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Videos have become the most popular way to communicate ideas and thoughts to people. For quite some time they have surpassed the conventional means of reading articles, newspapers, magazines.


CPirate has been studying the advent of videos since about 1988, over twenty five years ago, by splicing music content into video cassette recordings of animated cartoons.

None the less I have watched my own children learn at a much more rapid rate from watching how to videos then from school textbooks. With that DJ Sincere of DRTYBSMNT Radio and CPirateNetwork saw that many indie artists lacked YouTube exposure simply because of not engaging with fans across social media, like twitter, facebook and Google+.

Engagement with fans is very important for an artist to move beyond the following they already have and into global exposure. So we have put together a service that works with the artist to realize their full potential. This has come about by the many interactions that DJ Sincere and BlackCaesarX have had on twitter and facebook regarding artists they work with and the conversation being then spread in a viral fashion.

Now we offer you the same Pro-Tools that we often use to engage our fans and promote upcoming shows, with twitter, facebook and Google+ along with a separate space to advertise in the banner area above the Live CPNTV player. Go here to engage your followers and fans and just email CPN to find out about the banner ad.

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December 31, 2013

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