings to decorate their homes. However, not all homes look stunning showcasing the same style of paintings. The style of painting must match the style of the interior decor. 


For this reason, modern and contemporary homes feature modern art unless the interior is a mix of various styles. Modern art is defined by its simplicity and lack of explicit images. On the other hand, with abstract works, it can be difficult to decipher the meaning behind the work.


For example, this abstract painting with a bold color display is perfect for a simple, modern hall. First, decide where you’ll hang the painting. Then, decide which colors should be displayed and the atmosphere you’re trying to create.


How to Commission Art by Romero

If you follow us on Instagram CPNStream or Romero, simply comment on the photo you’d like to order with your email address. Or email Another way to commission a work is to head over to our prints at Furthermore, original works are available at


In conclusion, “Social Assembly” is full of energy and charging colors to give any room in your space the boost it needs. Making it excellent for living rooms, fitness rooms, dining rooms, and even offices.


To learn more about becoming a patron visit

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2 years ago

I really like the artwork with the beautiful colors and design. It almost look like people dancing to me but that’s the beauty of it, someone else can see something completely different from my vision. Love it <3

2 years ago
Reply to  E. Jones

Thanks, E! I’m thrilled to hear that. You’re absolutely right, everyone sees something different.

2 years ago

The art piece definitely stands out,but not out of place! Thank you for sharing your tricks of the interior decorating trade!

2 years ago
Reply to  Miracle Sims

Thanks, Miracle! You’re too kind.

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