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By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to display and group works together for the greatest impact in your space.


Visual balance is important when you display multiple works in a group. Keep heavy paintings to the bottom and left of your gallery wall. Because it balances the weight of your works because the eye starts to the left. For even groups, place your heaviest work in the middle.


How to arrange your works

Art is an excellent way to add interest to your room. But you may think that arranging art is stressful. Relax, the advice in this article on how, how many artworks, and where to display your art will give your home that gallery-like feel in no time. 


Places to display your works

The first place to hang your work is above your sofa. People have a tendency to hang their artwork too high. The center of your painting should be at eye level. In your living room, people are usually sitting, right? So, the artwork should be lower. One way to ensure that you’re arranging artwork at the right height is to hang your work one hand width above your couch.


Works by Romero
006 Forrest


Make sure your pieces are at least two-thirds the size of your sofa. For example, a 5-foot-long sofa should have about a 3-foot-wide expanse of art above it.


Save yourself the frustration of creating the perfect arrangement and your walls the trauma of hanging and rehanging your artworks. Instead, trace each work on a piece of paper, label the tracing, and cut it out. If you’re hanging portraits, draw arrows on your paper to indicate which way the subject is looking. Use painter’s tape to try out wall placements and arrangement without covering your wall with numerous holes. You want to use painter’s tape because it removes cleanly with no residue and does not cause surface damage.


Works by Romero
Sphere of Influence


In the bedroom, select personal art. If you’re arranging the works in groupings, stick with one color theme. Either all black and white or all color art.


How to hang works 

Hanging pieces will add a polished look to your walls. Watch and learn how to display your artwork with ease from Rebecca Robeson, International Interior Designer at Robeson Design.


Though white, blank walls are a natural choice for displaying art, there are other options. Prop pieces against a wall or furniture for a casual display. Or you could try our digital collection where the works will display on your TV screen.


What works are you thinking about displaying in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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October 4, 2017

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Thank you for this information. I have a couple of pieces to hang and was fretting where and how. You’ve given me some ideas of what I can do with my artwork.

You’re welcome, Cassandra! I’d love to hear where you decided to display your artwork.

This was a very informative post!!!!
My family recently moved house and have been obsessed with artwork but argue over how to display it lol- hopefully this helps!

Congratulations! Let me know how this article has helped, Tisha 😊