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DID YOU KNOW – That CPirateNetwork, CPN was originally an offshoot of our parent site Ikohaus in 2006?

It was meant to elevate and spur the adoption of the contemporary Urban music forms of Blues, Hip Hop, Reggae and now Southern Soul to that of an Art Form.

Many have misunderstood what we are doing because they are creating a “Brand” and call themselves and artist.

The Love of Zero, a 1927 avant-garde short film by Robert Florey creates, innovates and does something truly unique that can be studied and deemed not to have ever been present in society before and follows and organized creative process.

We believe this is incorrect, because a real artist is not a Brand or a manufactured commodity by an industry. A true artist 

This is why now we are working more closely with True Blues artists like Robert Kimbrough Sr., Rev KM Williams, EJ Mathews and Wilbert McGinnis and their associates to preserve the roots of Blues Music that we believe is the foundation of all American Music stemming from the 1500’s through early 1700’s Slave field Hollers.

Our old Mission statement is new again by Michael KBrown – “We create in a non physical space and it is in the midst of this nexus that we relate to each other”

April 2, 2018

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