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by Romero

We’ve really been busy working Avante-garde concepts and preparing for the public installation of Social + Assembly so just a quick preview of what’s been going on in the studio.

Here’s an inside look at whats going on: I have been pioneering shareable art work since 2009. Many of the objections of digital blockchain art deals with the same art inherent problems of once you own the work no one else can see it unless invited to your space or a copy is uploaded.

With the advent of Codex Protocol. This article was originally started in May 14th of 2009. What was needed was the proof of provenance for digital records so that once ownership can be proven sharing the record is of no consequence.

However what tends to happen is the truth about my journey as an artist.

I, Romero may not be the darling of the art community but although generally ignored the innovation concepts are still a matter of record including right here in my archives.

desert scene
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3 months ago

Have the right make it worthwhile for all the artist involves and royalties And the protection of your work as an artist.

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