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By: Truimg

Artist: 050 Boyz

Album: Everything 050

Genre: Hip Hop

On August 4th 2015, the 050 Boyz (Pronounced Oh – Fifty) released their debut album, “Everything 050”. After I finished listening and bobbing my head to this album, I suddenly realized why the album is called “Everything 050”. The hip-hop trio Riq Da Kid, Prince AK, and Tru Trilla have done everything right. They have found the ideal balance of upbeat rhythmic beats and their sound progresses with gritty, grimy verses.


New Jersey hip-hop group, 050 Boyz derived their name from New Jersey’s district code. Regardless of this being their debut album, the trio has been in the hip hop scene for quite some time. In 1955, Prince AK began as a hype man for Flavor Unit’s Supreme C. An acting course with Tracey Moore, legendary acting coach, led to him swapping the mic for roles in film and tv such as The Game is Dead.

Treach, lead rapper of the hip hop group Naughty by Nature and Fam of Rottin Razkals started the Garden State Greats movement in 2004. The movement is dedicated to representing and unifying artists throughout New Jersey (also known as The Garden State). Riq Da Kid and Tru Trilla along with their respective groups at the time joined Garden State Greats in 2004.

Prior to “Everything 050”, the 050 Boyz released their first mixtape, “050 Dat” in 2013. This new album, “Everything 050”, which is produced by Clinton Place, fellow Jerseyite documents the group’s journey for listeners. As you listen to the album, you hear classic hip hop sounds with trill lyrics. Each member showcased their unique lyrical style on this album. Below are some lyrics from a single off the album entitled “Pay Them No Mind” featuring DoItAll and Tha Advocate:

“cut your lights out, on stage you get no shine

one day they love you then pay you no mind

green light on em all day it’s go time…

try to rewrite it, but the melody still mine”  

Being from New York, I can appreciate how the album instantly shifts my mood with its powerful lyrics. I like this album by the 050 Boyz! Not only did they start a powerful movement, but they have the lyrics to back it up. JERSEY stand up!! “Everything 050” is the 050 Boyz’s latest opportunity to give a sudden boost to hip hop and inspire change.

050 Boyz


Sources: www.050dat.com/050_boyz_bio.html

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