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Democratizing Art? What is going on in the art world today? Some critics are claiming that Avantgarde art is dead and people are too stupid to appreciate good art.


You don’t have to be reluctant to understand that modern art is in trouble. In the least a good dose of the people seem to be besides themselves. It’s dramatic, we used to call it being an effete snob.


How to democratize art

When it comes to democratizing art I had to look again at my current process. People tend to think that going digital for an artist may not be art. Digital art has the power to add disruption to a stagnant industry.

Black 2019 by Romero


Recently I had to work with a large format printer I had chosen to attempt to complete a work for a patron. It all depended on one man when I got to the final step.


In the end the rude effrontery I experienced from this supposed business man made me re-think my entire process. Why not just cut out the physical printing process all together. If that process causes so much pain, maybe it would be just as well to amputate that part and save the patient so to speak


Our Favorite Work Style

I love to work in my digital ArtRage software and also love what I do in streaming music and had quite often thought about how to meld the two. This started with my work with modern classical composer Vito Palumbo, called “Museum In A Box”. Here is a new similar work Mysterious Velvet as a sample with a purchase option.


Psychological Effects of Music In Art

The music aspect can be associated with calm, power, elegance, and mystery. Along with the art displayed lit from within on a display screen it can be considered to be formal and elegant. A prestigious color, powerful music.


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