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Greenville, NC an unlikely place for a global Avant-garde community participatory Art Project? 

yes indeed in this idyllic sub-urban, Eastern North Carolina City, where current Mayor Allen Thomas presides, Community Avant-garde actionable artist “Romero” sets out to put entire City of Greenville, NC online with Bebo Inc Startup of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley new Beta Video/Chat/Talk application for all devices.

A relatively simple project in concept, inspired by the artist Romero’s home brick and mortar gallery Art Avenue, who asked that would like to see an art project that the whole community could participate in Live in Real Time. So what will happen in this project from roughly 5pm – 8pm EDT? Romero the artist will go live on beta with his daughter holding down the home studio atelier.

Now once the artist goes live at the Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market code named project – subscribe #blabumbrellamarket, the entire project will be a real time participatory collaboration event, mobile unit powered by Google’s Project Fi,  where participants can talk via video chat live on screen with up to 4 active screens total plus real time chat on the side, along with the ability to interact with chatting and on screen participants globally in unlimited numbers.

What’s the final caveat of this extraordinary collaborative project? Just click any of the links to subscribe and check in with your twitter and you now have, totally free your very own streaming broadcast interactive channel for business, personal, or educational use!

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August 25, 2015

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