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The Cold War
It was a very cold day somewhere about Novemburrr 2006 as this artist settled in to his new Diggs in Greenville, NC and fired up the internet for warmth. Okay maybe not warmth but communicating with other artists out on the net. That’s when I spied the photographic work of Maggie Beresford, of then Bealiba Australia. To a trained eye her work had exquisite coloring and picture perfect framing, just what the eye would expect. We started to talk and chat using Google chat text and audio, but there were issues.

The Issues
The first Cybernetic (I thought I made up this word but no check and see) issue we faced was how to define whose art was real art. As Maggie may not be want to admit, it was a fierce struggle. Her perception from a Euro Dance training perspective was that an artist had to follow a preformulated, regimented curriculum of education from masters in the arts and be deemed by certification as learned. Therefore her photography not yet recognized by such a body was not art. On the other hand I was from the Pratt Institute school of thought, which was an institute created in the late 1800’s industrial age, that created new machine’s and needed a work force to repair and design new machines for the new age. Basically saying that we think outside the box, design a better mouse trap and we are artists because we say so. You see in this school of thought we may be putting something into reality that has never been done before like Picasso, so who do we have to sensibly review it? 

Some months earlier I had created an artists organization based on the idea of the Bauhaus and the very first member had been Monica Palermo of Italy, then Maggie Beresford who actually collaborated on works with me. So artist floated in and out of the organization, as much as the ebb and flow of the tide, because you see most artists are a very seclusive lot that want their art to be appreciated. As an Afro/Hispanic American founder artist, I had not been a chosen one by the critics of the arts. That could not be afforded to be my reality as you see. Can it be that Jacob Lawrence is the only offer of a great artist we have? 

Going Cyber
So the letters and emails to the galleries and yes even the President of the United States go unanswered. Most artists would give up and just fade away into obscurity. But I know a different truth, that is what Ikohaus is about. All the words, blogs, articles and images will not go away. They will be historically embedded into the fabric of human existence to be looked upon and studied by future generations. Just look me up on Archive.org an organization with Petabyte servers clustered about, cataloging the entire knowledge of the human existence from day one til every second that ticks by, for the life of the planet, forever or if it ends, whichever comes first.

Being Social and Loving It!
So now I’m spearheading the campaign. I’ve got some top heavy weight friends in Social Media like Axle Shultze creator of Xeeme.com, S3 (and you can find me all over the internet there) Dino Dogan of Triberr.com and bud Saul Fleischman creator of RiteTag.com that I socialize with.

Collaboration 2008-12-03
Phillips Gardens Maryborough, Central Victoria
by Maggie Beresford & “Romero”

Ok So What’s The Point? Is It Art Or Isn’t It?
You bet it is and we artists are still alive to boot. You talk to us all the time on twitter, Google+ emails etc. So we !kohaus Cyber artists have joined in on Cyber Monday on the Amazon Platform, with a little twist. Since we’re artists and don’t have the big advertising bucks we’re going to extend Cyber Monday to, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and until Friday November 30th 11:59pm EDT. Oh yes and if any of you are hotshot internet marketers and want join our Avante-garde team drop us an email at ikohaus@gmail.com 

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