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The entire country, the world for that matter is in a serious funk and a malaise, would you grant me that???? However I believe we are sitting on top of a gold mine and don’t realize it, especially in the US. We went through this once before, during the time of Elvis Presley and R&B with the Temptations Et al. and the whole world watched as we again sunk into racism of the 60’s. This left the UK primarily England to hammer our heads with our own music descended from the indigenous blues of the slave Americans like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King and more.

So now once again we do the same programmable-matical format of hating on the Hip Hop and Nascent Jerk music scene while the rest of the world embraces it and tries to be like the Americans. Duhhhh are we stooopid or what???? When do we get the point?

Let’s take a look at this Ikohaus Avante-garde painting. Since day one in the American Revolution it has been a team effort, but we have one fault. Every time we realize the goal we revert back to racism and teach the world the same Willie Lynch technology.

Well we here at at Ikohaus look to move forward so take a look at what we’re testing here and come back in 5 years and see what you think? Cory Hunt Band Greenville, NC Club “Live” Event Broadcast Test -2012-09-07-22-12-05

September 8, 2012


Carlos, we so need to join hands and be the Rainbow Tribe of the future!!! Music, Art, Culture … such a rich rich gold mind.. and I am not speaking money wise!!…. I love the piece above…….. the art is incredible! thanks for sharing……. Mischelle Wright

Sorry for taking so long to see this.

Thanks Mischelle you hit the nail right on the head. Years and years ago we talked about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and those children that were created in that time are the “Indigo” children. The time is right now for us to move society and culture to that higher level that transcends finances and greed, but uses creativity and talent as a means to higher civilization.

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