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Covid-19 What this artist is doing about it?

What are artists doing in the advent of Covid-19? In a process of realization I came to the conclusion that it is time for many of the concepts of Avant-garde art that I have been talking about and using since 2006.

The problem being as I have witnessed since 1964, is industry and education institutions are not want to change or recognize new schools of thought from marginalized members of society. This is in itself hinders the development of society for the sake of maintaining the status quo.

Above you can see the Facebook page banner of my friends Italian company ‘dot design & print’. We were in the midst of discussing how a display device could be placed in the store in Italy but show and display works from artists around the world via media display.

Avant-garde artists mind at work

I am describing all of this in plain simple language so those that are reading may have a better understanding of how the mind of an Avant-garde artist works.

As we starting talking to develop the application, Covid-19 in Italy became overwhelming and everything was shut down including the ‘dot design’ shop. This led my thought processes to start working upon waking up this very morning.

Solve MIT

A global community of leaders committed to social impact. “Members champion Solve’s mission to solve world challenges through partnership and open innovation.” [] We will not go into the IP that we are creating with our Solve project and team we are working with at this time, but would rather introduce a concept we have talked about for many years whose time has finally come.

Simply what we are talking about here is part of my Solve initiative by creating an open source free learning project. The object is not to take months and months to put together a curriculum, but rather working in the immediacy that artists like to use start now.

You may ask what is the need for a digital non degree granting art program? I get that. But do you realize our youth and society has lost it’s creative edge? Why? Everyone is in their phone, computer and tablet working with digital programs etc. But our art programs are from the 20th century if at all and teach students in the old means of pencil, brush and paper.

Mean while almost all of humanity are focused on peering into their devices and creating apps with code that are primarily data driven. There is a huge disconnect between how academia teaches art and creativity and the digital world in which we live.

Doing… not talking

We want to bring back creativity, especially while we have many schools closed down with a different alternative to creating art from digital perspective. What we hope to achieve is multifaceted not only do we hope to spur creative thinking in the mind, but perhaps getting some people to think about joining our Solve team, joining Ikohaus artist or to just start collecting and displaying our work in support of what we are doing.

To begin we are going to get you started with a free account on our platform of choice where we are a featured gallery, Codex.

In this way as a creator we can all verify from the outset the authentication of the creator of any assets and provenance as it travels from one hand to the other. In other words kind of getting Picasso to verify that he is in fact Picasso before becoming the famous ‘Picasso’ .

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