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Entering and moving into the 21st Century has brought quite an upheaval for humanity. Many want to continue along as if it was still familiar times to them back in, as my Grandma used to say, “19 ought ought”. (Snicker:) (snicker:) However you must come to realize at the time of writing this, we are fully 15 years into the new millennium and just about duplicating what was going on, just about 100 years ago. Wars in the Mid-East have replaced World War I and State by State legalization of marijuana has replaced prohibition. Civil unrest runs rampant from a healthy 50’s fear of, it’s us against them, republican vs democrat, Country Music vs Hip Hop. The disparity is amazing as creativity is stifled in favor of the next new big app that can be turned into a profit making cash cow.

The music and art indie artists for the most part are widely fragmented into believing that indie means individual rather than empowered to be interdependent between one another and any platforms that support their cause. Free is the misused, abused mantra, as nothing is really free in this world except for the mind. 

We could go on and on about the dependencies between creatives and realists and their personality types for some time. If you want to find out about the human metrics of your personality type, you can do so for free here. What we really feel that needs to be brought into play to garner traction for a new millennial 21st Century GREENSTOCK way of life, is a radical shift for not only artists and musicians, but for humanity in general for the post industrial global society.

We need to be using Transformational Technology. I was an early proponent of transformational technology, started by Werner Erhard in the early 80’s called EST. It involved integrity, leadership and performance. So many things that are lacking in today’s business and society, that actually hinder our sense of being in the 21st century and are dis-empowering to the enjoyment of what living life can be. Werner improved upon the ideology that sprung out of the 60’s radical hippie green, movement, that was soon co-opted into the corporate fabric for profit, non-profits and research organizations, but many individuals were left out because of the high cost or scarcity of programs using his instructor methodology.

So what is the solution that can be combined with humanity, music and the arts to apply transformational technology to move humanity and the revaluation of society from the product to the valuable talent resources that are within humans?

Perhaps manuals written on transformational technology, that was grounded in the 60’s that can be easily and affordably disseminated, could be the spark to ignite the process. I didn’t have far to go and look for the answer as it was always right besides me in a blood relative who’s record still stands as being the youngest US person, ever to receive a US grant over 1 million dollars in 1970 at the age of 15, went on to graduate from Cornell University, study graduate Indian Institute of Yoga, and be a certified Reiki practitioner. 

Now we can combine the Transformational Technology with Greenstock and move with a purpose renewed into the 21st Century and make it happen.

All of the manuals and handbooks can be found here on Google Play as we go forward with GREENSTOCKOne looking forward to seeing you there. 

Be Well and Live In The Now!

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