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1969 Photo Brooklyn Tech HS NYC

Process Discovery
We’ve made a huge discovery of social media importance during the process of creation on this project. You see an artist is used to most times used to working in a solitary environment, possibly composed of immediate family or aides that may be living or frequenting the artist often. However if the artist, as I have done in an Avante-garde manner, truly immerses themselves in social media, they will find invaluable feedback of many types easily available, through twitter, Empireavenue, triberr, Google+ and as far as they wish to extend themselves just a screen away as if the participants were right in the studio along with the artist.

Social Techniques

Back in 2008 while collaborating with Maggie Beresford on works, we struggled with time zone differences between Australia and the US (roughly 11 hr difference) technical issues with Google chat that may not have been to user friendly to the novice or a person in an area with poor broadband penetration. Now though in those 4 years as we pioneered the collaboration methods, Google, Twitter and Facebook have grown up to be almost ubiquitous with users and extended pretty much globally giving one a 24/7 tool of communications. I can wake up at whatever time, or tune in at anytime and find one of my network buddies online somewhere or perhaps even talking about a current project I’m working on.

                                                  Man O’ War – JellyFish
Our first idea was to turn the concept into a Sunflower type light sculpture, but on further thought and a concept walk through Lowe’s it gradually changed and was actually inspired at the end of my walk by Christmas decorations! Now who would have ever thought this artist would be inspired by Christmas in celebration of Christ’s birth and nature in the sense of the Jelly Fish from the sea?

Learning Elements
Well number one we should continue to explore and do our projects in plain public view to allow 21st Century citizens the closeness to actually be, with an artist during the creation process and be able to communicate directly. We used an element reminiscent of my old Ampeg Bass Amp which I loved because of it’s innovative use of plexiglass to show the Ampeg name. We found that the clear plastic translucent tinsels were like a prism and under natural LED light would reveal the colors trapped within it’s clear base.

Real Talk
As Warner Wolf would say, “Lets Go To The Video Tape [Bayby *”Carlos” addition]!

Video Project Record Pt #2

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmquNQRp_F0]

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