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Democratizing Art

Pioneering democratizing fine art, by using digital construction and display technology has been a daunting task for mass adoption.

Since 2006, our work is evolving in a rarely addressed niche. The biggest problem that I face as an avant-garde artist is promotion. Most people just like my artwork on social media. Others comment on how the piece makes them feel. 

Nonetheless, concepts that I pioneered have been adopted by much bigger companies and websites. All the while blocking or not recognizing the intellectual property they acquired from reading our articles and viewing our process.

We can still proudly know that the entire breadth of the concepts was not known and only the surface of the cutting edge principles could be gleaned from what we show.

Artists Being Socially Responsible

All in all being a socially responsible avant-garde artist, with the release of a new work “Patrons Rough” 8-14-2017 I will be donating 50% of the proceeds to The Salvation Army “Hurricane Harvey Relief” efforts. As an artist having lived through some very trying times in 2000, prior to coming back to fine arts, I full well know the value of what The Salvation Army does.

Patrons Rough
Bitcoin, Cards, Banks and Crypto Currency Accepted

Recreating Is A Process Of Art

In 2000, my wife passed away from breast cancer. And my $40k per year dot com company went under, my two children and I became homeless in NYC. The Salvation Army was there for us, as for 6 long years I recreated my entire life at the age of 52.

It was this that steered my creativity back to find solace in my work as an avant-garde artist. Creating and making a difference in humanity.


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August 31, 2017

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It’s great that you’re donating! It’s always great to see people use their talents to make a difference! Great post!

Autum Love

This is such a great cause!! Which reminds me of
the quote your gifts are not for you!