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Written By: DJ Sincere
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In the building on this occasion with Brooklyn’s own Uncle Murda, live on Drtybsmnt Radio with DJ Sincere and Mr. Raaw for this interview. The always straight forward and thus controversial artist brought us up to speed on his latest goings on and musical endeavors in a style unique to him alone. He also spoke on some issues that are affecting the streets and thus the families. Enjoy. 

We definitely appreciate you coming on Drtybsmnt Radio. We got Uncle Murda in the building. What’s popping, Mr. East New York?

Thanks for having me. You already know East New York GMG. 

Uncle Murda
Uncle Murda

Yes sir. That’s what it do. Let’s get up to speed right quick, let everybody know what’s going on in the world of Uncle Murda. 

Right now I got the record “Wu Wu Wuuuuu” with Rocko, produced by Jahlil Beats. You know, we got the video for that, so I’d go check that out on the social sites. I just put out a new record featuring Maino, Troy Ave, Tank, Raekwon, produced by Jerry Wonder. We got the mix tape dropped on Valentine’s Day. It’s Uncle Murda and GMG presenting “Aint Nothing Sweet”. Y’all going to hear a lot of my boys on there. We just out here moving, we working. 

Alright, that’s what it is. Definitely a lot of heavy hitters, you know, on them tracks. That “Wu Wu Wuuuuu” joint is real crazy. First time I played that, I gotta tell you, my dude,  I was cracking up off that joint. I was like this dude is crazy on that, where did that whole concept even come from? 

Me smoking a little bit and watching some Martin re-runs. [laughter]

And then I put my little swing on it from a hood perspective, but I still made it a little funny and catchy.

How’d the whole situation with Rocko come together? How did that happen? 

Oh, Rocko, that’s my boy, I ran into him, we just caught a good vibe, and ever since then we’ve just been in contact, and it was like, Yo, homie, I got a record that I want you on, and he went and did it in the studio when he came out here in New York. Shout out to Rocko and the whole A1 family. 

You’ve maintained a, strong career, real good, strong presence from the time you dropped, when you first dropped at that joint Bullet Bullet, and you managed to be an independent artist, but, with a high visibility like a major artist. How did you work that angle and  what kind of advice would you give artists for trying to, make those kind of moves, but at the same time maintain your independence? 

I think you just gotta stick to your guns, man, and be yourself when it comes to making the music. Don’t try to be nobody else or just ride with this particular wave because it sounds like it’s in right now. Just be yourself, and  a person like me, I don’t bite my tongue, so I’m not scared to say anything, and I speak what’s on my mind, and also, you got to invest in yourself in this business too, because like you said, might not have that major support like that. I was lucky to get a couple of major deals, but I still never got the support from a major that I really needed, so I always had to take on a lot of things by myself or with my team, and we know once we get to a certain point where they can’t tell us nothing and they got to give us the money, we know it’s on. I swear to God, death to all the weird sh** going on, dudes pants going to loosen up, and the only persons dressed in dresses is females. You understand what I’m saying?  

Yes sir. Alright, that’s what it is. We need some more of that. We need to turn the tide on that. I mean, the children are really being overwhelmed.

Yeah, I’m not here to be on any negativity, but there’s got to be a balance. These little kids, especially these boys, they’ve got to know they nuts gotta breathe. They don’t need to be wearing them tight jeans like that, and they definitely don’t need to be wearing dresses. Dresses is for the ladies that you might take to the prom. Something like that is not for the man. You need to start hearing the messages in rap also, you need to start hearing stories. You need to start hearing real rap. I feel like its just a lot of bubblegum that you hear on the radio or they saying stuff that’s not really making no sense. It’s not motivating nobody to do nothing really but, you know, maybe just go to the club and just twerk. Music used to give you a little message. It was something real. Music you could relate to the struggle, things of that nature. 

Who do you be checking for, man? Who do you listen to?

I be listening to a lot of n***** that I got to smack the sh** out of right now [laughter]. I mean just my own right now, man, and really my crew and what we doing right now. I dig French Montana. I like what Meek Mill be doing for the streets, so there’s a few people but for the most part I be on my own s***, man, and my crew and what we about to do, ‘cause I’m about to motivate n*****. 

Alright, Uncle Murda about to set it off real crazy. New York City like you ain’t never seen. 

The bad guy is back, we need a bad guy on the forefront. Everybody is too happy go lucky, man.

Yeah, I was getting ready to say everybody wanna be a happy jack, right, everybody a happy jack nowadays, just skipping along, right? That’s crazy.

No more happy s***.

No more happy s***. Uncle Murda gonna shut it down. Let everybody know where they can follow you at.

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, that’s @UncleMurda, and I’m on my Facebook now,
The real Uncle Murda 1 on Facebook. Check the Mixtape  GMG “Ain’t Nothing Sweet”. Find it on all the social sites, and yeah, we out here moving, man.

Yeah, that’s what it is. Once again, thank you so much, Uncle Murda, coming through, hanging out with us in the Drtybsmnt, definitely come back through and keep us abreast of everything that you’ve got going on.

(Web site edit) …… I’m out of here. One, GMG.

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September 28, 2016

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