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Floral art radiates a natural beauty that your guests will easily recognize. You may be a member of the small space squad. Or you may be moving into your new space. As a result, these floral decorating ideas will add to your room’s budding style.

Floral art

In fact, fresh floral works bring new life and energy to any space. On the other hand, framed floral prints are an entry go-to. Above all, nothing looks prettier than a display of floral paintings.

How to incorporate floral art into your space

When you’re ready to enhance your space, floral works are an excellent choice. More importantly, floral works add warmth to your home.

Floral art by Romero

For example, in this hallway that I designed, a fiery red floral piece by Romero is displayed. Furthermore, a hallway makes for a unique place to hang your paintings. Considering this, displaying artwork in your hallway adds personality and warmth to the area.

Tip – Display a single piece on your wall about 57″ off the ground

As a matter of fact, no matter the weather, your space will blossom year-round, thanks to floral art.

Floral Art from Ikohaus

Bring a breath of floral freshness into your home decor with our Nature Series. Discover botanical art from Ikohaus. #928 Adelaide Waterlilies 12-25-2008 is available for display on your TV, cellphone, tablet, or laptop. Learn more

#928 Adelaide Waterlilies 12-25-2008 Mockup

New York-born avant-garde artist creates vibrant, eclectic paintings. Inspired by color and the natural world. Seeking to connect with his imagination after relocating to North Carolina. Actually, his bright floral collection aims to evoke the wild blooms captured by his friend and photographer from Australia, Maggie Beresford.


Romero’s work is an engagement with his vibrant imagination. Whether he turns his attention to a farmhouse or striking abstract, he translates the subject’s emanation of color and light, communicating its nuanced beauty.

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October 2, 2017

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I love flower patterns, prints, and artwork. I try to wear as much florals as possible because it makes me so happy. I never thought to incorporate it into my home decor and will definitely be doing so now.

I’m glad this article sparked some inspiration. I imagine floral works in your home would make you happy daily!

This was exactly the read I needed right now.
I am currently remodeling my home and focusing on feng shui and after reading this article I think I will go with a floral painting.
Flowers symbolize nature, fresh, earth, and rebirth.

I like it.
Thank you so much for the inspiration!

I love florals! I’ve never been one to include it in my decorating, but I may have to try.

You’re absolutely right! Glad I could provide some inspiration ✨

Please let me know how it goes, Kamrin!

Chantal Maples

I’m a huge fan of floral paintings. This was a great read.

Thanks, that means a lot! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the article. And I just learned something new about you.