Creative Inspiration Behind Romero's Digital Paintings
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Do you wonder where the creative inspiration comes from in Romero’s digital paintings? Digital paintings use computer technology in its creation. Digital paintings are art and digital artists are artists.


In fact, you’ll find digital paintings hanging in galleries and homes. Digital art has become one of the most widely used mediums by artists. For instance, the hashtag “#digitalillustration” on Instagram shows approximately 300,000 digital art posts. And digital paintings too.


Everyone says art and creativity are important. Both make your life fulfilling and interesting. Similarly, artists can continue to experiment because there are no limits to digital art.

Romero is Greenville’s Leonardo, continuously ingenious. A mind in unceasing revolutionary progress. If all you knew of him is Spider Orchid or his digital paintings of the Phillips Gardens, then think again.


He’s an Avant-Garde artist, working primarily digitally. Often he employs bold colors and powerful brush strokes using computerized techniques. Romero changed how art lovers can collect and display his works.
Maryborough Central Victoria
Romero and Maggie Beresford
Maryborough Central Victoria


Even though we struggle to understand some art, people should appreciate art. Learn more about the works of artists because it enhances daily life. Art also encourages social interaction and it’s intellectually stimulating.


Today, I’m sharing where the creative inspiration behind Romero’s digital paintings comes from. Particularly, the things I’ve learned from having an artist as a father.


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Why learn more about the digital paintings of artists?

First, people should appreciate art. Learn more about the works of artists because it enhances your daily life. In an earlier article, I discussed the therapeutic benefits of art. Art enhances your brain function and well-being.


How? Boost your creativity by looking at art. Viewing paintings triggers responses in your brain associated with decision making and emotional processing.


Art is a powerful way for artists like Romero to express thoughts and feelings. How does the artist feel when he’s letting his emotions loose on the canvas?

“Happy, elated, creative to be able to relay expressions in a graphical means. I want to communicate to your brain directly. Without the middleman of the ears but rather through your eyes.” – Romero


Your creativity is what makes your life worthwhile and motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. But art lovers and collectors know that art serves as an expressive vehicle. Think about the paintings or wall decor in your home. The art in your home expresses who you are to your guests. Specific pieces are in your home because of the emotional connection you have with the work.


What’s happening with Romero’s art these days? He’s trying to push the adoption of digital display and collection. Thus, reducing resource use, security and cost issues usually associated with works of art.


Social Interaction

Additionally, art encourages social interaction. Collecting works of art creates and strengthens your social networks and bonds. These networks include your family, friends, and fellow collectors. This demonstrates that art is a useful tool to build relationships.


Art helps kids connect. For example, painting a mural encourages children to learn to work together.


While art education for children is vital, why shouldn’t art be a part of our lives as adults? Studies have shown that art can reduce stress. Art evokes emotion by increasing the blood flow in the medial orbitofrontal cortex. As a result of this, a painting can give you as much joy as being head over heels in love.


What is the role of the artist in society? According to Romero, artists record the state and interactions of people in society. Artists do this through their observation, especially for historical purposes.


Intellectual Stimulation

Finally, the most important reason people should appreciate art because it’s thought-provoking. Some of Romero’s digital paintings have messages about the world today. Or during the time of creation.
Romero finds inspiration from images and concepts that come to his mind. He’s also inspired by news reports, nature, and things that he observes in society.


Yet, not all art is about creating beautiful paintings. Some works raise a question. Others offer you a new way of looking at something mundane. That’s what art does.


How does he start a work? Romero starts with an image or thought concept that comes to his mind. A cerebral process that emanates from within the brain.


Currently, Romero is working on a project with former MIT students. These MIT grads are expanding the thought of what galleries are and where they are. Giving him another platform to showcase his talent. And another avenue for people to discover his works.


The next time you want to understand a work, please ask yourself “What can I see by just looking at this artwork?” This question will reveal more of the context and provide you the meaning of the artwork.
Start by heading over to the Atelier to see some of the works in the gallery.


Indeed, while some art is incomprehensible, people should appreciate and learn more about artists. And even the artist’s works of art. Your job is to help people and an artist’s job is to make art. Have you ever thought about investing in a dream?


Most artists are aloof and rarely engage with people. Even on social media. I challenge you to find an artist whether in your neighborhood or on social and talk with them.


By the way, want to connect with Romero? Follow him on Instagram. Or email



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What kind of relationship do you have with the artists you collect? Is it important to you to meet the artist? Have a comment about this article or want to share your own experience? Please share in the comments.



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