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Really as an Artist I’ve just come from being on a long tear being out front in social media with Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae and African Azonto music artists. The air in the realistic world of uncommercial music was so invigorating with talks and


discussions of what I was attempting to do by cross pollinating various countries from around the globe.

After all music is a universal language is it not?

During my latest foray into the music realm a good friend of mine who happens to be the creator of Ritetag introduced me to a great little program called licecap, that he uses for making animated instructional gifs for his app. He exclaimed I know you as an artist can find great use for this.

Yes it is quite interesting but the music real seems mired in the muck of non- creativity that they’ve created. It’s one thing to be able to help other artists and promote their value, but one when one is only looking for a hand up, but does not extend their hand to others to bring them up as they have been brought, something is terribly wrong in that psychology.

So here it seems to disclose where this artists is at right now in this point in time, is that it is time to withdraw to the more fulfilling state of art. There is something about that creative process, that does not need any validation, ears to hear and can be a most private enjoyment between artist and creative reality.

Social Assembly 5-19-2014

Perhaps this is why most artists of old remained aloof. It seems that many in society just don’t get it. They believe that man’s sole purpose in being is to acquire. The hunter gatherer society was a means of survival existence, but then for what purpose just to acquire more. To try to acquire it all?

I think not but rather to enjoy the enlightenment of appreciating existence itself.

May 28, 2014

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